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News and actualities...

Our family's life is full of doggy happenings and other stuff. We want to write them down to all of you to read and maybe for some reminder to us too. Sometimes there will be few lines of something else than dogs.

Older news will be moving to News Archive in the future and those can be found links on right side.


Merry Christmas!


Biggest news first: Yona was attending to Nordic Winner Show 2009 at Helsinki and she is now Nordic Junior winner 2009 !!! Judge was breeder judge Erna Upmeier from Netherlands (kennel Kataum Inua) and that's why we also higly appreciate this win!! Thank you Erna!! For even better results, also Yona's brother Talut got title Nordic Junior Winner 2009 and we are so proud of both of them!! Congratulations for Taluts owners, Anne and Kirsimarja!! Congratulations also for NordW-09 titles for

Yona PMJW-09
Yona NordJW-09

Yona & Talut NordJW-09
Nordic Junior Winners 2009, Talut & Yona!

At Saturday we were also at Finnish Winner Show at Helsinki. Judge was Henrik Söeborg from Denmark. Yona got Very Good and was 4. in her class, with great judgement. Both judgements you find at Yona's own Show-page. Congratulations for title winners, FI JW-09 Bearvvis White Ice, FI W-09 Artic Luv California Cruser and Garcon Jewel Jade!

There isn't that many other news... We have been able to train with our mals and with new ATV it will be more easier. We have some snow already, but not that much for sledding yet. Weather has change more cold, it is -15 degrees now.

I have also wrote something for Yaykaas's puppy diary and added couple new photos for his album. I have also added Talut to our Guest Star-page. Some photos coming later from Winner-09 and Nordic Winner-09 show...


Well, some news again... Let's start with oldest ones; We have one more malamute at our yard, Yona's brother Talut (Cahppes Knight Of Naxxar) came to train with our team and propably will be spending whole winter with us. Talut and Yona are so similar together - their looks, manners and even voice, that it is so fun to follow them together. First training sessions are already done and siblings work really well as a team. Hino and Talut are not "officially" introduced yet, because it has to be done carefully, so we would have possible to put them in same team in the future. Thank you Anne for lending Talut for us!!

We also have new fence in our yard. Separating because of females heat is more easy, because we now have those two males in our yard (Yaykaas isn't counted yet...)

Yesterday we had traditional malamute meeting here at Ylämaa. Even though it was raining, we had really nice day. Veterinary came first in the morning and gave vaccinations for kennel cough to all who wanted it, even our Yaykaas got it to his nose. Later that day we drove 7 km excursion with everybody and it was fun! Those were quite muddy and wet trails and you could see that afterwards from malamutes and drivers.... Nice day and we want to thank everyone who were there! We'll do it again, maybe sooner, but latest next year.

I have also updated Yaykaas's puppu diary and added new photos to his album. Photos of Ylämaa's malamute meeting will come little bit later.


Updated our newest pack member, Yaykaas. Added own page for Yaykaas, new gallery, updated text all around; About us, Dogs, Hobbies...


Weekend and FinCH Pawtrekker 2009 - carting race is behind, what a weekend!! In Friday we headed to rent cabin, there was over 10 people and 31 dogs, of which was 23 malamutes. Pekka had signed himself to 4-dogs class and me to 1-dog class. For a big surprise, Yona started her heat in thursday (4 months after last one!) and we needed to think Pekka's team combination again. Our first plan was to put our girls Yepa and Yona and then Minto (Salomaan Salariyok) from Virpi and Yona's brother Talut (Cahppes Knight Of Naxxar) in 4-team. But because Yona had her heat on, and Minto is adult already (knows already about girls...) :), we decided to leave him out of it. So Pekka's team would be Yepa, Yona and Talut, Minto would run with his owner and Ira and Hino would come with me to 1-dog class. Our main goal was to have some race experience to Yona and Talut, everything else would have been big plus!

In Saturday Driver's meeting started 10 o'clock in the mornign and my start with Hino was 11:39am. 4,4 km went in sunny course in time 0:21:27. Considering temperature and short distance, it was quite good average speed for Hino (12,31km/h). Pekka started in 4-dogs class after 01:00pm. Yona and Talut was in lead and Yepa in wheel. They got flying start, even little bit playful too, but whole 4,4 km went REALLY WELL! Their time was 0:13:40, so their average speed was 19,32km/h!! Quite high fly it has been!! It was great to wait Sunday's start with these good experiences.

Sunday's start was in Saturday's time order. Me and Hino started clock 10:12am and this time speed was little bit better, time was 0:19:46 (13,57km/h). Final results for two days was 0:41:13 (avg.time 12,64km/h) and placement malamutes 3/3. Pekka's start was 11:44am and this time juniors Yona and Talut had their paws little bit more close to ground and they also had got still more speed than Saturday. They almost reached one team ahead, but then Yepa had to poo and they managed to escape during that. All mals were very happy and still full of energy when they came to finish line, time was 0:13:26 (19,91 km/h). Final result was in 2 x 4,4 km 0:27:06 and average speed 19,54 km/h. Whole time all three were working their tug lines tight and youngsters got loads of experience! There was also Official Sleddog's Competition Test in 4-dogs class and our team's result was REK2 !! We are soooo happy and proud of our team; two first timers in race, even in lead position worked really well and also Yepa in wheel worked as well - they all really deserved their results!! Placement was malamutes 3/3.

We are still so happy, everything went well, results were so good. Especially our little girl Yona showed off so promising talents, that we believe her future will be very good in working!! Thanks for Anne for lending Talut to us! Congratulations for fastest malamute team in 1-dog class, Virve & Sisca, fastest mal team in 2-dogs class, Ville (Kiibu & Miki) and fastest malamute team in 4-dog class, Mika (Nukka, Atchuu & Oiva). Congratulations also for Mika and Tero for REK1-results in official test! Thanks for our cabin's friends and all in race place! More photos coming this week.


Last weekend was one of autumn's highlights, Finnish Alaskan malamute Club's Autumn meeting at Partaharju! This time we headed there without Jere and Tony. They were in their own directions, Tony at Sporting camp in Tanhuvaara and Jere was with his team mates as weekend visitor. We were quite early at Partaharju at Friday, Pekka even had time to go men's sauna in that night. Late evening and almost couple hours also of morning went beside camp fire with friends.

