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Well, now is site's construction over and new looking site ready. In Christmas holiday I have had time to do this better - work has not been interrupting hobbies... Mostly these renewal is in style and looks of this site, but some text has been added or changed and added few new pages also. If there's something that doesn't work properly or at all, please be so nice and send me a message!

Christmas time went smoothly, 23. day came even some snow and Christmas Eve was almost white. Rain has melted all ice off the roads, so we have been training dogs with bikes. Last Saturday we got cart from one husky owner and we already tested it few times. It is quite steady, almost heavy cart so malamutes can do their strength training in a same time. Cart isn't good for races, only training and that's why we got it. Winter and snow time is every year little bit shorter and when there's any ice on the route's, bike is little bit too dangerous training equipment.

New photos has been added to Hino's Puppy pictures and to Yepa's album. Our family and pack wishes you all very Happy and Successful New Year 2008! Next year new tricks!

What happens in our home - truly??!!


Now I can officially tell, that Yepa belongs to best A-class; Her hips are A, that means Excellent and elbows are 0/0!

Hino has almost reached his final size. He is quite big and bear-like now... We are excited to see, what kind of coat will be his final coat, when he changes it first time. But I think Hino has really good looking head as malamute male, as you can see in picture in right.

Our family wishes Merry Christmas for everyone! Hope you'll have time to spend with your families and dogs!



Few lines about news... Last Wednesday Yepa went to see veterinary and her eyes were treated. In same time her hips and elbows were x-rayed. It takes few weeks to get official results, but everything seemed to be ok. We wanted Yepa to be examined, even we are not going to breed with her, but only because we want to know her health for sledding.

In her eyes were few extra lashes which were irritating and those lashes were burnt away. Last operation was so successful, that there weren't any new lashes, no scar tissue and no changes in shape of her eyes. Hopefully this was last operation about those extra lashes.

Few photos of Hino in age of 9 months.


Winner-07 Dog Show was yesterday. Yepa participated in Intermediate Class and got Very Good and was 4. in her Class. That is quite good perfomance because she has no proper coat yet and was quite hairless. Hino's destiny was to stay home, his age was one week too young to participate to Junior Class. Many pictures of Winner-07 Show is in new album in Gallery.

Snow has all gone, once again. Hopefully we'll get more snow soon and sled comes home.



Long time, no see... I've been busy to doing some web-site to my friend and making ALMA-magazine (Finnish Malamute magazine)

Yesterday we went kick-sledding with dogs and captured little video of Hino's and Yepa's work - lots of speed... You'll find that video in Galleries-page.

Hino and Yepa were in Match Show today in Lappeenranta. Yepa participated in Elite-class, got red ribbon and was Group-2 in Elite class. Hino participated in Puppy Class, got red ribbon and was Group-2 in Puppy class. Hino has already own fan-club, people who always come to admire him. But he is so sweet, that I can't blame them... ;-)

We'll keep doing some winter stuff with malamutes.


Yippee, we have snow!! Last Wednesday we went kick-sledding with dogs and today again.

Yepa and Hino were in unofficial Dog Show - Match Show today. Yepa got blue ribbon and didn't succeed this time (I think her quite "speedy" and frisky behavior added with no coat made that), but Hino got almost everything; Hino was BIS 2 today and got really awesome prizes!


Yesterday Yepa participated for Show for a long time. It was Lahti International Dog Show and Yepa got her first Good in Shows. Her showing wasn't perfect, because her movements were judged narrow in back and really they isn't like that. Yepa also didn't have proper coat and that effect also. You'll find Yepa's judgement in Results-page.

We are eagerly waiting for snow! Last week Yepa went to 13 km bikejoring and still had so much energy when they came home, that she would have took another one. Hino was weight yesterday and his weight was 34 kilos, one kilogram more than Yepa.


irst snow has come! Very little though, but I think you can call it snow... Malamutes reaction was as we thought it to be - gettin wild! As a matter of fact we have seen it before, when weather cooled down.

Yepa starts to look like an alaskan nude dog, of course there is Lahti International Dog show next weekend. Hopefully she has got her coat back, when there is Finland's Winner-07-show in December. We have also planned few sleddog-races for Yepa.  Although she needs another malamute to sled with her, some partner have been already thought about.

New pictures of Hino, Yepa and Nature.


ast weekend we were in Kitee, Finnish Alaskanmalamute club's autumn happening, and it was really fun!

