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We have snow again, at least so much, that we decided to test 3 malamutes team today with sled. Yepa and Yona were in lead and Hino in wheel pair with himself. All wanted eagerly go and when we got daylight for once, I took camera with me. Pekka harnessed dogs and boys were standing in sled's brake.

Yepa wants to go, Hino has fun with Pekka and boys are keeping the sled still.

Test went really well, all worked eagerly and Yona was like she was born to be a lead dog. Only snow was missing, or at least amount was tiny and that was also reason to take only short trip. Fortunately it has snowed all day long, so hopefully we'll have our winter now. First sled dog races are coming closer and it would be nice to get dogs trained properly before that... I have added few more photos of today's training session to our Hobbies-gallery, to Vetotouhuja-section.

Christmas is just a few days away and we are going to have some time off here in malamuutti.com.
We wish you all Very, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!


now came and left again. First we got snow approx. 20 cm and we got to get sled and go sledding 2 times. Then came rain and all snow was gone in a week. So pity, sledding was even more funnier than I remembered. After that we have had some minus degrees for a week or so and of course after rain there has been quite icy roads. Last night we got new snow, but only 5 cm, so we must forgot sledding, at least some time. Some kick-sledding maybe....

Our newest addition is 200 liter aquarium with all fish. I can undersign thesis, which says that aquarium is therapeutic.  We could sit and watch it for hours and you don't need to think anything - nice entertainment.

Nothing much happens here now, Yona is growing, all malamutes are fine and Pontus & Veera are spending nice and easygoing days.


Yippee, we have snow, we have snow!!! Last week it came almost 10 cm and last weekend's snow storm brought it more! Malamutes are going crazy, they just love snow as much as we do! Yesterday we went kick-sled trip with mals and boy it was fun!

Yepa is looking like a hairless coyote, I'm happy that I didn't register her to Winner-08 Show. Hino on the other hand has quite big coat and it starts to look like that he will have semi-long coat. It's a pity in some way, if you think about shows but also it brings little bit difficulties in normal life too. But we are happy, that it is quite harsh though, so snow won't totally stuct to it. Coat get's wet little bit more than normal mal's coat and because of amount of hair, harnesses are little bit difficult to take off.

Yona has started to practise some pulling, little by little... more of that in her own Puppy Diary. I have also added some new photos to Yona's album.

Yona's first snow and quite familiar reaction, if you're talking about mals ;-)


Water, mud, ponds, darkness... I truly wish, that winter would come already! Yona got 5 months old today, and more about her in her Puppy Diary. Below is one photo of Yona, which has taken today.

Yona 5 months 


Last weekend we had malamute meeting here at Ylämaa. Place was Metjärvi camping centre as last year and we had nice amount people there. Morning's rain stopped when all the people had arrived and even sun was showing itself. First we had nice conversation session with cups of coffee and we also had ALMA's equipment sales there. Yona got new collar, because her earlier was a little bit small. Now she also has true alaskan collar.

Later during the day Pekka and Mika went to mark the training route and after that all "big" mals headed there to train. Route was a little bit harder to follow and some even got lost for a little time. Route was also little bit longer than said, but everyone manage to get back well. All puppies went to walk to "puppy route", so they got also their "exercise".

Afternoon and early evening was traditional - sitting in camp fire, talking and laughing. When sun disappeared, storm was rising and weather changed dark and windy. We had been planning to test four malamutes team front of ATV and we chose Nukka (Najanin's X-trail Nukka) and Minto (Salomaan Salariyok) to front and Yepa and Hino as wheel dogs. All of them were strangers for each other, but everybody concentrated to work.  Test was only 500 meters, but again we did see, that it is possible to get mals from different families to work together. Of course it is depending of characters but we are pleased, that they all worked together. If we continue training them together, maybe someday we'll have a four dogs team to participate test and races..

At the evening all started to going home, and only toughest ones stayed there having sauna and sitting by the camp fire. It was really nice meeting and it was nice to meet all friends and some new faces too! Once again we have lot of photos, but I'll put them to albums later this week. Photos down under are rare material - me with Hino. Usually I'm in the other side of camera, but now Virpi Salminen took these photos of us. Thank you Virpi!