On Saturday morning awakening was early and meeting started with introduction. After that Test- and racecommittee told about off snow-racing, equipments and then people could go carting and biking freely with their mals. Yepa was leading one bunch of teams and she did quite well, even though she has fake pregnancy going. In adult's camp competition Yepa was as one of the team and did pull tyre so eagerly! Secondly team must carry their team dog one round and that was quite confusing to Yepa. Fortunately she has been taught to be carried, so she didn't struggle at all. Pekka, Yepa and their team won the adult's competition. Yona and her brother Talut had time to play a little together, couple photos in new album in Gallery. They also had a chance to try carting together and it surely did really well. We are so proud of those juniors, only 15 months old!! We also tested new team combinations, in four team there was Yepa, Yona, Talut and Minto (Salomaan Salariyok). First there was Yepa and Minto in lead, but those youngsters Yona and Talut were going to run them over, so Pekka changed their places and came back with Yona and Talut in lead. Thanks for Anne and Virpi for lending your dogs once again to us!! Couple photos of those carting trips in our Hobbies-album, in Vetotouhuja-section.

At Sunday was about to keep Show practise but rain messed those plans up. With packing and cleaning there was also lecture, which was kept by Erkki "Wolf" Pulliainen, famous finnish wolf expert. Lecture was really interesting, but during that Pekka went to train dogs. Once again Yona, Yepa and Talut worked together really well. Hino didn't participate training, because he had little nail injury last week at home (too worned nail started to drop blood).

It was really nice weekend and nice to meet all friends and also new faces. Thanks for everyone in our cottage for good company! New photo album in our Gallery of meeting.

At Monday Yona got her vaccinations, so now they are up to 2-3 years. Yesterday Pekka and mals went to 7 km carting and after that especially Yepa got truly extra energy left. She played with Yona in our yard, I think they did another 7 km there... It was -3 degrees, so I think it also had something to do with Yepa's extra energy...? Next weekend will be Carting race at Jämi and we are heading our way there. Next news will be coming after those happenings...


Hyvinkää Show was last of our autumn shows. Results were almost same than last shows, Yepa was in working class, got EXC / 1, was Best Female 2 and once again, also RES-CAC... Nice work Yepa! Yona got also same result as usual, Junior class VG /1. Yona is still developing and unfortunate injury back then has maybe affected to her development and slowed it a little. But we have time to wait and in winter we are focusing to working with Yona and all our other mals.

Last night after show Yepa and Yona got to run free in field and "take off" and they had a blast! Yona dropped to a ditch and later in evening we picked up hundreds of hay seed off girls... Couple photos are added to Malamutes together-album. Later on yesterday evening I went to jog with Hino, so our boy had his own "Hino-time". He worked really well and with tail up wagging we finished our course. Yepa was having time off about training, but Pekka took Yona and they went to 5 km kick-bike detour. All went really well! In our opinion, we think that it is important to train all mals also separately; Their "head" will be develop with motivation, they get more self-confidense working by their own and also have more insistency and endurance, because they need to work whole time to get forward.

Virpi Salminen was visiting us last Thursday with her mals and we had nice training session together. I had Yepa and Yona and Virpi got Ira and Minto. We trained some bypasses and even drove all side by side. It was really nice to see, how everyone worked nicely and with determination, even though there were 3 females and 1 male. We also planned coming racing season a little.. I also build couple jump hurdles to our yard and Yona tried them, she really have some kangaroo in her blood... :) I have added couple photos of her jumps to Yona's own gallery. There is also couple photos of shows in Yona's and Yepa's galleries.
These were our news today, I also added couple photos to Nature-gallery.


Well, this is already starting to be funny... We were at Porvoo Show with Yepa and Yona last weekend. Jugde was Guido Vandoni from Italy and 22 mals were entering. Yona was in junior class, got Very Good (only one junior bithc got EXC out of four). Judgement was ok and in Junior competition class Yona was placed second.

Yepa was entering Working Class. She got Excellent and won Working Class. In Best Female competition Yepa was placed 3rd and she got her 6. RES-CAC!! With great judgement and 3rd place over 14 females was really nice, but of course it would have been nice to have that last "real" CAC for FI CH-title... Judge said after BF-ring, that Yepa is very nice bitch, but she has little bit narrow head and because of that, he didn't like her stop. That's why she wasn't 2nd or 1st. Judgements are in Yepa's and Yona's own Show result- pages.

Otherwise we have waited weather to cool down. Last weekend we had over +20 degrees, but hopefully this don't last long anymore. Fortunately evenings and nights are starting to be colder..


We popped in Tervakoski INT Show with Yepa and Yona last Saturday. Judge was finnish Tapio Eerola. Yepa's result was Working Class EXC/1, Best Female 3 and her 5. RES-CAC. Yona got VG/1 from Junior Class. I have added couple photos to Yona's album, they are after washing her last Thursday. Pretty girl. Yepa's and Yona's whole show judgements are in their own Showresult-pages.


Deep sorrow has come to us; Today with a heavy heart, we had to take our Veera to her last journey. Last year brought many troubles for Veera because of ageing, and biggest trouble of them was severe skin problems. During last half year we thought about it over and over again and finally made decision; Veera is entitled to have dignified end, before it's too late. Decision was really hard, but it relieves a little by knowing that now Veera is fine again!

Veera forever in our memories, Marja-Liisa and family


Some news about our summer, here they come:

Yesterday we were in Mikkeli INT-Show with Yepa and Yona. It was really rainy day, but fortunately rain took a break while malamutes were in the ring. Yona performed first in Junior Class and got VG and won her class. Judge was Esko Nummijärvi from Finland. Yepa was in Working Class, she came to ring with very impressive style and after that it was Yepa's celebration; She got Excellent, won Working class, was best female 1 and in BOB-BOS-ring she performed herself to BOB. Whole catch was: Working Class EXC/1, BF1, BOB, CAC, CACIB. Judge liked Yepa so much, that he came to us after the ring just to tell more about how he loves Yepa... In FCI-5-group she was with 8 best ones, but not in best 4 anymore. We are still very, very happy with her results!!