Weather was really nice for training dogs, Hino and Yepa both went bikejoring. In the evening we people sat around the camp fire and talked about malamutes all night long. After the weekend we all were tired but happy - it is really awesome to meet other malamute people and found out so much new things about malamutes.

Pictures of meeting HERE!

Hino and his brother Jyry practising pulling     Beautiful morning at Kitee

Photos of meeting HERE!


What a weekend to our boys! I know this site is dedicated to our dogs, but I can't help me for celebrating a little:

On Saturday Jere and Tony participated on a wrestling competition and Jere won his weight class over six wrestlers and got a gold medal and Tony was third in his own weight class and got bronze medal! On Sunday Jere was representing his soccer team in Football Association of Finland's Southeast Region's skill competition and got bronze Skill-medal. That is really awesome achievement if you pay regard to few things: Yesterday's wrestling competition, Jere's first time in Skill competition and he had practiced for that event only once. Nobody in F9-serie got a golden skill-medal and only few got a silver or bronze.

Way to go Jere and Tony, mom is so proud of you!


Well, we have had a really big troubles with our desktop computer and that's why there's been awhile of last update.

But let's start with newest one: Hino went to his first Show, Puppy Show to Hyvinkää and we had a great time there! Hino was first in his class, got Prize of Honor and was BOS-puppy! He got a really big and beautiful goblet, of which I first forgot to pick up. Fortunately Tero was reminding me about it! Hino got also very nice judgement from Hassi Assenmacher-Feyer. You'll find it from Results-page.

Last weekend we were at Varpaisjärvi in our mals breeder's meeting, kennel Neatut. Finally we got to meet Hino's siblings and all other malamute friends. Hino and his siblings were able to try out bike-joring little bit in that meeting. They also got to play with each other. Yepa and Hino were measured and Yepa is 61 cm and Hino 64 cm. Weekend was really lovely, thank you Anne and Jokke for making this weekend happen!

Lots of pictures in new album in Gallery.

Hino and Yepa at September.


When our malamutes moved outside, when malamutes with their owners met in Ylämaa and Hino and his siblings got 6 months old... These are news today!

Last week something happened to relationship between Yepa and Pontus; For some reason, Pontus don't like Yepa anymore and because of that, there was few minor conflicts between them. Yepa's behavior towards Pontus has maybe changed somehow and he find that threatening or something, but we can't keep them in same room anymore. It is unnecessary to stress them out, because we don't need to and so Yepa and Hino moved outside. On the other weekend we got their dog house ready, so they can spend their nights in there. In the mornings malamutes comes inside the house to get their food and in the evenings they get to be inside couple of hours. When malamutes are in the house, Pontus and Veera are in their fence yard, and dogs like this arrangement and we too.

Yesterday there was malamute meeting in Ylämaa and we had so nice time there, even though it was a little bit rainy weather. Program was quite informal; little bit training with dogs, own "hike" with puppies, buying some equipments from "accessory broker" and changing thoughts and ideas. Our Hino got a "teachers vacancy", he showed example how to pull to one malamute, of which hasn't pulled before. We also found out, that Hino adjust really well for everything new; he was his first time to attached in chains and no growling, howling or raging. Photos can be found in Gallery.

Today Hino and his siblings fill 6 months - time goes so fast! Congratulations for every K-sibling all over the Finland!


Lovely, cool evenings are here and we can take dogs to run with bike properly. This weekend's project has been building a dog house. Good start has been done today and tomorrow we'll continue building...

We captured new video of Hino, it can be found in Galleries-page. We wanted to take video of Hino's movement, because we captured Yepa's movement also in same age. Quite good looking movements Hino has now, although he still has quite long legs and his movement is going to be even better, we'll hope.

Under are photos of always happy Hino and size-compare of 5,5 months old Hino and 16,5 months old Yepa.



What are news today...? Well, weather has cooled down enough to keep training with dogs. Hino has been few times bikejoring with us and we think that he has pulling in his blood! Now we have to remember keep our heads clear and try not to get "greedy". Hino is still very young and we have to keep pulling fun from start to finish. But we can't prevent us from thinking, that if Hino remains that ability he has now, after one year we have really good sled dog. BTW, Hino is almost same size with Yepa now, as you can see of picture on the right.

We needed to take Yepa to the vet again, because her eyes were little bit bad. Cortisone and antibiotics were needed again. Two weeks from now, and we are going to take Yepa to eye specialist and we'll plan her treatment. Fortunately there isn't that much extra lashes now, but few of them are irritating her eyes again.