Well, our life has been so normal, that almost nothing special has happened. Weather has been between +0 and very moist +10 and we have done different kind of training with mals.

Last Sunday was our last competition in Off snow-season. This time it was Finnish Championship in Canicross Team-class in Riihimäki. In our team ran Pekka & Hino, Marja-Liisa and Yepa and our friend Mika Hamari with his malamute Nukka. Our goal was to be second last, because Pekka's and mine training has been very low. Pekka had some problems with his back and last couple months he hasn't been able to run and I had flu over a month, so my training isn't so good either. Our placement was 20 of 23, so it went better than we thought. Hino and Pekka started our team's performance and it was 12 team starting together at the same time. It was really nice to see, that Hino clarify it very well, even there was 11 other dogs side by side with him. Hino just concentrated to going forward. Me and Yepa made few passes and it went also like a "steam train" (especially me...).

We still had really fun and mals did get another kind of experience. We are very pleased our Off snow-season even though our placements were not so high. Our main goal was to get new experiences and race routine to Yepa and Hino before winter season, where our main goal is.

Yona's Puppy Diary and Gallery are also updated! Next weekend we have malamute meeting here at Ylämaa and I bet we'll have a great time there with all malamute friends!


Well, news about race again... Last weekend was Pawtrekker Finnish Championship Race Jämi 2008 at Jämi. It was Hino's first race and we are so modest to participate to Finnish Championship with him. At Friday we headed to Jylli Hunting Cabin and there was already many of our friends. After three hours sleep we went to race place. Trail info and registration were before 10 AM and start was 12.40. Between info and start we just enjoyed the feeling and spent time with our friends.

We had whole pack of dogs with us, also Yona. She tested "park chain" for a first time and it went really well! Some people were surprised, when they heard that Yona is only 15 weeks old and it is already her 2. race...  More about Yona in her Puppy Diary later this week.

There was many malamute teams participating, which was nice to see. 1R-class there was 4 teams and in 2R-class total 7. Hino was little bit tired before start and Pekka already thought that he won't participate if Hino don't cheer up. But when they got to starting line, Hino was so exited and wanted really to go, so they left. 4,4 km went in time 14,56 and average speed was 18,13 km/hour. Our own time target came true with fair marginal and both were very energetic when they finished race. It was really good start for Hino - he worked really well, had just right speed and when you look at photos, you'll see that he also had fun.

After the race, there was seminar of Training sled dogs. Very interesting subject and we learned many good things there. After the seminar we went back to Hunting cabin for a short time. At midnight we took off and headed home.

Once again, long car drive and not so much sleep, but it was all worth it - you'll find some photos of race in Hobbies-gallery. I'll try to get all the other photos of race to new album some time this week.

Yepa and Hino approaching the finish line


Yesterday was first race after summer vacation. Hino had a eye infection last week and because of doping regulations, we had to leave him home. Pekka participated to 1 dog's kickbike-class with Yepa. Race length was 4,4 km and their time was 17.01. That was fast enough to get bronze! Winner in that class was mixed-breed hound, second was Giant Snautzer and fourth was another malamute team. Yepa's average speed was 15,52 km/ h in that race, and we are very pleased of her performance. Autumn training period has been quite short because of temperatures and Yepa is pure trot dog. So, it was a good start for the racing season! 

Yepa at Aulanko race

Yona was also with us in the race place, but I'll update her doings to her Puppy Diary at next week.

On our way to home, we visited our friends, Mika and Sirkka. We were going to try our long time dream to put Yepa and another malamute female Nukka to same team. We had thought this combination for a long time, because every time Yepa and Nukka has met, they never have had any aggressions toward each other. Situation was really exciting, but as our hopes were, it went really great. When they waited eagerly to get going, they both said little warning growls to each other, but when they started, they both worked very well. Course was really short, so they surely will get positive experience of try-out, but maybe this black-and white combination will be hard working team after more training. We were so happy, that it is hard to say, which one gives more happines - 3. place in the Race or well worked try-out between two malamute females, which are almost strangers to each other!

Next weekend is Race weekend again, Finnish Championship in kickbike classes and we'll be there. I've added photos to our Hobbies-gallery, please check them out!