On the other week we were in Lieksa, Ruunaa on a hiking excursion. We went there in Wednesday and slept first night in Ruunaa's Camping area. Thurday morning we took ourselves to the woods and started our hike in Koskikierros. First day we went almost 12 km to Saunaniemi and spend a first night there. It was small thunder storm in that night, but luckily our tent didn't leak in... In Friday morning we decided not to go whole Koskikierros (31km), but we shortened it a little and took little bit over 20 km. Our second night stop was in Kattilakoski, where we slept in sleeping shelter. Boys went to swimming in Neitijärvi-lake and evening was really beautiful to spend there. In Saturday morning, we took over the river by a boat and hiked last kilometers back to Ruunaa Camping area. All dogs managed well their first boat trip.

Hino carried back-packs whole trip and worked really well! It was obviously Hino's own thing! Girls carried also back-packs, Yona took them in Saturday for a couple of kilometers, and Yepa carried them all other times. Girls worked also very well with packs. In Saturday Jere and Tony had a change to go fishing to Neitikoski-rapid and Tony got 45 cm long pike.

Ruunaa was really awesome place with many rapids and beautiful swamp landscapes. Trail was marked well and fire places in beautiful places. You can took there 2-31 km long hikes there, or took a map and compass and make your own hikes in Ruunaa National Park. We can truly warmly recommend Ruunaa to everyone!! I've made a new album to Hobbies-gallery , take a look!

There are news today. Yona's heat is over, Yepa has started her own. Mals are in summer vacation now, and so are we. And by the way, I have been moving some of oldest Happening photo- albums to web-gallery, to save our own web-site room. I added also couple photos to Yepa's album and to Hobbies-album's Vetotouhuja some carting photos. Added also few new photos to Pontus & Veera - album.


Last Tuesday Yona went to see a vet and her eyes were officially checked. Yona's eyes were ok and it was truly relieve to us, because our expriences before.

Summer is here and temperature has been keeping mals in their summer vacation. In winter we took more photos of malamutes and their doings, and now I have took some photos of Veera and Pontus. I need to upload them to gallery some day soon.

Happy summer days to you all!


Finally some time to update our web-site. Fire and soccer has took their toll of our time, but nothing much has happened in dog frontier... But first few words of our boys; Jere and Tony has started their summer holiday and in school's spring festival they both were awarded with scholarships - Jere of his classes best results in school and Tony got his own of best improvement in his class!!

Yona celebrates her 1-year birthday today, Happy Birthday to Yona and her siblings!! Time goes so fast, that you almost couldn't believe that our little "Nuu-Nuu" is already one year old... Quite lovely malamute she is - very lively and always happy, our "fast'n'furious" speed-girl, which comes along with every dog she has met. She has working ability and speed every single day and every single moment. Yona loves people, kissing and she hops to your lap any time it is possible. Thanks for Anci and Henrik for this wonderful little-miss! Yona has started her season, so it is her second one after that first in January. Today we took some photos of Yona, one is down below and rest of photos are in Yona's new "adult-gallery".

Hino's paw is healed very well and is normal again. Specialist's analysis was, that it was some kind of callus, which comes to places, where skin and bone are very close and there is some pressure directed in. Because of it's size, it touched the ground every time when Hino was standing or moving, it's surface went broken and that's why it got inflammation.

In 1st of May we were in Hollola Group Show with Yepa and Yona. Judge was first timer with malamutes and she had quite strict line, both girls got VG. Yepa was also in Kotka INT Show last weekend, without her coat and she got Good in Working Class. Jugde was same, than last year's september Mastery Show and if you compare those judgements, it is quite big difference of does Yepa has coat or not... Judgements are in girls own Show-resultpages.

Weather was nearly +30 degrees for some time and mals were lying in their outside fences as they would be dead. After few hot days, weather got cold again, even under +6 degrees and we have been able to take mals to kick-bike courses and some cani-crossing. We have also took them to ice-hockey box, before Yona got to the heat, to run freely without taking off. They play nicely together all three. Some photos of there is in Malamutes together-album.

Here are our news, soon will start mals summerholiday and harnesses are put aside for a while. Some hiking excursion is planned for this summer, but don't know yet, where and when.


Well, lets start news with photo of our garage at yesterday morning 6 o'clock:

Pekka had left to work half an hour ago and then nothing was happening. Me and boys were sleeping. I woke up, because Yepa made noise outside and thought she was protesting because Pekka left her home and she didn't get to go biking with him. Yepa just continued howling and barking and finally I realized, that something was wrong. I looked out of our bedroom's window and saw our garage in flames, almost 20 meters high. I called 112 (our emergency number in Finland), woke boys up and we went outside. I also took Hino, Pontus and Veera out of our house, because that point we didn't know, is our home also going to be burn... Yepa yeld whole time and didn't stop it until we all got outside. Then she quiet down and just followed the situation.

Max. 10 minutes after my call to 112, Ylämaa's own voluntary fire department got to our place and started to extinguish the fire. It took almost 2 hours to get fire down and all this time there wasn't any wind at all. That did save our house and nature around our yard, because it was really dry hay, brushwood and forest. Firetrucks from Lappeenranta City got there so late, that our house would have burned too. When I noticed, that our home wasn't in immediate danger, I went inside to take our camera and took some photos. You'll find those photos HERE.

our Tony got also possibility to extinguish the fire.

We had also electricity down, because they came to our house through garage. Fire departmend left aggregate to our use, so we got freezer and aquarium to work. Afternoon we already got temporary electricity center and got all power back. In noon all little pupils from school came to look our garage as an instructive example of fire.

Yepa was our hero yesterday - woke us up and we still have our home!! Garage was full of our belongings, but fortunately we have quite good insurance for it. And it's only stuff, we are so lucky we still have our home, our family and dogs are safe!! All thanks for our hero, Yepa!!


Last Saturday was Alaskan malamutes Specialty Show at Lahti, judge was Maija Mäkinen from Finland. Yona was in junior class, got G (Good), which surprised us a little, at least if you check the judgement... Yepa was in Working class, got VG and was placed 4th in her class. Both judgements can be found in girl's own pages..

Congratulations for BOB-malamute Jade and her owners and BOS-malamute Nicki with his owners! BOB-veteran was lovely "old lady" Alma, in really great condition - Congratulations!

Few words about Hino's paws: Hino went to see a veterinary last Thursday. Those wart growths were removed, smaller one in Hino's front paw was burned off and big one in his rear paw was removed in surgery. Now Hino has stitches in rear paw and antibiotics continues. Example of bigger growth was sent to pathology for examine.