Yesterday we brushed and treated all four dogs and Pontus had quite much tangles in his coat. After castration his hair are changed little bit odd - in a moment he develops tangles. Some of them we even needed to cut off, because comb couldn't solve those. I think it's time to brush Pontus more often, if his hair keeps doing tangles that fast. Yepa looses her hair more. Few weeks ago she dropped hair off of her back thighs and now it looses from her shoulders.

Today we went to Match Show (unofficial) with Yepa and Hino. It was Hino's first time in Show. I wanted to see how he reacts for other dogs and how he'll behave in the ring. We were really surprised how calm and fine he did. He didn't jump and rage at all in move and stood really fine. Judge looked his teeth, tried his testicles and body, and Hino didn't mind that all. Hino got red ribbon (better of two) and went to final. There he was little bit afraid of the other dog behind him in move and because of that, he was 5. best of all puppies. But we are really proud of that!

Pekka was in the ring second time of his life and he showed Yepa. Yepa got red ribbon in big dogs class and in final Yepa was second best of all. Judge said to Pekka, that Yepa's movement is really gorgeous, when she don't jump around... Well, Yepa took two or three jump steps in start, but somewhere judge need to find differences between all dogs. So, we are proud of Yepa's place also! .

These are news this time. Now, when fall is here, we are much more busy and I think these updates get fewer for some time. Our next "home-project" is making a dog house to other yard fence. Our new objective to our camera came at last and few pictures has already taken with it. So, new pictures in Hino's, Yepa's and Dog Friends- albums.


One of our most little ones is gone. On Monday another one our Russian dwarf hamsters, Tommi, was found dead in his terrarium. He was almost two years old, and that is quite high age for dwarf hamster. Night before he was like always, doing his hamster stuff and we wouldn't never guess, that he would be gone by morning.

Bye bye Tommi!


At last weather cooled down so much, that we could took dogs to bike joring! Hino and Yepa trained some pulling at our yard road and it went well again. This time we got some photos also. You'll find those at Hobby pictures. At evening we went biking with adults and they had really fun to run for a long time.

Added photos also to Hino's puppy pictures and Nature-album..



There is not much training with dogs; Clock is 11.09 PM and there is still over 20 degrees Celsius outside! Days have been so hot, almost 30 degrees, that dogs are just lying in the shadows in their fences. We'll hope, that after this week it will come long and cool fall.

Yepa's season is over and now she started to drop her hair. It is unbelievable amount, how much malamute has hair in one spot. Sometimes when you'll have to check something from malamute's skin, you'll have to work really hard, just to get the skin out.

We have planned few Dog Shows to autumn; Yepa is going at least to Lahti International Dog Show and Hino is going to his first Puppy Show in Hyvinkää in the end of September. Although it would be nice to go some unofficial Match Show with Hino first, but we'll see if there is any before it. Hino's first show will be interesting, I think; Hino is so brisk little kangaroo, that if I'll get his four feet stay on the ground at least most of the time, it would be very good...



Let's start with Hino's first "bike-joring", of which we tried last Monday; We thought to try how Hino goes with harness, bike and Yepa. Harnesses were nothing new to Hino last time and not now either. In first 100 meters Hino was a little bit confused, but when he found out, that he can run with line he started to go forward side to side with Yepa. Line was tight, even though Yepa did all the pulling. 500 meters "long" was this first round and very promising start! I want to clarify, that Hino DIDN'T pull the bike and he is not supposed to run any longer yet. Our goal is to get Hino to found joy of pulling and getting used to his future activity with Yepa.

Really there isn't any other news, only that UtaMuutin Kennel has new site, made by me, go and pay a visit there!

Few photos of "Starts" training.



Yepa's season is still going, although at this moment she has no showing leak. Yepa's eyes were checked at same time, than Hino was vaccinated. Veterinary said, that burning has succeed really well, her eye lids haven't turn around and there is no extra scar tissue. Some new extra lashes has been grown there, but they are not irritating much yet, no inflammation and no wounds either. Vet prescribed new artificial tears to Yepa, those are same kind of salve than in Fucithcalm but without antibiotics, and it stays better in eyes. Vet also recommended control visit after an month and then we can plan next treatment.

Pontus's paw has recovered, although he has little bit same thing upper in his leg. We shaved his hair off there and put salve to it again. These moist, hot weathers are really annoying, bacterium are getting well...

Pekka just left with his bike and there is four dog's howling choir at yard! They would have been so keen to go with him, but it is much too hot for a bike-joring today. Long walks and jog are the only ones we can perform nowadays, any other activity would be too hard for dogs because of the weather.


