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Match Show

Match Shows are unofficial Dog Shows, where also mixed-breed dogs can participate. Those Match Shows are good place to practice dog handling for real Shows. It also gives experience for dog, being with other dogs in the ring, getting used to be under judge's examination and so on.

First there is always two dogs in the ring (same class) and better one of them gets red ribbon and the other one gets blue ribbon. After all dogs in that class are "judged", all red ones competes amongst each other and blue ones too (like Group-competition in real Show). Then all class-winners will compete of Best In Show-title.

Match Show Lappeenranta 6.1.2009

Hino & Yona
- Hino Big Adults Class; blue ribbon
- Yona Puppy Class; red ribbon

Match Show Lappeenranta 2.3.2008

Hino & Yepa
- Yepa Big Dog Class; red ribbon
- Hino Puppy Class; red ribbon and Group-5

Match Show Lappeenranta 2.12.2007

Hino & Yepa
- Yepa in Elite class; red ribbon and Group-2
- Hino in Puppy class; red ribbon and Group-2

Match Show Lappeenranta 11.11.2007

Hino & Yepa
- Yepa Big Dog Class blue ribbon
- Hino BIS 2
There were over 80 dogs in whole show

Match Show, Savitaipale 2.9.2007

Hino & Yepa
- Yepa red ribbon, Big Dog Class Group-2
- Hino red ribbon, Puppies Class Group-5

Match Show Lappeenranta 25.2.2007

- Puppy class 1. (34 puppies)
- BIS 1
In whole show, there was 122 dogs, so that was really good perform.

Match Show Lappeenranta 12.11.2006

Yepa & Heta
- 26 puppies in puppy class - Yepa got red ribbon, but did not placed
- Tony and Heta win Child-dog-class
- Pekka and Yepa were second in Dad-dog-class

Match Show Lappeenranta 15.10.2006

- 27 puppies, Yepa got red ribbon, but was not placed in top5

Match Show, Savitaipale 2.9.2006

- Yepa was red ribboned puppies Group-3.