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News Archive 2006...


Christmas is already coming after one night. We have been busy to have many presents for children.

Couple days ago we got some snow, not much but enough to have white ground. We ordered kick bike and we have trained with Yepa.

Yepa pulling a trigger (8 months)

We also bought new camera, Canon EOS 400D - Digisystem camera. So much learning about it, how to get good pictures. Few good ones we already had, but I think the best ones are still coming some day.

In our home community we have had quite shameless wolf. Couple kilometers away from our house it took a little terrier right of it's home yard. Same wolf tried to have also neighbours dog, but it was saved by her owner. On the other direction is also wolf, who doesn't fear people and it is ambushing lambs there.

Here at Ylämaa is living 6-9 wolves and from Russia there will come many more. It is annoying, that there is also those shameless and fearless wolves among, which are taken dogs from home yards and gets people to hate wolves.

I added more pictures for every album. We wish you all really peaceful and wonderful Christmas time!

Couch potatoes Heta and Veera


So, Winner-06 has gone and tried. Yepa was in puppy class and she won bitches. She didn't got Prize of Honour and because of that she couldn't be BIS-puppy. Yepa's judging will be at result-page. We are very pleased for her judging, only her moves were affect by her best days.

After her showing Yepa was photographed and I was interviewed for Finnish Kennel Club's magazine. They wanted to ask some questions about first timers in Winner-06 and January's magazine will be sent to over 200 000 readers.

We went also give Yepa's blood example for Dogs Genetic Research, hopefully we promote good thing.

Yepa in Winner-06 Show


Yepa has done some terrorist work in this week. When Pekka goes to work early in the morning and Yepa alone is wake, she has obviously boring. Dogs blanket has lost much cotton wool, couple of rosettes has gone and so on. Rosettes were on top of our computer desk, 150 cm, and I must wonder how she got those up there...

At thursday morning, Pekka put Yepa at yard fence. When I woke up I looked, that Yepa is outside. Then I needed to look closely, she had her head out of cage! She had almost dug herself out of there. So I needed to take Yepa at work with me.

At work my collegues admired Yepa and wondered how big she is. Truck driver thouht Yepa as a wolf, when she peeped behind truck. Man praised her really gorgeous dog and asked her race and age. At lunch hour Yepa almost paniced when she heard that microwaweoven peeped and she was at wrong side of door. Finally she got to lick plates, and so she was happy. Otherwise Yepa behaved really nicely at the office.

All dogs have had a little flu. Everybody has been sneezing and their noses has been bleeding. Maybe it is these rainy days... Me and Pekka has also had some flu and it wont go away...

Heta will go back home in christmas time and then it will be only our own pack. Heta has been really good playmate for Yepa, but now Pontus is also playing with her.


At friday came Winner-06 numbers and malamutes are first in turn, so we'll have to wake up really early.

Yepa and Veera went biking with us today. Pekka said, that he will need disc brakes for his bike, if he wants to stop his bike with Yepa.

New pictures of 7 months old Yepa in her puppy pics-album.

Yepa 7 months


Boooring!!! Almost all of snow has gone, thanks for 2 weeks continued rains and plus degrees. Well started pull trainings are over and we need to dig up our bikes again.

Yepa has her first term-to-maturity. It hasnt' affect her behaviour, only different thing is, that she plays more with Pontus. Well, maybe she is little bit more cross than normally. We'll hope, that her best times don't be in Winner-06...

This time these kinds of news. Jere got pronze medal from wrestling competition.


Week has been so busy with boy's and dog's activities. Yepa and Veera pulled both their own kick sled and again it went well. Speed was fast and I and Pekka thought that we need to get drive glasses to avoid wind getting to our eyes. It was really awesome to see, how Yepa is working really well in pulling. This time it was 1,5 km distance and Yepa pulled like she has been done it always.

There is still a lot of left training with Yepa; directions and pulling without anybody in front of her. If Veera goes ahead, she pulls really well, but if Yepa is first, she slows down. But she is still puppy, last monday she got her 7 months, so it is just beginning with her working.

Yesterday we weighted Yepa and she was 26 kilos. She is ind really good shape and weight looks appropriate. At one day we found out, that there is one food, that Yepa don't like: lamb meat. Pontus didn't eat it at all, Veera and Heta ate it just like any other food. Yepa ate it too, but she grinned all the time. She took really small bites and grinned with every bit. But she's a malamute and don't leave anything eaten.

At weekend we are going to go Jere's wrestling competiton , Janakkala Open, and those are broadcasted. Keep your thumbs up!


Yesterday Yepa and Veera pulled kick sled again. At this time distance was longer and Jere sat in kick sled, but it didn't affect girls speed. Speed was quite rough and girls had will to pull. If we thought that Veera is hard puller, we dont' think that anymore. Yepa has so much power, even though she is still puppy, that Veera's pull don't feel so powerful anymor. Somehow it feels like Yepa's strenghts are growed a lot in last few week.

Today we went in a Match Show again. Yepa took part in Dad-Dog class because it is Father's day today. After that she took part in puppy class, so there was a lot of training for Winner-06 Show. At puppy class Yepa got red ribbon (best of two), but didn't qualify in top5. In Dad-Dog-class Pekka and Yepa were second. Really beautiful cup, food sack and rose was their prize. Tony took part in Child-dog-class with Heta and they won that class.

These are todays news, some pictures added in Yepa's puppy- and dog friends albums and result-page is updated.


Yes, winter came. In two days it rained snow more than whole last winter. Now is 65 centimeters white snow and you almost need snowshoes if you'll like to go anywhere. From tuesday to thursday we have electricity- and phone lines gone. Pekka mentioned, that when tax refunds come, he'll go and buy some electrical snow blower - no more hand tools! Every morning we needed to saw some trees in front of our home road, just to get to work. Dogs are little bit confused of so much snow.

Yepa likes snow and goes like snow plough. She have those malamute kinds of grazes and runs like a maniac her tail straight. With snowy face she laughs and looks so happy!

Yesterday Yepa and Veera pulled kick sled for the first time and it went really well. They would have pulled longer distance than 500 meters, but it was wise to stop there, where is still eagerness left. Pulling must be fun, especially at first times that will to pull stays forever.

There is a lot of new pictures in gallery.

Pontus kotipihan hangessa ja Yepa villiintyy lumesta


At last winter is coming. Today morning there was a little bit snow on the ground. Yepa thought, that she has to eat all of that away. She walked her nose at the ground and ate all snow in her way. She doesn't know, what malamutes do at winter..

Yepa's first snow