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This is our Pontus...

Pontus is our first dog. Pontus has been born 26.12.1999 and he is exactly same age than our younger boy, Tony. Pontus, just like all our other dogs has many nick-names - usually Pomppi, Rontti, and Äijä.

Pontus came to our family, when he was 2-years old, and that's why we haven't experiment his puppy time. Earlier owner would have put him sleep, if they would haven't find him a new home. Reason for that was, that Pontus scares to death stairs and they was about to move to apartment house, third floor without any elevator. But we are happy, we couldn't have any lovelier dog!

Pontus is German shepherd mix, and earlier owner said, that there is also Newfoundland dog, but we are not sure about that. Pontus is much more slender and average size, that our guess is maybe collie or some spitz. But who knows...
Pontus has very lovely character for a family dog: lively, very playful, not a macho, loves to kiss people, want to be part for everything, but also knows how to relax. After castration he has turned out a little bit lazier, but he still wants to play much. When our boys were young, Pontus guarded them, f.ex. if they tried to leave our yard, Pontus went in front of them and didn't let them go. He also takes care of that nobody messes with boys. Pontus is little bit stressful, so we try to keep his days with similar routines.

Earlier for food Pontus has always been a little minor eater and when there is bird's hunting season he might even keep a few days fast. After castration he is always hungry, but he begin to get little bit fat, so we changed his food lighter.

Pontus has been our pack's leader, of which authority every other dog did respect. He is fair leader, and he doesn't interfere of little things. But when there was need to, he trembles and everybody renounced for him. Few times Pontus "trained" Yepa, as a puppy, for forcing herself to Pontus's food bowl, but even then he didn't need to use his teeth. Nowadays Pontus and Yepa are partly in "collision course" and we don't keep them in same room - for caution.

Pontus is more Pekka's dog, than mine, maybe because I'll do every "uncomfortable" actions, like cutting nails, brushing, washing and so on. When he came to our home, his nails were always cut at veterinary, because former owner didn't get them cut. At first times we needed cut his nails together, because he tried to bite, but now it is easy. He don't like it, but knows that it will be done anyway so there is no use to try to bite.

After all Pontus is really awesome and handsome dog and member our family and we hope we'll have many happy years ahead with him!