Nukka and Yepa - Girrrll power!


Last weekend we were at Alma's Autumn meeting at Riihivuori, Muurame. Whole pack was with us - that includes 4 people and 5 dogs. Luckily we have that dog trailer, so traveling is so much easier with so many travelers.

Friday evening was so fun at fire place with all malamute friends. At Saturday morning there was "camp opening" and it was really nice to see all new malamute owners participating first time. After opening, it was time to dog massaging, equipment introductions and so on. Yona got to play with her brother Talut and they had so much fun together! There was also kids "competition" and Camp competition for adults. Dogs got to train passing at common passing practice. Saturday evening we were at the fire place again and it was fun!

At the Sunday morning was Show practicing and after that it was time to pack things and leave the camp. Thank you for you all, who made this weekend so fun! You'll find photos of Autumn meeting in Gallery or directly from HERE.

Hino-lion on savannah


For a long time, someone from our pack participated in a Dog Show. Yepa attended to Mastery Autumn Show in Helsinki. Judge was Finnish Juha Kares. Luckily day was sunny (only one in this week), because of outdoor show, so we didn't get wet.

This time Yepa participated to Open Class instead of Working Class and in Open Class there were most of the females. Yepa got only Excellent in that class and won her class. In Best Bitch-competition class, she was 3. and got RES-CAC. She got really great judgment and even though I though that Yepa is still in "summer condition", judge didn't think so. After the Show we drove home and Yepa was sleeping happily in back of our car. You can read Yepa's judgment in Result-page


Autumn is coming and we have started malamute's training again little by little. Summer vacation did good to Hino and now when there is much cooler, he has so much speed. We even had minus degrees on the other night. Yepa and Hino are mostly training separately, so they will better remember how they need to work.

Yona's register papers are in Finnish Kennel Club waiting Yona to be registered here in Finland. We'll see how things work now, when they have got solved jam in Import registrations.

Only 2 more weeks to Alma's Autumn meeting. It will be so nice to meet all malamute friends again!

These news are quite short this time. I have to Gallery-page Yona's own album and also photo album of our visit to Sweden, kennel Cahppes. Also Yona's Puppy Diary has been updated.


Yona has come home! At Friday we took off ahead Kausala, where we was going to take Yepa and Hino to "day-care". After that we headed to Helsinki, where we got on the boat and headed to Stockholm. Boat was there in Saturday morning.

At the Stockholm we did some shopping first and then we headed to Anci's and Henrik's place. Our new GPS-navigator worked well and we got there without any problems. It was really nice to meet Anci and Henrik and see all the grown up malamutes and of course puppies. Day and evening went by talking about everything and filling some papers. Boys jumped up and down in trampoline and explored yard. .

In the Sunday mornign we woke up by clock 04.00, so we could catch the morning boat to Turku. Yona and his brother Talut were packed in our car and it was time to say goodbye to Anci and Henrik. We got the boat right time and puppies got really much attention there. We even had to go and show them to restaurant's kitchen worker, who had heard of sweet little puppies on the boat. Puppies were mostly sleeping at our cabin ja were so brave and happy.

We were at Turku in Sunday evening and we took our car ahead to home. We stopped at Kausala to pick up Yepa and Hino and got some coffee also. We were at home clock 03.00, so almost 24 hours awake... Dogs didn't meet each other then, because it was so late. Yepa and Hino has meet Yona briefly today, but all have seen each other from a little distance. Today Talut was picked up to his own home, so now we have only our own pack at home.

We want to thank Raimo again, for taking care of Pontus and Veera! Also big thanks to Mika and Sirkka for a taking care of Yepa and Hino and making us coffee in the middle of the night. Special thanks to Anci and Henrik, for their hospitality and your trust for us to puppy buyers!

I'll try to add some photos, when I have time to unload them from camera. Yona has her own page, I've also renewed Dogs-page and Yona's puppy diary can be found also.