Shortly some updates of last weekend; Girls were entered to Outokumpu FCI5 Group Show. Yona got Very Good of Junior Class and this time Yepa did it all: Working class EXC / 1, Best Female 1, Best Of Breed and Yepa's first CAC !! Well done Yepa and thanks for judge Zidy Musterhielm-Ehnberg!! Judgements are in both girls own pages..


The first, but not last. The one, who came to our life, straight to our hearts and got us to love malamutes. The one, who gets us happy every day, just being herself. The one, who gives a lot and expects us to do the same. The one, who loves without demands, climbs up to your lap, pushes her head to your knee and wants cuddles. The one, who is our sled team's motor, always ready for a work. The one, who wants to be a part of everything in everywhere. The one, which endless curiosity makes us laugh. The one, who talks with us, hears everything and aswers to us straight from her heart. The one is our Yepa, who is 3 years today!! Happy birthday Yepa!!


Well, some news again, some are good and some are not so good... But let's start with good news first; Today was Lappeenranta International Dog Show, Yepa and Yona participated there. Yepa was in working class and Yona of course in Junior class. Judge was Gabriela Ridarcikova from Slovakia. Yepa got Excellent, won Workin class. She was Best Female 4 and got RES-CAC. Yona got also Excellent, won Junior class, was Best Female 3 and got her first CAC !!! Both got really nice judgements and I'm so happy!! Our "little" girl got her first CAC only under 10 months old :-) You can read Yepa's and Yona's judgements from their own Show result-pages.


Then those news, that aren't so good... Nearly two weeks ago, we found some odd bump like callus in Hino's other rear paw and another front paw. Those bumps found between of his biggest paw cushion and toe cushions. First we thought, they were some result of snow, which stucked Hino's paws in winter and we decided to follow them a little. After one week we checked them again, and that one which was in Hino's rear paw, was almost tripled it's size in a week and in his front paw it was much smaller. That big one was also went broken and it looked like it has some inflammation in it also. So I called the vet and book time for Hino. Veterinary's opinion was, that they were some kind of wart growth and ordered antibiotics for a 15 day cure and also some antibiotic ointment to add directly to those bumps. When inflammation has gone, it might be that they need to surgigally removed and we get those sent to pathologist to examine.

What is most interesting part of those bumps, they come so soon, grow so soon and also vanish so soon. It was last Monday, when I booked the time and then Hino had one big bump in one rear paw and one little one in another front paw. Veterinary's time was in Thursday and then that big one was the same, another rear paw had then new bump and that front paw, where it was earlier was clean, but another paw had one little bump. Hino hasn't been limping at all. Those bumps weren't there when we had race season, because we checked his paws thoroughly every week by then. Hopefully we'll get those off and we'd find out, what those bumps are after all!

Spring is coming fast, all the roads are melted and we have trained Yepa and Yona with our kick-bike. Hino of course are in break until his feet are ok. I've added couple photos of Yepa and Yona from Show to their own albums and also couple new photos of Yona, playing in our yard with Jere and Tony. Below couple photos of Hino's paw.



Some news after 2 weeks... On the other week we drove with mals, our video camera was attached to our sled. Some day I'll update new video piece to our site. Another day Pekka drove about 6 km with Yepa, Hino and Yona. I took couple photos of them in the middle of trail and also it's end. Last 300 meters Yona was in single lead, just for try-out. More photos of team in Hobbies-gallery, in Vetotouhuja-section.

At last Sunday we were at Korpilahti Group Show with girls. Yona's first official show, in junior class. Show place was quite unpleasant, it was muddy, ring was really small and because it was horse stable, there was also some "treats" to dogs - horse's poo... Yona got nice judgement and her result was Junior Class VG (Very Good) and she was placed 2. in that class. Yepa was attending to Working Class, she got Excellent and was also 2. in class. Yepa also got very nice judgement, you'll find those both in both girl's own Show-resultpages.

It was nice weather in last Saturday, and we took some new photos of Yepa and Yona. Yona is 9,5 months and Yepa is two weeks away from 3 years. More photos in girls own galleries..

Sledding time is almost over in our part of Finland, but training continues as long as temperature makes it possible. Some shows more coming too...

At the end, some math about this winter season regarding results: Yepa achieved in this season 1 x REK2, 2 x REK3 ja 1 x KVK1-result and of course that Alma's Winter Meeting's weight pulling competition win. Hino got first REK-result, 1 x REK3. Also quest stars got results: Minto 1 x REK2, 2 x REK3, Ira 1 x REK3 and 1 x KVK1-result. Nukka got also 1 x REK2 and 2 x REK3-results. We are very pleased with all mals. All other except Yepa were participating in their first winter season and Yepa also was first time in weight pulling. Thanks once again Virpi and Mika and Mika and Sirkka for all your efforts, lending your dogs to us and all other things! You did the basic work with your mals, we only offered them chance to participate to tests and races.

16.3.2009 - part 2

Happy Birthday to our "little-boy" Hino!!! Hino filled up 2 years today and is now big boy... ;-) Happy birthday also for Hino's siblings all over the Finland: Kiibu, Raid, Jyry, Pinga, Remu and Karak!

Yona "filled" 9 months today and is now officially Junior.


Well, our winter race season is now over. Training continues as long as weather allows it, but no more tests or competitions in this winter

Last Thursday we changed dogs with Virpi and Mika; Pontus and Veera went to their home and we took Ira and Minto with us. We were meant to go to northern Finland at weekend, first to Utajärvi and Weight Pulling Test and Sunday to Kiiminki to Aarnivalakiat-race..

At Friday we drove to Utajärvi and we were there approximately 11PM there. We fed dogs and put our heads towards pillows. Marja-Liisa's parents picked Jere and Tony up with them in Saturday morning and we started to get ready for a official Weight Pulling Test. There was 13 malamutes entering in that test, couple first timers furthermore as Ira. Yepa and Ira started with starting weight and it went really well, even though I haven't got practiced with Ira at all and with Yepa very limited time with command from behind. Next Yepa was about to pull 5 x own weight, which is demand to pass the official test. 160 kg was easy to Yepa and after that was Ira's turn to pull official result, 5 x own weight and it was 190 kg. It was also easy to Ira and so they got official titles, KVK1 after their names; Yepa is now Neatut Ongomiark KVK1 and Ira is Salomaan Miss Daniela KVK1. We decided before the test, that after official result they both will pull one more time, that they surely will have good experience of their test. Both took 265 kg with ease and then Ira's and Yepa's work was over. Yepa's final result was 8,28 x own weight and Ira's 7,07 x own weight. I'm sure, they would have been able to pull much more in that day, but they also have many years ahead to do that. In test there came also official Finnish Championship-result in Weight Pulling Test; our friend's female, Laikku pulled 723 kg, which was 21,91 times her own weight!! Congratulations!.