Yepa has finally started her season, which she has been "doing" for a some time. Yepa has also got some new extra lashes to her eyes, which is truly pity. We hoped so much, that they wouldn't renew. But we had planned another treatment session in autumn anyway and then maybe vet tries new cryo-treatment.

At Friday eve we found something odd in Pontus's other rear paw. When we examined it closely, we found out, that it was almost inflammated on top of his toes.. We had to shave all hair off of his paw and then we treated it with purifier and put some Terra Poly vet-salve on it. Then Pontus got Elizabethan collar to his head. We have repeated treatment 3 times a day the whole weekend and his paw started to get better instantly. We think that moist and really warm weather got it irritated and Pontus has always had a habit to "treat" his paws little too much and that has irritated it more. There is no signs of that in Pontus's any other paw.

I've also added new pictures to Hino's puppy pictures and Yepa's picture album.


ell, Finland's most waited summer fest, Midsummer has been celebrated. Our midsummer was this time very peaceful, fishing and enjoying Finland's beautiful nature.

Because of warm weather, dogs have been relaxing. On the other day we went to icehockeyring to let dogs run for their lives, every dog was there. Yepa and Hino gets to play free in our yard too, but Veera and Pontus don't necessarily stay there and that is why icehockeyring is excellent place to let them run free. Dog had really fun and lots of speed. Hino was always the last, but he still run like others.

Veera's grooming is getting finish, it's about time to lose winter coat. She looks like so slender now, in her summer coat. Hino and Yepa has been digging new holes in their yard fence to get them cool. One of them is under their dog house, but only Hino can go there. It is funny looking, when sometimes there is only Hino's head to be seeing.

Yesterday weather was cooled down and Yepa got to go bikejoring with Pekka. Steady working in trot speed until last half kilometer. Then Yepa took so fast spurt to home, that in race there wouldn't be any chance even for huskies. This weeks weather forecast promises cool weathers more, so bikejoring for dogs it'll be. 



Weeks are running really fast, with dogs and summer activities. Especially this week has been so busy, that relaxing at home hasn't belong our life...

Yepa was in Kotka International Dog Show and sunny outdoor Show she got her first Excellent from Portuguese judge! That was really wonderful - judging can be found in Results-page.

Hino had his first longer "round" without any other dogs - to the nearest food shop and back, approximately 3,5 km. He was really brisk going in his little harnesses, sometimes eager at first, sometimes little bit tensioned in back. Other Hino's news are in his Puppy Diary.


Well, week has been very extraordinary! Yepa tried to hunt a viper and got bit by it. It was really lucky that we cleared up just a shock. Snake bit Yepa right to his muzzle, near her nose. When we called to vet, she advised us to give 3 snake drugs to her and follow her condition. Her muzzle got swollen a lot, but fortunately, there was no other symptoms! By the morning, swelling was calmed and was only swollen in side of the bite. Viper was quite big and because of that, it probably didn't use all it's poison and because so minor symptoms, it might not have been using it at all. Hino was going to help Yepa with hunting but fortunately there was so deep drain, that he didn't get over it. It could have been much more dangerous to him, because he is still so little.

Summer is here like warm, almost hot and dogs are lying in their yard fences. No long training with them, in the evenings is still so warm.

Hino's puppy diary has been open - there you'll find newest stories about him

Few photos of Yepa bitten by snake.



Hi again! At last some time to update these pages... I have been working with other web-site and haven't had time to take care of own site......

Hino has grown a lot, now he is 11 weeks old. Weight is now 9,5 kilos. His first vaccination is coming next week. Hino has been developed nicely, for instance; he is able to lie down and wait for promise to take before he gets his food. Hino is some kind of thoughtful, outside he might just sit on his butt and just wonder how world is spinning. On the other hand, he is a little bit "monster", he loves to bite every kind of body parts of people. He haven't been doing any other "terrorist act", at least not yet.

Hino's nails can be cut very easily - he just lies down between my legs and then I can just clip them. He loves to be in somebody's lap and many times he has fallen asleep there. Just like Yepa as a puppy found front of our fireplace's stone plates as cool sleeping place, Hino has found it too. Hino is fluent car passenger; we took our older son, Jere to Savonlinna (200 km) to Football camp and Hino just slept in back of our car. We had put there some ice-containers and he loved them.