Our pack is going to grow in few weeks. Adorable and happy malamute girl is coming from Sweden to strengthen our sled team. Here is few photos of her:

5 weeks               6 weeks  Both photos © Kennel Cahppes

Little "miss" is coming from Cahppes-kennel. Her dad is one of the victorious mals today, BIS BISS AM/CAN Multi CH Sno Quest’s King Of Landwood, of which father is well known BIS BISS AM CH Wind’s Fury Jacob Trailblazer. Litter's dam is SUCH Silent Ridge Bacardi-Breeze, and her pedigree includes for instance INT CH FIN CH EST CH FINW-98 FINW-99 FINW-00 FINW-01 NORDW-01 FINW-02 S CH Pandistelle Del Lago Degli Orsi "Hippu" sekä FIN CH EUJW-91 FINW-93 FINW-94 NORDW-97 Nukilik's Innatauyok. Both parent's has Storm Kloud's lines back of them pedigrees, for example year's 1994 Iditarod malamutes. We hope, that this new girl will be good working dog and of course, beautiful lady...

Well, this is quite all this time. Now I have to go to bed, tomorrow I have radio interview, making up hand-program sheet and many more things.


Hurry, hurry... it has been on our vacation and having summer guests here at our home. It hasn't been hot summer days, but still dogs are having their summer vacation too.

Even though we have been busy, we got time to go to long waited hiking trip to Neitvuori-Luonter at Etelä-Savo. This time we got whole gang with us, also all dogs. They traveled comfortably at dog trailer and our belongings fit well to back of our car. Landscape was really beautiful at hiking route with up- and down hills. Nature changed of dry pine forests to swamps and almost like jungle. Yepa was a brave back-pack dog and carried all dog's food in our hiking trip. We spend our night in our tent, even though there was really awesome wooden teepee in our night place.

Our boys carried their rucksacks really well whole time. On our way back home, we stopped at Anttola to buy some ice-cream. Our dog trailer made all people very curious and some even took a walk around the trailer, so they could see all dogs. Before Puumala, we stopped by the lake and dogs and boys got to go swimming.

After all it was really relaxing and lovely trip to end our vacation. Maybe in autumn, we'll go somewhere again. Next year boys are little bit older and more stronger, so we might be thinking to make a little bit longer hiking trip somewhere...but we'll see...
Hobbies-album is changed and now there is few more albums under that main-album. You'll find photos of our hiking trip there.


Now we have had time to "digest" latest news and normal routines are back again. Summer has come and malamutes has started their summer holiday. Summer's exercise are mostly running free and some jogging with me or Pekka. Harnesses stays in rack for a sometime and they will be in use again when autumn is nearer.

Because mals are so big and our four-member family needs lot of space when traveling, we needed to update our transportation equipments. Earlier we changed our car a little bit bigger and decided to get dog-trailer. Now we have found trailer and it is for four dogs. With obtaining the trailer, we got help from our team's new sponsor: LT Granit / Ylamaa Group. Many thanks for them! Here is few photos of trailer.

I have added new photos to many albums. So you can find those at Gallery of following albums: Hino's pics, Yepa's pics, Dog Friends-album and Nature pics.

Our pack is wishing happy Mid Summer Festival to all of our friends!


Well, no laugh at this moment. Yepa and Hino went to veterinary and their eyes were officially examined. In that examination vet dropped the bomb; Hino has also cataract (HC) in his both eyes! Yepa's cataract hasn't developed anywhere, so that is good news. Also Yepa's PHTV diagnose is history. But little more about Hino; his situation is little bit worse than Yepa's, his both lenses are filled with white mass, so vet couldn't see the bottom of his eye anymore. Now we must say, we have had really bad luck with our malamute's eyes.

Now I don't feel like to write anymore.


Last weekend we took "little" car driving to Rokua. On Friday we headed to Oulu to visit Marja-Liisa's parents. At Saturday evening we went to Utajärvi, to visit Kinnunen family. Time went fast in that evening by chatting and watching Eurovision song contest.

At Sunday we were in Rokua race. Pekka participated to Bike-joring with Yepa. Other dogs in their class were Belgian Shepherd Malinois, Border Collie and Giant Schnauzer, so this time medals went to them. In other classes there were more malamutes and so we got some comparison times. Trail was really soft and sandy and sun heated weather up, so original 5 km length was shortened to 3 km.  Yepa did really well and didn't heated too much. Hino was with us as a tourist and he enjoyed at "pit-stop" with rock as his pillow.