Pekka and his lended team                          Mika and team

At Saturday evening we went to visit Pekka's sister and we spend next night visiting Marja-Liisa's sister. Sunday morning was all about race, Aarnivalakiat and official Competition Test there. We got phone call early in the morning, one of our friends got sick during the night and his team would need a musher. Pekka promised to drive his team, Nicki and Kiibu. Our other friend, Mika Hamari took Pekka's team, Minto and Nukka, our Yepa was running in Anne Korhonen's team with Hino's brother Jyry and I took Hino and Ira in my team. Weather was +2 degrees, wet and trail was soft and also sinking and that caused Hino and Nicki problems because of their size. Pekka drove to place 9/10 and team got official result REK3. Mika and his team Nukka and Minto were placed in 6/10 and they also got REK3-result from Test. It would have need to be only 0,24% faster time and they would have got REK2-result. Yepa and Jyry got placement 8/10 with Anne and also REK3-result. Ira and Hino were slower with me, our placement was 10/10 and we didn't pass the test. Congratulations for all, who got REK-results, thanks for Mika, Mika and Virpi for lending dogs, for Anne for giving Yepa new experience of new team mate and musher and also thanks for Suvi and Sari for accomodations!

Anne and team                         Marja-Liisa, Ira & Hino

Thanks for photos to Hangenhelmen Kennel!


Yippee and jihaaa!! Alma's Winter Meeting is behind and as usual, it was really fun to meet everybody and have fun with mals. This time we drove there in the middle of the night, so we are there in time at Friday morning. Fortunately we left home little bit earlier than we planned, because we had to take 1 hour nap in car before we could continue driving.

We got there right in time, got our accomodation and started to unpack car. We had all malamutes and also Pontus and Veera with us. My job was to prepare Starting list for a first race and in the mean time Pekka got himself and Yepa and Hino ready for a 2-day race. Boys started to play and spend time with their pals, as usual. 2-day's race lenght was 25,2 km and Friday's time was 2:30:41. Pekka and Jokke had second game in Friday, Pekka was only 18 seconds behind of Jokke's team. Yepa and Hino were happy after the race and worked well in trail.

Pekka and mals coming to finish in Friday

After races me and Anne took 3 km sledding excursion, me with Yona and Talut and Anne with Pati and Tumppu. Yona and Talut worked really nice, especially as they are still under 9 months. They were leading half lenght of our trip and it was nice to see, that they went also there well, they didn't even look behind. Of course there was some kid's stuff time to time, but still they are so young. At Friday evening we went to sauna and roasted some sausages at the camp fire. In midnight we were so tired, that we had to go to bed. We didn't need to lure the sleep and morning came really fast...

At Saturday was second start for 2-day race and Pekka left there with mals. It was sunny when teams came to finish and also birds were singing - beautiful day! Pekka's time was 2:29:32. Next was 2-dog team's race and there started 10 teams. After that was dog skiing- classes, longer and shorter one. Pekka took our Yona with him to shorter "baby-class". Their time was 0:10:31 in 2,5 km and placement was 7/11. It was quite well, as you know Yona's accident and 4 week's rest of moving.

Pekka and Yona getting to finish

Saturday continued with trophy ceremonies and Annual Meeting. I was chosen to continue my job as a chairman of Test- and Race committee - thanks for your trust! Jere and Tony got some prizes of Kid's competition. Rest of the evening went with all friends, talking, having fun and so on.

Sunday was The Weight Pulling Competition. Yepa was participating there with me first time. First she pulled starting weight, 75 kg easily and also second weight, 150 kg. After that we tried 200 kilos and it was easy also. 300 kilos was little bit harder to Yepa, and I thought that next one would be her last. But Yepa obviously got more confidence and pulled 350 kg much easily and also 400 kilos after that. Next was 450 kilos and first sled moved just a little bit and Yepa was looking like she won't try it anymore. But then she decided that she will try, sled moved and I couraged Yepa to pull it all the way. I was so happy she did it! It was clear after that, that Yepa won all other females, because her result was 13,64 x own weight and it was highest multiplier. But competition still went on...

Yepa and 450 kilos.

After that we tried 500 kilos. Yepa got that on the move, but trail was sinking and when Yepa pulled, her front feet made a hole in surface. Yepa pulled again and sled went right to that hole and after that it was impossible to pull it off. So, her result was 13,64 x own weight and 450 kilos. Really great result. After that was only one male left in competition and he pulled 500 kilos. That wasn't enough, because Nicki's weight was bigger and he tried to pull 600 kilos. Half way to finish, sled went to some hole in surface as Yepa's turn and Nicki didn't got that 600 kilos. So our Yepa won the whole Weight Pulling Competition! So great girl, with lot of endurance, and will to work! After the competition it was once again time to pack our belongings and head our way to home.

Thanks for everybody for a great weekend! Congratulations for all winners and especially for Jokke for Weight Pulling competition photos! We'll take this again in next year! I'll add new photos to Gallery some time in this week. I have also updated Yepa's, Yona's and Hino's result-pages.


Well, it's about time - new looks in our website...! Old ones were over 1 year old and I wanted something new. If you'll see something weird or find something, that won't work, please inform me... Page structure is changed also a bit, new page, Quest Stars can be found in Dogs-page, all mals have their own results in their own pages and so on...

Last weekend we spent totally free of races. We went to sledding trip with whole family; me and Tony went with sled, pulled by Hino and Yepa, Jere wanted to ski and Pekka took Yona with him to ski-joring. Travelling was very smooth and Yona went really well with Pekka. In our way back home Yona was leading whole caravan and I really think she has potential to be a lead dog... :-) Last week Pekka had time to sled longer trips with mals, 18 and 20 km. Hino found old happy himself in those trips, because he didn't need to keep up with too much speed. Today Pekka drove 23 km and that went well also and both Yepa and Hino came home happy and tails wagging.

I have added new photos to many albums. So there is new photos in Yona's Puppy-album, both Yepa and Hino has new photos, also Malamutes together-album and Hobby Pic's Vetotouhuja-album has new photos.

