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More about our dogs...

Every one of our dogs are individual, every one has their own good and bad sides. Here is some info about them generally speaking:

Pontus and Veera both has already been adults, when they came to us whereas Yepa and Hino were both 8 weeks old puppies. Yona was 10 weeks old, when she came to us, Yaykaas was 8 weeks when he came and Yazhi was born at home. Good trust and relationship is maybe a little easier to develop with puppy. But we think we have succeed quite well also with Pontus and Veera, despite of their backgrounds.

Our dogs are loved members of our family, our buddies, and they get to participate almost everything what we do. Despite amount of dogs, they all get also their "own" time and attention.

Pontus is our "indoors dogs" and malamutes "outside". Malamutes gets also to be indoors with us few hours a day and if they're sick. We have three outside fences in our yard, all of them has rain sheds and dog houses.

Quest stars

At Winter Season 2008-2009 our dogs have had an opportunity to run with different combinations, both training excurisions and also in races; Couple of our malamute friends lives quite near us and so Minto and Ira (owned by Virpi Salminen and Mika Huovila) and Nukka (owned by Mika Hamari) has been in our "training ring" and we have got suitable combination for every race. In autumn 2009 also Yona's brother, Talut has been running our team.

We think that all team members have had really good experiences of that team mates can change and still working is same as always. We also have had opportunity to get some results for everyone. If you want to know more about our quest stars, you can check them Here.

Training with 4-team: Minto and Yepa in lead, Nukka and Hino in wheel