   Hino "happy face"                                                    Yepa has hot after biking trip

We have tried to make bike rounds with dogs, every time when we have been able to. We have had so warm weather, than even in the evenings is too warm. Veera just started to drop her winter coat and quite "hairy" is every place in our house. On the other hand, Yepa has got really nice summer coat, her tail is now much more beautiful than earlier rat's tail.

Yepa is starting her second season, every smell is so important and interesting and she wants more cuddling. Her eyes looks really nice now. Eye lids are healed very well and pigment is already back. And most important: she don't hurt anymore!

Hino and Yepa plays along really well, only outside Hino is little bit afraid Yepa. Yepa gets her "grazes" and couple of times she has run Hino down. So Hino has saw better to run and hide, when Yepa is coming. But if Yepa runs opposite direction, Hino runs behind her. Dog-wresting inside is something to see! Sometimes we have to interfere, because Hino has bit Yepa so hard, that Yepa yells for help. Some guts in that little boy... Hino has also shown some "breeding dog's" instinct, when he gets on the top of Yepa...You know what I mean... ;-)

But here are news today, I promise to try add these little bit more often!


Off Snow-race is over and it was fun. But first something about Yepa; Her eyes are recovering really well. They look like really well and we can't see any extra lashes at least now. Yepa is much more happier and active than before the operation. It's wonderful to see, that her eyes don't hurt anymore!

Hino has been getting to used to be in fencing outside with Yepa. Of course he makes a protest like malamutes do, when somebody is at the yard, but when everybody are inside, he gets quiet and goes to lie down with Yepa.

Off Snow-race was 2 x 4,1 km and first were big teams. In first round Wido didn't got enthusiastic about pulling and Pekka's bike lose it's chains once, so time wasn't so good. On the other round Wido went much better and Pekka and Wido were second fastest malamute team, over 4 minutes better time than in first round. Final result was 6. in men's bike joring.

Pekka and Wido closing the finish line

Yepa and Hino were both along as tourists and we had chance to see, that Hino get on well in Show cage. Day was very windy and it took a little bit Yepa's eyes and because of that she was in the car too. In race place were also Hino's brother Jyry and sister Raid and they had their play date after the race.

Very nice to meet other malamute people and spend a lovely day racing. Thanks for ALMA for arranging such a nice event and thanks for Tero and Virpi for borrowing Wido to Pekka.

Race pictures in Gallery.

Couple photos of Hino playing with his siblings.



Well, Yepa's eyes has been operated. There was about 20 extra lashes in her every eyelid and part of them grew right towards cornea. Most of them were burned away, mostly those which irritated most. Anesthetic and waking up went well, even I was little bit scared about it, because many malamutes are sensitive for those stuff. Yepa slept in 2 minutes after first sedative and vet said, that patient before Yepa was 10 kilos heavier Rottwailer and he needed twice as much sedatives and it took still 20 minutes to go to sleep. Guess what woke Yepa up at home?? Hino's feedin time! She rushed tottering in the kitchen and searched where her food is.

Yepa got Oftan-cortisone for treatment and Elizabethan collar in her head for a week. Yepa don't like the collar at all and looks very depressed with it.

Hino is playing and growing a lot and tried to get sleeping Yepa to play with him. After he noticed, that Yepa won't play and wake up, he cuddled in her side and fallen asleep too.


Yepa and Wido took bike joring yesterday, 7 kilometers. Yepa has so long trot, that Wido had to gallop to keep up with her. After that they both got icy strawberries to cool a little bit. Only champagne and cream was missing....

Off Snow-race is coming this Saturday and Pekka goes there with Wido. I'll go there too as a tourist, if Yepa is ok then.

Ps. New pictures in Hino's, Hobbies and Yepa's new album


Hino has 8 weeks full and he weighted 6,5 kilos. He has felt like home very well and is really amiable little malamute. It is really fun to see, how different personalities Yepa and Hino are, even they are both malamutes.

We saw also a little miracle, Yepa let's Hino to jump on her. Yepa has shown many new things after Hino came to us and those are all positive. Pontus don't want to play with Hino yet, because he has so sharp teeth and Veera don't mind him much.



First some bragging about our boys; Last Sunday there was Wrestling competition and Jere got 2 gold medals and Tony 1 gold and 1 pronze medal. Our Jere was in the cover of big Newspaper and he is only 8 years old. We are so proud of our sons.

Well, then something about Hino. After competitions at Sunday we drove right to Iisalmi to pick up Hino. We thought that we are there over night so we don't have to drive back home at night. There was still 4 puppies and they were so sweet! All night long we were talking with Anne and Jokke, even they had an early wake up. Thanks for Anne and Jokke for your hospitality.