In the end of this week will be Alma's annual Winter Meeting and we are going there!


Well, another race weekend behind, this time it was Äkryn Ähellys at Kangasniemi. There was 10 malamute teams participating among 18 husky teams and 7 Samoyed-teams. With us we took only Hino and Yona, because Yepa was visiting Mika and Sirkka since last Thursday. We planned, that Yepa runs with Nukka in Mika's team and Pekka takes our Hino and Mika's and Virpi's Ira and Minto to his team.

We were quite sure, that Yepa and Nukka are strong in race and the other team with Hino, Ira and Minto would have hopefully good experience, all other is only positive. Unfortunately Yepa didn't work with Mika very well, but their team still got Official Result REK3 from Competition Test. Pekka's team surprised us with banging start and all member of the team worked well whole course. So they also got Official Result REK3! We are so happy, because it's Hino's first and it was also first official result for Ira too!

Pekka and team coming to finish - all mals have fun as you can see in their face....

Yona is finally allowed to move as usual! Her movement's length is slightly shorter in that side where spatter was, but I'm sure that it will correct it very soon by letting her run freely in snow. We took new photos of Yona and Hino yesterday, you'll find those in their own galleries. Other last week's happenings was judge training, where I took Yepa and Hino for an example. In that same trip I left Yepa to Mika and Sirkka for a training with Nukka. Hino was so lonely after that, and of course it was hard also to us. Yepa has always been with us, excluding 3 day's care during our Estonia trip, when she was 5 months.

Nukka and Yepa coming to finish, musher Mika

Thanks for Kaakonkulma-team for lending dogs, sleds, mushers and so on - let's continue practicing! Congratulations for Ira, Minto and Nukka for a REK3-result and all the other malamute teams at Äkryn Ähellys! Photos from the race in our Gallery.


Once again one activity weekend behind. At Friday we headed to Rautavaara and SOC-race. We had also Minto with our own mals, Pontus and Veera left home and boys also to their friends. Last week we tested team of three with Yepa, Hino and Minto and because it worked well, we decided to participate with them to SOC-race.

Pekka had awful flue last week and was almost half-dead when we left to SOC. At Saturday start was nine o'clock and all three started really eagelry. Hino's bootied were laughed, they were neon yellow and that's why they were so funny. Yepa got also booties this time and at first she didn't mind those at all. Minto had booties in his rear legs, because his cushions were little bit dry. Trail was partly really soft and this was too much for Hino. All other dogs worked 9 km, but I bet Hino worked twice that much because of soft trail and his bigger size. This affected to our teams speed much. Yepa had noticed her booties in the middle of the race and she couldn't continue before Pekka took her booties off. Pekka's team was 7 minutes behind next malamute team after Saturday.

Frosty mals coming to finish - notice Hino's neon booties and how tired Pekka is

Hino's rear muscles were tight after the race and we decided not to harness him anymore for Sunday. Yepa and Minto took really great start and also whole 9 km went six minutes faster than Saturday. That unfortunately didn't improve their placement, which was malamutes last. Pekka was totally mixed up and freezing when they came to finish and he headed straight to inside and to drink hot juice. I did take care of Yepa and Minto. They were happy and recovered really fast of their sprint.

Yepa and Minto at the Sunday's start - Power!

Yepa and Minto coming to finish.

Minto is really great malamute! Easy to handle and great worker. Thousand thanks for Virpi and Mika for lending Minto to us! You have really great mal! At the weekend we lodged at Mari's home, thanks for your hospitality! We also met Yona's brother, Talut at Rautavaara. He was so similar like Yona. Anne has a really lovely boy growing there!

Yesterday Yona and I went to see vet and her stitches and spatter was removed. Cut is healed very well, but this time bandages were made some damages there. We have to clean it twice a day and also continue antibiotics for another 10 days cure. Yona's toe looks like that it's as all the other ones, so vet's opinion was, that it will be as good as it was before. That would be really good!

I have added new photos to Hobbies-gallery and also new album of SOC-race to our Gallery-page. Yona's Puppy Diary is also updated. Congratulations for Tero Nikmo for winning malamutes at SOC-sprint, for Ninni and her team for a second place and for Jokke of his teams third place!    


Well, it's new week again... On last Friday evening, we made preparations for early morning start to Kruunupyy and RuuhiRod Sled Dog race. We were meant to be drive there team of three, Yepa, Hino and Nukka, but Nukka got eye infection and antibiotics, so we had to leave her out of team. Pekka decided still participate with our mals for a 1 x 20 km race, just to get experience for himself and to dogs. Early in Saturday morning we started to drive ahead Seljes and we were there just in time for Driver's Meeting. Our team's starting time was in afternoon and we had plenty of time to get everything ready. In race we were going to test new booties for Hino and Yepa also.

At the start, we put booties to Hino, but not to Yepa. Trail was partly very soft and partly hard road and Yepa needed also booties in the middle of the race. Pekka had to correct booties and take away snow from both of mal's paws many times on the trail and it took quite much time of course. Finish was great, both mals were wagging their tails and took galloping spurt to finish line. We are very pleased for their performance - both worked whole time and first time this long race went well. Time wasn't so good, 2:17:19, but with only two dogs, it needs also quite much work from musher also.

After the race we headed to Keuruu, there was Group Show next day. Yona couldn't participate to that Show, Yepa was there as only one of our dogs. Yepa got Very Good from Working Class and won her class. She also got quite good judgment, you'll find it from Show Results-page.

Yesterday Yona went to see veterinary and her bandage and spatter was changed. Wound is healing very well and there was only little bit skin irritated because of lack of air in that bandage, but nothing big. Next Monday we'll get stitches off. Yona is still on antibiotics and still we need to keep her still. That is quite hard, she is like a cat in the hot roof, always we have to prevent her playing and running...

At last I also got time to create new album, Ylämaa's Weight Pulling Test and Kasari Sled Dog Race photos. You'll find it from our Gallery!


Between Sunday-Monday night we had an accident at home. We were taking Yepa and Yona to inside the house, they ran free in our yard. Girls went in already and then I noticed blood marks in the snow. I asked Pekka to go and look which one of girls was hurt herself and I went to get Hino inside also. Pekka was holding Yona in his lap and it was blood everywhere. We took Yona to our bathroom and rinsed all blood away with shower, so we could see what has happened. Yona's right rear leg had nasty looking cut, we could see her tendons of it. After that we called to veterinary on-duty and I took Yona to clinic in the middle of the night. There Yona was put to sleep for examination.