Yepa and Pekka coming to finish line

On our way home we stopped to eat with Anne, Jokke and Mari and got a really good pizzas. After lunch we still had 400 kilometers to home. Total kilometers by car were 1300 km and 3 km with bike... quite good combination, don't you think... ;-)

Hino and rock pillow

Thanks for Kinnunen family for your hospitality, all malamute people for a good company and also for Raimo to taking care Pontus and Veera at home again! Photos of Race are in new album HERE.


It has been little bit quiet in News but now there is some news. Yepa went to Hollolla Group Show today and judge Harry Tast liked her appearance. So Yepa was Working Class EXC/1, Best bitch 2 and got Res-Cac. You'll find Yepa's judgement at Results-page. I think she is really developed more, because she has got only EXC from last Shows. Now she is going to leave rings for awhile, because she started to drop her coat off.


Nice weekend at Jyväskylä is behind. At Friday we headed to Jyväskylä me, Pekka and malamutes. At Saturday there was Malamute Specialty Show and both Hino and Yepa was going to attend it. Judge was Barbara Ann Brooks from USA and we were excited to find out how she would like our mals.

Hino's turn was first and he was showed by Kirsimarja. Judge liked Hino mostly, but because of his coat he got Satisfying of Junior Class. Yepa participated in Working Class and she got Excellent and was 2. in her class. Best in Show was totally awesome and gorgeous bitch from Norway, Trap Line Jaunty Jazz and Best of Opposite Sex was Salomaan Salariyok, young Junior male. Yepa participated also Breeder's Class and unofficial Best Pair-competition.

After the show we went back to cabin and met Hino's dad, Thunder. He is so impressive looking malamute, we totally loved him. At night we celebrated new World Champion in Dog Sledding and spent really nice time with all our malamute friends.

At Sunday there was Jyväskylä INT Dog Show and Hino and Yepa were going to participate also there. Judge was Tamas Jakkel from Hungary. He gave Hino Satisfying because of his coat, otherwise Hino's judgement was good. Yepa participated in Open Class this time and she got Excellent and won her Class.

Thank you for everyone for a good company at weekend and thanks for Kirsimarja for handling Hino! Judgements of Hino and Yepa can be found at Results-page. Photos coming later.


This weekend includes whole lot of updates, three of them in two days... ;-) Today our Yepa is reached age of 2 years and I must say that time goes really fast. In these 2 years we have had lot of wonderful moments, new comprehensions and we have learned much about malamutes á la Yepa. In last few months has shown us, that Yepa has developed her figure and she has shown us also, that she is really motivated sleddog and owns a true working moral and ability.

Yepa's best sides are her tremendous kindness towards people, her persistent character, sense of humour and of course she is beautiful and has awesome movements, of which you could watch day after day.  From a little purposeful princess, who acted like a world's owner has became a pleasantly behaving queen.

Once again we want to thank Anne and Jokke of this wonderful malamute, who has brougt so much joy to our family. Thank you!

12.4.2008 - osa 2



Time has run fast again, but at last I got time to update site and add lot of new photos for Yepa, Hino and Hobby Pics-albums. Snow has gone and it has been time to lay sled to summer vacation. Our last sled ride was 28.3. and after that we have waited snow to melt away totally.

Hino got some kind of cough from Lappeenranta Show, maybe it was even Kennel cough. Week after the Show he started to cough, but luckily worst coughing lasted only a day. After that his symptoms vanished really fast. Yepa and other dogs didn't get same cough, so 2 weeks without symptoms before Jyväskylä weekend reaches.

Malamute's Specialty Show and Jyväskylä INT Show are only week away. This time Jere and Tony goes to their friends and me and Pekka can go there by ourselves. There is a cottage reserved to us and it will be really fun to spend weekend with all our friends!

Happy spring for everyone!


Because of Pogosta Race was cancelled, Easter holiday has been spent nicely by relaxing at home. At Saturday we went to skiing and sledding with malamutes and whole family. Pekka ski to other direction and I and boys went with sled. Last few hundred meters Jere and Tony sled with Yepa and Hino totally by themselves. I think we need to buy kid's sled and license for Jere for a next winter, he was so pro with kicking and directing and braking with that sled.... 

