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Something about us...

Our 4-membered family lives in South-Karelia, in small council called Ylämaa. Nearest city is Lappeenranta and to Vaalimaa (Finland-Russia border) is under 30 km away. Our family includes me, Marja-Liisa, my husband Pekka and our two boys, Jere and Tony. In our memories lives mixed breed Veera and dwarf hamsters Tommi and Jerry.

Our family exercise a lot; we go jogging, cycling, hike with dogs, play football, ski and skate. Jere plays soccer and Tony has started swimming.

Marja-Liisa's hobby is to make websites. You can see already made websiteshere.

Our family is member of Finnish Alaskan Malamute Club. Marja-Liisa is Club's own magazine, ALMA's chief editor and maker-up. She has also studied herself to be Test Official for REK/REKÄ (Sled dog's official tests) and for KVK (Alaskan malamute's weight pull test). Pekka is member of Alaskan malamute Club's board of an association and Marja-Liisa is working at Club's Test- and Race committee's chairman.

Malamutes as a race we have been interested since 2004. After long consideration and getting to know the race, we started to find appropriate breeder and litter for us. After few misfortunes we got Yepa from kennel Neatut year 2006.

"Sorry to say", but you'll get addicted to malamutes! We started little by little dream about sledding buddy for Yepa. We talked with Yepa's breeder of having another malamute for so little age difference and when they thought that there was no obstacles, we started to wait suitable litter. We didn't want to change breeder and so we got another malamute from Neatut year 2007. This time it was a male, Hino.

Our third malamute was Yona, which we imported from kennel Cahppes from Sweden, year 2008. Our hope is to get Yona possibly to be our team's leader. Future also tells, if there is also breeding potential in this girl.

Fourth malamute, Yaykaas came also from kennel Cahppes, in November 2009. Hopefully we'll get also strong, balanced and motivated worker from Yaykaas to our team.

Yazhi is from our own litter, born 11.9.2010. Yazhi stayed at home and hopefully she will be good addition to our team in the future.