Cut was quite deep, not very long and probably it was caused by some sharp branch or something like that. Outer tendon which moves Yona's inner-most toe was broken, luckily the other one (inner) was unbroken. Veterinary needed to open up the wound a little bit more, so she could sew the tendon back together. After that she put some stitches and closed the wound. Yona got bandage to her leg and also plastic spatter, so she couldn't put weight to her rear leg. In veterinary's opinion, this probably wouldn't affect to her movement in the future. Yona needs to keep that spatter for a three weeks and that is little bit frustrating, because it can affect to Yona's joints a little. Yona got also antibiotics, pain medicine and total exercise forbid for all those three weeks. That will be the hardest thing with Yona, she is so lively and energetic...

So, this time more bad news. Keuruu Show must be forgotten with Yona, but most important is that we'll get our Yona back to as she was before this accident.


Well, time flies and it's already February! Let's start news from last weeks Monday. I took Yepa and Yona to sled trip, lenght of 3 km. Girls did good job, Yepa worked like a dream with direction orders and Yona worked well too. One time Yona pulled herself and Yepa to the side of the trail and I thought she had to do her things. Yona only wanted to sit there and I said to Yepa, that bring Yona back to trail and we headed ahead again.

In Wednesday Pekka took all three mals and went to sledding with them to unopened trail. I helped Pekka in start, Yona and Yepa in lead and Hino in wheel position. I drove our car to wait in "finish line" and when Pekka and mals came, there was Hino in lead and girls in wheel! Pekka told, that first Yona only wanted to play, so he took her to wheel with Hino. After that Yepa in single lead got "pee in her head" and used her power to just do whatever she wanted. After that Pekka changed positions once again and put Hino in single lead and girls to wheel. This combination worked that time best and they got to the end of trail. Here is one example of malamute - sometimes it just don't work...

Last Saturday there was Weight Pulling Test at Ylämaa. It was minus 20 degrees in the morning and during the day it came down a bit, but still it was quite cold. There was 12 malamutes entering the test, one of them didn't come because her heat. It is really nice to have more malamutes entering Weight Pulling Tests. Yepa participated first time to test and results were nothing; She didn't want to pull even the starting weight. She pulled just so little that sled moved and after that she got 3 minutes time to pose and stand in front of audience. Just like she never hadn't heard about pulling... ;-) 8 malamutes of 11 got Official KVK1-result (5 x own weight) and three of them were first timers. After the official test we tried Yepa's pulling again and now she easily pulled 5 x her own weight, 160 kg. It isn't depend of that Yepa don't have strength to pull, but how is her day - does she want to pull. Well, next Test is at the Utajärvi in March, so maybe Yepa has better day then...

Sunday was Sled Dog Race also here in Ylämaa. We were going to try triple team, Yepa, Nukka and Minto. There was 9 malamute teams entering and it was also Competition Test. Triple team worked well together for the first time, despite of the fact that they all were from different owners and they got Official result REK2 and placed 5. of 9 malamute teams! Thanks for Mika and Virpi for lending Minto and Mika and Sirkka for lending Nukka!

Next weekend we'll be on the road again - Saturday there is Ruuhikierros-race, 1x20 km and at Sunday it is Show time.


Updates are little bit left behind, but now many news at once...

On the other weekend we headed to Kouvola to train malamutes. This time we were going to test to drive with 4 dogs, Yepa, Hino and our friend's Nukka and Minto. ATW and training place was arranged by Mika and Virpi, Mika and Sirkka brought their malamutes there too. Yepa and Yona had their heat going on and we were little bit worried, how two males would react to each other in same team. Hino thought, that Yepa was his and started to be a little bit angry towards Minto, but Minto didn't answer to that and so Hino relaxed also. First we tried to drive with Yepa, Nukka and Minto. That went really well and after that we drove with Hino, Yepa and Nukka. After that we added also Minto to team and everything went better than well. We tested U-turns, stops and dogs in different positions and all was fine. Totally good training session. At Virpi's and Mika's home we planned upcoming races and suitable combinations of these four dogs for every race.


Next day brought something not so funny. In the morning I took Veera outside and in our hall she threw up three times. After that she went to drink and after water bowl was empty, she just wanted more. She peed and drank and threw up some more. I woke up Pekka, because I had to make Tony's birthday cake ready and head to work. When Pekka came downstairs, Veera's balance started to fail. She went down, her legs were scrambling and after her eyes started to make movement side to side, we called to veterinary. I took Veera there and she made neurological examination to Veera. That told nothing alarming and vet took also blood examples of Veera. Vet thought that Veera has vestibular syndrome, which is quite usual with older dogs. After we got results of Veera's blood and pee tests, her Natrium level was really high. After that it was obvious, that she have had salt poisoning. It revealed, that Veera had eaten our boys "magic dough" creatures, which are made of salt and water. It was lucky, that she drank, threw up and peed so much, that she didn't got any severe damages, example down to coma. But you never know, what dog can explore.

Last weekend we were at Jongunverran Ajot -race in Lieksa. There was sled dog race, two days. First day was ok with Hino and Yepa, but speed wasn't that good as it could has been. Hino hasn't eaten normally with last three weeks, because of Yepa's and Yona's heat and that effected his performance of course. Also Yepa was feeling little bit down, as she is always after her heat for a some time.

Sunday went little bit worse, Hino did get snow stuck in his paws and them had to be taken off couple times in trails. Total time was couple minutes worse than Saturday's and placement was malamutes 8/9. Average speed was still 11,97, so it wasn't that bad. It was Hino's first sled dog race and Pekka's and Yepa's first two days race.

At home we checked Hino's paws and he had some damage in his front paws. Nothing big, but now he gets to rest for a week or so because of that. Obviously we need to get some boots to Hino, so snow wouldn't stuck his feet. In Sunday there was also some snow in Yepa's paws also, so it wasn't just Hino's problem.

I took many photos of Jongunverran Ajot and I'll try to add them some day. Next Saturday we have Weight Pulling Test here at Ylämaa and at Sunday Sleddog race also.


Yesterday was our turn to visit Mika and Sirkka after Jere's futsal-tournament, because it was nearby. In the morning we were meant to be take only Yepa with us, but little girl Yona jumped in our car's trunk right away, when we opened it. So we decided to take her also with us, so she wouldn't need to spend whole day by herself.

