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This is our Hino...

Hino is second malamute to our family, who came to gladden our life 7.5.07. We had thought having another malamute for a some time, and after we discussed with Yepa's breeders, we decided that we could take another malamute. Even though Yepa's and Hino's age difference is little, we still have our "oldies", Veera and Pontus to balance our pack.

Hino is bred by Kennel Neatut, his formal name is Neatut Kiluagnaq, which means south-easterly wind. We live in South-Easternly Finland, so that fits him well. Calling name Hino comes from american indians and means by iroquese language Guard of Heaven or Son of Thunder. Hino's father's calling name is Thunder and that's also why Hino fit's so well to him.

Hino began to feel like at home very fast. His first night went without any crying. Pontus and Yepa accepted Hino right away, but with Veera we needed more time.

At first sight Hino seemed to have very lovely character; calm, get on well at lap, but he also had speed when needed to. Hino hasn't any aggressions of his food and sometimes between eating he even forgot his food. He was also very brave little puppy boy.

Hino has shown us to be really wonderful character; Unbelievable calm, very patient and modestly caring malamute. Almost everybody who has met Hino, has admired his character. Hino adjust very easily to everything new and we would be really surprised, if he some day would lose his patience. Hino loves to get some tenderness, but he don't demand it, he only comes little bit closer and let people notice him. Despite of his calmness, he is very eager and willing to pull and train. Hino is already so big, that he won't fit in lap anymore, but he might still come to get some cuddling.

At the age of one year, Hino's eyes were examined and there found Cataract, HC. Hino has also little bit too long coat, which impacts mostly to coat's getting wet and harnesses are harder to take off. Hino also gets warm easier and his cooling down isn't that fast than normal coat malamute. Hino's coat is fortunately quite harsh, so at least now we haven't notice, that snow would stuck to his coat any more than a normal malamute coat.

Now when Hino is almost 2 years old, he has shown us that he is very strong and quite trustful sled dog. His speed maybe isn't as fast as sprint dogs, but you can count on him, that he pulls you all the way home or finish line. Hino has participated to sled dog races in season 2008-2009 and his first Official result cam in Äkryn Ähellys sled dog race, where he was in team with two our friends mal. Result was REK3. We have had opportunity to try hime with different mals and combinations and always he has worked with same eagerness. winter season 2009-2010 Hino was not truly attending any races. He was so mixed up with girls heats, that we thought it was best for him to neuter Hino. At Alaskan malamute Club's "Best Of 2009"- competition Hino was placed to 23/26 in Best Activity Mal-category and in Best Sled malamute-category he was in place 20/26.

We are very interested of seeing, how Hino will be developing to big and strong sled dog through all years! Thanks for Anne and Jokke for your trust for us as puppy buyer!