At our destination we started to build a camp fire and spending some quality time with boys without any rush and just relaxing. Yepa and Hino also got their part when we roasted sausages and steaks. On our way back I skied and Pekka went sled with boys. Hino and Yepa worked really well, even though there was weight and it was 10 cm new snow in our trail.

Yesterday we attended to Lappeenranta INT Dog Show. Judge was finnish Leni Finne and she was really thorough with judging. First was Hino's turn in Junior Class. This time he got only experience, because judge thought he has way too long coat in this time. That's why she gave Hino yellow ribbon and that means Satisfying. She said, that if his coat changes, it will also change ribbons color to better.

Yepa was registered to Working Class and she was only bitch in that class. Judge was been really strict and only one bitch before Yepa had an Excellent. Yepa showed off really nicely and ring was so big, that I could show her awesome movements. And so Yepa got Excellent, she won her class. In best bitch class she was placed 2. best and so she got also Res-Cac and Res-Cacib. Hino's and Yepa's judgment can be found in Show-result-pages.


One year ago sharp, we got sms-message with photo to our mobile phone - malamute litter, 7 puppies had born to kennel Neatut. This was the litter where we were about to get one male puppy. That puppy got a name Neatut Kiluagnaq and calling name Hino. Time runs so fast and today Hino is already 1 year old! Happy birthday to all Hino's littermates; Jyry, Remu, Kiibu, Karak, Raid and Pinga all over the Finland!

First photos of Hino with his siblings © Kennel Neatut

Hino has shown to us, that he is all that we hoped for; brave, calm, loving to all people, very patient, adjusting character and has a lot of working ability and will. Hino is something, that you just cannot help liking him! Thank you Anne and Jokke very much again for a magnificent malamute!

Hino 12 months

There has been something else too for along few weeks. Alma Team Finland was really successful in WSA's Sled dog World Championship in Åsarna, Sverige: Marko Vesterinen and his dog team won gold and in same serie was Ville Alariesto 6. and Jouko Mikkonen 7. Success was complete after Mikko Vähä was 5. in 3x42km class. It is wonderful to be Finnish malamute-owner!

On the other weekend I followed WC-race from my mobile and same time I attended to Dog Breeder's Basic Course. Despite of huge thrill in Sweden, I passed the course and now I could request Kennel name. Though I don't have any plans yet and I have no hurry to breed. Future will show, if I ever will be breeding malamutes. It depends on so many things, for instance do I ever have a breeding quality bitch, which would give something new and good to race. I don't want to breed quantity but quality of malamutes.

In sledding we have been training quite well, even we already thought that snow would be gone. There has been sad news about sled dog races, of which we thought to participate; both Pogosta race and Utakka Race has been cancelled. So sad, because our last few trains were so promising; On last Friday I went 5 km sledding with dogs in average time 14,52 km/h and last Saturday Pekka went same lenght in average time 15,24 km/h. All our sled trains with Hino and Yepa has been almost 12 km/h, even those longer 10 km courses. Hopefully we have snow in next winter!

Next weekend there is Lappeenranta Int Dog Show and Hino will be participating his first official class. It will be very interesting to hear what judge will like about Hino. Hino has started to prepare to show by starting to drop his coat off. Luckily he hasn't time enough to drop it all! In April there will be Malamute Specialty Show here in Finland and in same weekend there is also Jyväsylä Int Dog Show.

Well, these are news today. I've added photos to both Hino and Yepa


Well, it's already March. It is time to update news and this time those are mostly about Pontus and Veera. Pontus has distinguished himself as a clever and unbelievable sneaky food thief. If you ask them, Pontus and Veera apparently don't get food enough and that's why they need to "hunt" their food...

Our dogs dry food has been kept in plastic containers in our kitchen and dogs have let them be before. On the other day, when I got home from work, one of the containers was at our hall and it was wide open. Veera and Pontus came to greet me and Veera looked like a ball with feet! Pontus had also some extra at his sides, but I think he is the brains who opens everything and Veera only eats them. Pekka said, that luckily malamutes food container is so hard to open even ourselves, that dogs can't open it. Not even thinking about it I said, that I'm sure, that someday Pontus will open it too. Well, I should had been thinking what I say, because next day container was at our hall and it was also wide open. Then we finally learned, that those containers should be in a lockable closet, at least so far, that Pontus can open it too...