Yepa came along to pick up Hino and we were little bit nervous how she would react. But it went really well and we could put them together at the back of the car. Yepa thought that if she stares away enough, Hino would disappear, but Hino thought, that he found his idol!

At home there was Pontus's and Veera's introduction left. Pontus was unmoved about Hino, but Veera was quite angry for him. By the day was in the evening we got Veera used to Hino, and we could keep them in same room. Veera don't love Hino, but she don't hate him either.

At first night in new home, Hino slept in our bedroom, other dogs were on the other side of door. Hino didn't cry at all, couple times he tried to play with us..

We'll hope that ratio of this pack will be continued as like it is now, and we are really happy to get Hino to our family!

Neatut Kiluagnaq "Hino"

3.5.2007 - päivitys2

Yepa's Eye examination is over and very sad news:

Yepa has HC (cataract) in her both eyes, very aggressive version. She also have that distichiasis and also PHTVL. Veterinary said, that there is good chance to Yepa get blind. Vet is going to burn Yepa's extra eye lashes after two weeks and in autumn it has to do again.

With HC and PHTVL examination after year or two tell more about them, those possible advancing and their speed.

Very, very sad, especially for Yepa!


Today Yepa has official Eye examination. At same time we'll find out what to do her extra eye lashes. Last 1,5 months they have been irritating Yepa's eyes so much, that on the other day she couldn't keep her eyes open. Flushing and with antibiotics we got them to calm a little. It must be very painful situation for Yepa and that's why we want to do something about them very soon.

I've added new things to our site, like Hino's own page and updated stories little bit everywhere.


Lahti International Dog Show has been and we are very pleased for Yepa's judgment. Junior class VG, even though Yepa has no hair...In result page you'll find her judgment.

It was nice to meet malamute people again!

At ALMA's Winter Meeting shooted video of Hugo's (Salomaan Boss) record weight pull you'll find HERE.It is quite big file, and if you have slow connection, I recommend that dont' try it.



Last night happened something comical accident, of which I didn't wake up and it annoy me a bit. Pekka told me, that he woke up for noise of somebody whining beside the bed and under our bed sounds really horrible growling. Pekka opened his eyes and he sees some dog beside the bed, covered with waste-baskets cover in it's head. When he took it off, it showed up, that it was Veera. Yepa was under our bed and when Veera came upstairs, she thought, that it was something dangerous and growled for it really scary way. After Pekka took cover off, Yepa stopped growling. :-)

On the other day it was really sunny day and now that Yepa has became 1 year, we tried to make her jump. Jere wanted to guide Yepa and as you can see in pictures, it went quite well. Maybe some day they will take part some agility race...?!



Congratulations Yepa - 1 year!

Well, it is sharp one year, when Yepa was born. Couple days went to tension, after we got to hear, that Yepa is coming to us. Then started harder waiting, waiting to get Yepa home.

Passing year has bring much more sense of humor to our family by Yepa. Even though malamute is challenging to train, we think that malamute is just the right race for us. For counter balance Yepa has brought to us unbelievable amount curious, loving and trick making doggy glimpse for our lives! As one song says: "I won't change any day away"...

Malamutes "soul" is becoming more familiar, but just when you'll think you know something, you'll learn something new. But that is one of the most funniest feature of malamutes - not one of the days would be same.

We like to thank Anne and Jokke from kennel Neatut, giving us such a joy to our lives by Yepa! THANK YOU!


Then some other things: Yesterday we tested our new linens, of which Jokke had made for us. Pontus was the leader and Veera and Yepa were in back pair. Whole team was attached to Pekka's bike and I biked along, just in case. Start was little bit disordered, when Pontus didn't go forwards and Veera turned around and around. At last Veera and Yepa started to wrangle to each other, but it was enough to shout them "Don't fight in the team!"

After confusions at the start, things started to go well. Pontus led the team and Yepa and Veera worked well. Directions went also well, because Pontus knows directions very well.

Middle of last half km Pontus decided that he won't go anymore and we took him out of linens. Yepa and Veera pulled last 500 meters. Really good test route, 3 km long.



Yesterday we went to see those Neatut puppies. They were 3 weeks old and really fun looking puppies. We aren't sure which one of 4 males will come to us yet, but we already have some clue about it.

Pictures about puppies: New Neatut's.


Spring, stomach disease and eye inflammation are todays news. Pekka and Tony have had really rough stomach disease in this week.

