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Web-site design...

Marja-Liisa is making web-sites as a hobby, using HTML and styles by CSS. Time to times our own site goes also under construction, when Marja-Liisa get inspiration... She still make almost every site's updates, but she is constantly learning new publishing styles, so site owner could do updates by themselves.

Down below are sites, that Marja-Liisa has already done. By clicking pictures, you'll get to see them in action.

Malamutes Nemo & Sade                                        Ylämaan Kisat    

      Kennel Neatut                                             UtaMuutin Kennel      

Alaskan malamutes Ira, Minto & Manu                              Malamuuttierkkari       

         LrTU - painijaosto                                       Ylämaan Pyrkijät - urheiluseura

            Kennel Sydänyön                               Alma Team Finland blogi - ulkoasu