So, this thing still goes on; After Alma's Winter Meeting, we forgot bag on the guestroom's floor. That bag usually are with us in Dog Shows and there was some prize snacks in that bag. Veera and Pontus were behind that room's door by themselves and you might guess what happened...?! Pontus had opened the zippers of that bag, took those snacks off there and even closed the zippers. Then they had eaten all those snacks together with Veera. Next Pontus propably will go to fridge and makes some meat sandwich for himself or something... 

Some words about mals too. Yepa and Hino has been in intensive course of sledding along this week with us. Our goal is to prepare Hino to Utajärven Utakka Sled Race in 29.3.08. Training results are surprised us; Hino is really good and he has also durability to pull. We have been little bit worried, mostly about his quite big size, quite short train distances and we were thinking, that he might not have enough strength to run that Utakka's 15 km. But he has shown us along this week even in 10 km sled round, that he is much more durable than we thought. We have still time to train and we will not decide Hino's participation until it is last minute to register to that race.

Hino and Yepa coming from 9,5 km sledding trip.

Hino and Yepa were in Match Show last weekend, practicing different kind of behavior. Hino was in Puppy class and judge really liked him. She said, that Hino is in really good conditions and gave him a red ribbon. Hino continued to red puppies Group class and finally he was 5. in puppy class. There was over 50 puppies participating. Yepa got red ribbon also, but she didn't qualified in Adults Group.


A long time waited Alma's Winter Happening was in last weekend at beautiful Hyvärilä. Early at Friday morning we direct our car ahead to Nurmes. 400 km and very different kind of weather; it rained water, wet snow and snow. Road was wet, icy, slushy and snowy. We still got there alive and started to unpack our belongings and dogs. At Hyvärilä we were happy to see, that there was over 50 cm snow and really beautiful landscapes.

Friday was our day off, we didn't have any competitions in our mind. In the evening Pekka went to ski-joring with our dogs so they got to exercise a little after a long car drive. Hino saw skis for a first time, but he didn't mind those at all and pulled really well. After sauna and roasted sausages early awakening took it's toll and we went to bed quite early.

Saturday morning came with beautiful sunrise but clouds came fast and it started to blow and there was also flurry of snow. After breakfast it was time to water the dogs and wait for musher's meeting. After the meeting and getting start numbers we started to get ready for competitions. Hino and Pekka were going to participate for a 3 km ski-joring. They had start number 2, but because of little incident they had to start first. That wasn't really best for Hino and at the beginning Hino just bounced and played... But it was his first time and they arrived to finish, placement 7/8. In short ski-joring participated also Hino's 2 sisters and one brother, so Neatut K-litter was represented really well.

Hino with Pekka at his first dog skiing competition

Later that day there was 9 km long sledding competition and it was my time to participate to that with Yepa and lend dog Wido. My very first sledding competition and I was really nervous. Mostly because I wasn't sure how my own state of strength would last. Yepa and Wido took flying start and so we were at the trail. Trail was quite good, though there could have been a little less hills to climb. After 4,5 km there was so many uphills that I almost thought that we don't make it to finish, but we did! Yepa and Wido worked so hard and I think I did that too because we were in 10. place of 14 and malamutes 8/12. Yepa was still in really good condition at the finish line and that gave us references that she has also tireless movement and strength in addition of hard work. 

Yepa and Wido arriving to finish...

Afternoon there was also children's sled competition and Yepa worked there with our sons. Jere was third and Tony was fourth in that competiton. Tony's and Yepa's first start was so wild that Tony fell off the sled, but they got to renovate their perfomance. After the sauna there was lottery and boys got many prizes of that. In the evening we sat beside of fireplace and talked about races and had really fun!