Yepa won't participate to Lappeenranta Dog Show, because she have eye inflammation and she has drug course right now. Her extra eyelashes have been irritating her eyes and got them inflammated. Yepa has cortisone course 1 week, after that antibiotics for 1 week and regular artificial tears after that. After Yepa fills 1 year, we'll take her to official eye examination and start to think what to do those eye lashes.

Pontus and Veera are in diet, and they are changing to Senior Food.

Easter is really soon and we are going to see our new family member! Can't wait until we'll get there.


Maybe now can we uncover the fact, that we are having another malamute from kennel Neatut! Puppies are 1 week old and Yepa gets a "little brother".


Spring is coming, at least if you watch Yepa grooming out. Every other day you have to brush Yepa and as a result you'll get a mountain of hair. In this winter there was really little snow and now it will melt away.

Yepa's breeder told us happy news; new litter has born and there is 7 new Neatut's in the world. Congratulations for Anne and Jokke! In easter we will go and see those new puppies.

Yepa's first birthday is coming fast - you'll never believe it! It feels like she just arrived to us like a little puppy and now she is almost teenager. Tonight happened "miracle"; Yepa and Pontus licked same Ice cream package without any argumenting.

Pontus and Yepa are good friend for each other. Especially Yepa wants to play with Pontus all the time, Pontus little bit less often. Funny looking thing, both hitting with their paws, and teeth thumbing. Inside the house we have limited their play for safety reasons, but they play also at outdoor kennel.

Veera and Yepa gets along, though they don't play with each other, because Veera don't know how to play. All three dogs can eat at the same time in kitchen, but just to be sure me or Pekka take care of that they won't go to others bowls.


ALMA's Winter Meeting is over and we got many nice memories. Last Thursday we drove to beautiful yard of Metsäkartano. There was already warm caravan waiting for us, thanks to Tero, Virpi, Sirkka and Mika.

Friday morning opened up mild and many malamute people has arrived there all over the Finland. Longest journey was from Pori to Rautavaara. Mornings first event was drivers meeting and raffle of start numbers both sled competitor and dog skiers. Conditioners were little bit wars and route soft and because of that there was no top times in race. Yepa and Pekka participated in unofficial 3 km dog-skiing and they were wonderfully second in class. In the evening was official part of Meeting, ALMA's annual meeting. Rest of the evening went unofficial meeting with talking, roasting sausages and singing karaoke.

Pekka and Yepa coming to finish

At Saturday was place for Kid's competition. Speed and fun was the name of the game, when kids raced with dogs and sleds. At noon I went sledding with Yepa and Wido. 3 km distance went really well, Jokke went ahead with his dogs and Tero came beside me with his dogs. It was my first sledding and I must say, that it was really fun - I want more of that! At afternoon it was weight pulling try out for Sundays final. Rest of the day was free program, going to Sauna, singing karaoke and so on.

Tony and Wido, Jere and Sikku in children's race

At Sunday there was only weight pull -final left and unbelievable results; First timers pulled really good results. I worked as a secretary and it was fun to do something. Sunday's absolute heroes were Marko and malamute Hugo, who worked out wild, over 1000 kilos pull and it was over 27 times dogs weight.

After all fun action it was time to pack things and ahead to home. First time in ALMA's Winter Meeting for us and we can really say, that we had so lovely time there. Thanks for everybody who were there and we'll see also in next winter. Thanks also to Anne and Jokke borrowing us Sikku and sled and Tero and Virpi for borrowing Wido to us

A lot of pictures from Winter Meeting you'll find HERE.


Today was total winning day for Yepa. We went to Match Show with just me and Yepa, Pekka and Jere were in skiing competition. By the way, Jere was 1. in his age class and win the Community Championship.

Yepa took part in puppy class and got red ribbon (best of two). Then was puppy class winners ring, and Yepa won all the other 34 "red" puppies. After we wait other rings to stop, came BIS-rings turn. Over 122 dogs Yepa was BIS1! Judges praised a lot her beautiness, fine behaviors and gorgeous movements.

Really awesome feeling about win, but also how nicely Yepa behaved and showed herself out.


Last week I photographed Yepa outside. I think those pictures are quite good. You can find those pics in Winter-album.

At Friday we went kick sled trip with Pekka and dogs, 5 km. Yepa and Veera worked well and Pontus just enjoyed running along. There was -20 degrees and everybody has really fun "frost beards" when we got back home. Stunning white silence around us and bright sky with stars over us. Only dogs panting and sleigh swishing. Oh yes, Finland's nature is beautiful. I want more this!