At the tournament place we took dogs out to walk a little and we noticed, that Yona's right eye was reddish and there was also secretion in it. We thought it was eye disinfection, and it is very contagious to other, so we started to find veterinary who would be in call. We were hoping that we get her medicine started instantly so it won't have time to catch Yepa or Hino because of doping regulations. We have our race season starting and if they'll get infection and medicine, it would have been make us cancel their participation because of qualifying period. At the veterinary's office we found out, that it wasn't eye infection, but it was an accidental little bruise or scratch in Yona's eye's inner corner. Maybe caused by Yepa's claw or something when they have been playing. So, eye was not infected and there was no scratches in her cornea, what a relieve! She still got eye drops, so it would help it getting better faster.

In the morning we packed Yepa's and Yona's harnesses with us and took also Yepa's weight pulling harness with us, so Nukka could train some weight pulling. They went well and Nukka pulled nice weight by thinking about weight pulling tests. After that we took Yepa and Nukka in front of sled again and it went well as before.  Because we took also Yona's harnesses with us, we thought to take little training with her and Atchuu also. They pulled 700 meters together and they both worked whole time and with speed. Too bad we didn't have our camera with us, but in the dark it would have been difficult to take any photos. Yona and Atchuu are so same looking in dark, so Pekka took Yona's harness off and noticed only then, that it was Atchuu and not Yona... ;-)   Rest of the visit went by talking and having fun with Mika and Sirkka. Thanks for all your hospitality!

When we got back home, Hino was so poor, after spending whole day by himself. He howled after Yepa and Yona with so much desire in his voice... He don't agree to eat when you give him food and now he gets his food to fence to whole day. Luckily he eats it up in some time, because Hino is still slim boy and we don't want him to lose any weight.

Once again, here was the news. For a next time...


Well, Yona has started her first heat, couple days after Yepa's own heat. It would be nice, if rhythm would stay like that also in the future, so Hino wouldn't need to stress out many months a year. Hino does eat little bit worse when Yepa has had her heat, but if we get him started, then he'll eat all up. Yona and Yepa are in same yard fence together and Hino is in another one alone. Yepa don't mind Yona's heat at all, at least for now...

Mika and Sirkka visited us in last weekend with Nukka and Atchuu malamutes. Atchuu had just found his "inner man" and wanted to play with Yona "like that"... Yona had not show any blood then, so they got to play, under our surveillance of course. Atchuu and Yona were really same looking and size, Atchuu had more heavier paws than Yona, but he's male and 1 month older than Yona. "Black widows", Yepa and Nukka got to train sledding together again. 5,8 kilometers went really well and speed was quite fast, 20,47 km/h!!. Girls didn't have any difficulties to work together this time either, vice verse - they worked together very well.

Last Sunday we were at Match Show with Hino and Yona. Yona got red ribbon and in "Group-ring" she was with 10 best puppies, but nothing more this time. In Match Show, there was almost 60 puppies. Hino went to "Big Adults-ring", got blue ribbon, but nothing more in "Group-ring". Judge liked Hino a lot, and named him "Teddy-bear"... Hino and Yona both behaved really well in the ring and that was our main goal - to train some Show behavior - especially with Yona.

When I updated Photo albums, I found many Nature photos, which I haven't remembered to update. So, new photos in Nature-album, Hino's albumi, Yona's album, Hobbies-album and Malamutes together-album, as I promised earlier.


One year full of happenings is back and new is starting! Last year's news are now in News Archive, as you can see from up and this year starts from "empty table". We also noticed, that our site with this layout is one year old. Pekka said, that it must be oldest ever... ;-) I have had some thought about renewing site again, but still haven't concentrated to that yet. But now other news, Season holidays brought many happenings to our family.

In Christmas Eve's eve Hino decided to test freedom once again and run away from our yard. Yona went after him too, but fortunately she came back after some calling. It was obvious, that Hino isn't coming back by himself and me and Pekka took our headlights and went to search him. It was snowed quite wet snow that day, and we could follow his paw prints. After marking some of our nearest neightbour's trees Hino had took off to school's training field and after that to school yard. Few extra rounds we track his prints again and started to follow them and calling Hino's name. Shortly he came to us, from totally different direction, where we were going. Hino was so pleased to himself and his own excursion to walk himself. We were not so happy about that, but we were still happy to found him so soon. After that we started to train Hino again about staying in own yard by not letting him run free until he remember that...

Dogs has been nice last year and in Christmas Eve had Santa left also own gifts to them also. All of them knew instantly how to open those and what to do about it. Pontus and Veera got their own gifts earlier and malamutes later, when they came in. All three mals ate their own bones together in our living room, only one meter away from each others. Below is photo of everyone else but Yona, she was too fast to camera this time...


In Christmas holidays theme was training some sledding and this time we got some photos of it, because of day light. Yona went also her longest excursion, 1,4 kilometers. Big mals trained in dark again, so all photos are from team of three. Below few of them:

In New Year's Eve Pontus was really nervous again and spend it with Veera in one room. Curtains were closed and music was playing that he couldn't hear all firework's banging outside. Malamutes were in their outside fence and didn't mind those fireworks at all, but later in the evening Yepa started to seem little bit nervous and we decided to take them inside also. Yona and Hino didn't mind those at all. New Year changed with three malamutes playing inside...

New Year's Day was sunny and we headed to "rock-mountain" to let malamutes run free and also to take some photos of them. They all just loved it: running freely in -10 degrees with sun and powder snow, as you can see from photos...

Yepa has started to grow her coat again and also her heat started. With extra luck, her best days are over just before first sled race in this year. Pekka has registered himself to Jongunverran Ajot - race with Yepa and Hino. After that is Ylämaa's "Super weekend" - sled race and Weight Pulling Test. Yepa is going to participate to weight pulling tests this year and we have already trained her a little. In last training session she pulled in her two last pulls 6,5 times her own weight, so it is looking good. It is not about that is she able to pull, but does she want to pull that day... ;-)  I think that we need mostly to practice how to wait until "Pull"-command comes.

So, here are the news from this year's first update. I have also updated Yona's Puppy Diary. I will add new photos to albums in few days. Below are few examples how Hino is enjoying himself at the frosty outside fence. Photos are taken from our kitchen window, so quality isn't so good.