Beautiful landscape

At Sunday morning there was over 20 minus degrees. At the Weight pulling competition was 27 registered malamutes, but only 24 started. Participants were both experienced and first-timers. We saw great performances and also not so good. I was judging that competition and it was quite cold in there. After 4 hours there was winners and Alma's Winter Meeting was about to end. After the competition Yepa got to try also and 75 kg was easy for her. Yepa's pulling style was so good, even we haven't trained that at all yet. We are waiting really eagerly her to participate to Weight Pulling in next winter! (In Weight Pulling test or competition dog has to be at least 2 years old and Yepa is born in April.)

We had really fun and great time again and we want to thank all those people who organized that weekend! It was really nice to see also all new people working with competitions and arrangements. Thanks also for Tero and Virpi for lending Wido again and for all malamute people, with whom we spend time there! Thanks also for Raimo for taking care of Pontus and Veera at home!

Lot of photos of Winter Happening founds in new album HERE! There you'll find among other things World's smallest musher, the biggest participant with the smallest dog in children's competition and of course many sledding-, skijoring- and weight pulling photos.

20.2.2008 -osa 2

We got sad news today; Yepa's mom has passed away to sled dog's rainbow bridge. Our sorrow is little bit easier to carry, because we know that now Nana is happy and well!

Our deepest sympathies to Anne and Jokke!


At last winter has been stayed here, we have had even some minus degrees! Malamutes has been training both with sled and kick-sled. Last individual train went really well, both pulled eagerly and with speed. Yesterday they went to train together and that went awesome too. It is really good to see how the work like we have hoped. Yepa's heat is over and malamutes are back in same fence again. They really had missed each others company and played all night long...

I signed both to Lappeenranta International Dog Show. That will be start to our this year's show round. We have thought to go few more shows this year than last year. Hino's judgment is something that I'm waiting for; Gorgeous boy with good looking structure but he is little bit big and his coat will be the most mysterious thing in judgment. But then we will see...

Alma's winter happening is only a few days ahead. We have really waited that! Hopefully our both mals gets to participate all activities. It's totally nice to see all friends there and spend nice weekend off.

These are our news at this time. After weekend there will be more.


Well, really much has happened again. We got lot of snow and last weekend we picked Wido up. Yepa and Wido are old friends and they get along very well. Yepa started her season last Monday and we were afraid that we couldn't participate to Official sled dog test in this weekend. But Yepa's season is quite long and didn't get high. Wido took her season cool and we could train them whole week.

Today weather was really windy and it whirled snow. Official sled dog test was in Kasari, in Ylämaa. Lenght was 12 km and it was both Pekka's and Yepa's first. Despite of Yepa's season and Wido's short train period, they got REK3-result of that test! REK3 is 30% over basic time, which is counted of average time of two best malamute times. We are very happy, this is good result of first test.

I didn't got time to take many photos, because of dog's handling, but here is one of Wido and Yepa. Really big thank for Tero and Virpi for lending Wido to us! Also we want to thank for Anne, Jokke, Mari, Anne A. and Marko for company.


Snow, snow! At last it is starting to look like winter here. Snow came with winter storm. Some of that has melt away, but also it has been snowing little bit more. Malamutes has been pulling a tire and yesterday Pekka went ski-joring with Yepa. That went well.

12.1 our other dwarf hamster, Jerry left us. Now is cage empty. Bye-bye Jerry!

Few photos of our pack, taking easy in house.



It's January and it'll rains water and snow in turns. Last Tuesday we went sledding for a first time in this winter. About 3 km long trail and both Yepa and Hino worked very well. Concluding of their smiles I think they had really fun too! Hino needs new harness, he has grown too big to his current ones. 

Yesterday we went walking with Hino and Pontus. First they only played together and they haven't any tension with each other. Hopefully this situation lasts forever.

Yepa has had her coat back and she is so different looking again. Chest looks like much wider and she looks like as malamute again. Too bad, that there are no Shows near by before March. It would be our luck that she drops her coat again just before Lappeenranta Show...

Race-calendar is planned already; few races for Yepa and late spring also for Hino. First race is in February and in that will participate Pekka with Yepa and borrowed dog, Wido. Hopefully there will be snow before that race, so we could pick Wido up and train few times before race.

I've added few photos to Hino's Puppy pics and Yepa's album. Below is comparison photos of Hino and Yepa in our car. Hino has grown a "little" bit...

Malamutes do grow fast!!

Hino 8 weeks with Yepa.