Nice becoming week for everybody!



Last weekend was really fun. At Saturday Tero and Virpi came visit us with Roni, Wido and Windi. At Sunday there was sled race at Ylämaa. Tero thought to participate there with Roni and Windi. Yepa and Wido were at the same kennel at night and they even slept in same dog house. Me, Pekka, Tero and Virpi talked until to late night.

In race place we assembled dog chains and wondered where all other malamute people are... After all we found them at drivers meeting place. In race there was 5 malamute teams.

Weather was nice, not too much minus degrees for audience and not too warm for dogs. I tried to take pictures and Pekka helped Virpi and Tero with dogs. Boys ran over the place in their own plays. After race was over, we met other malamute people and spent nice time with them. In distribution of prizes, there was 4 REK-results for malamute teams; REK1 for Mikko Vähä, REK2 to Mervi Hongisto and Päivi Räty and REK3 to Esa Lautala. Tero with Roni and Windi were forced to stop in the middle of race, and so they didn't get REK-result this time.

Before going home Tero, Virpi and Mika and Sirkka came to have a cup of coffee in our home. We met also little Nukka-malamute puppy - really sweet girl.

On the other hand we have lived usual weekdays. Every other day little pull training and every other day rest. At ALMA Winter Meeting Yepa can take part in unofficial dog skiing. Couple days we have had quite hard frost-days, and Veera and Pontus has been inside. Yepa has been outside fence and chewing her bone without freezing.

New pictures of malamutes in Ylämaa Kasari-race Here!

          Yepa's dad Roni has something to say                             Yepa is dreaming


Today came new Finnish Kennel Club's magazine and Yepa came a "celebrity"... Almost one page story and big picture from interviewing in Winner-06 Dog Show.

Pontus starts to get older and after he has been spayed, he also has started to love just relaxing on the sofa. Last week two other times, when we harnessed him, he run away to his couch and didn't want to leave it by any reason. He don't want pull anymore, only run along.

Veera still wants to pull, but her pulling is so much different than Yepa's, that more and more we are dreaming other malamute as sledding partner for Yepa...

But we will see...



ime is running fast. Winter hasn't really come, it has been so weird weather. Every place is covered by ice and there can't ride with any kind of sled or bike. It tell a lot about weather changes, that in same week we went biking and sledding with kick sled...

On the other weekend Pekka and boys went hiking to Repovesi National Park with Yepa. Whole day's trip and Yepa did have strength enough to walk whole route. Not until they get to car, she slept right away. Other people was amused by Yepa, when she also wanted sausages and other eating and howled because it.

Last weekend Pekka took all dogs and kick sled and went 7 km distance via forest roads. After slide got better Yepa got really fine will to pull. And Yepa was the leader of the team. I was waiting in home yard and shouted for dogs, when they were coming back. Dogs took so rough spurt, that Pekka almost fell off the kick sled. We hope that Yepa would have skills to be a real leader in team, after she gets to know directions and have more self confident.

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Year has changed and new one is only started. In couple weeks we have done many things.

Christmas eve came with Santa Claus and presents. Dogs had really big bones and they were really exited of those. Yepa didn't have ruined Christmas tree and we are so happy.

In Christmas day we went to quarry with Yepa and Heta and took many lovely pictures of them.

28. day of December Heta left back home. Even though she was only taken care by us, we are little bit sad. In all these months we had time to become attached to her. Veera is much more happier now, because she and Heta had some fights and now Veera don't have to watch out her back. Yepa was also a little bit confused, because she couldn't find her play pal, but not too much.

Yepa pulled car tire and we went to centre of our community. Some young boys had their fun, when they saw Yepa dragging tire behind her. For a while Yepa even ran with the tire and worked really well.

Yepa 8 months - pulling a tire

Last saturday we went to visit Tero and Virpi and Yepa's father, Roni. Yepa trained with Wido and Tero droved with Roni and Windi. 4 km went really well - couple times Yepa thought that Wido gets to do all the work but mostly she pulled too.

Yepa is same size with Wido and we tried to measure her. Height is about 60 cm, so she is already quite big girl. Her weight is now 30 kg. We have to buy her new, bigger harnesses.

At New Years eve Yepa didn't mind rocket's booming at all. Even outside she didn't even turn her ears. Pontus don't like about rockets and he was little stressed out of them.

New pictures again in puppy gallery and Dog Friends. Also new album, Hobby-pictures has been open.