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Our family's life is full of doggy happenings and other stuff. We want to write them down to all of you to read and maybe for some reminder to us too. Sometimes there will be few lines of something else than dogs.

Older news will be moving to News Archive in the future and those can be found links on right side.


HOT, hot, hot... Summer is really here and temperatures has been couple weeks over +30 degrees, also in nights they have been over +20 degrees, so malamutes are actually doing nothing. Yona already had her heat, Yepa still having hers. But we have been in couple Shows lately with Yona, Yaykaas and Yepa.

11.7.2010 was Karjaa National Show. We took Yona and Yaykaas there. Yaykaas's first Junior Class didn't went so well. Judge was Seamus Oates from Ireland and he didn't found many good things of Yaykaas... Well, actually Yaykaas didn't performed his best at the ring, he only wanted to go back to Yona and shadow... :) Result was Junior Class Good. Judge did like Yona better and she got EXC from Working Class, won that class and was placed Best Female 3 with RES-CAC. Judgements are in Yona's and Yaykaas's own Show-pages.

Yesterday were "lack'n whites" at Mäntsälä Show. Judge was Saija Juutilainen from Finland. She liked Yaykaas quite much and he got EXC/1 from Junior Class. In Best Male-competition Yaykaas lost for Champion-male and was Best Male 2 with CAC! It was Yaykaas's first one, only age 9 months... Yaykaas was also BOB-junior in Royal Canin BIS-junior comptetition.

Yaykaas 17.7.2010

Yepa was attended to Open Class and she did very well! Yepa got Open Class EXC/1, was Best Female 1, BOS and got her last CAC. Yepa is now FI CH!!! We are so happy for this girl!! Thank you Anne and Jokke once again for this LOVELY girl!! Yepa has proven to be a true malamute: Beautiful, total working mal and great temperament. That's why it is really shame, that she has that HC in her eyes. But there's nothing you can do about it...

Yepa 17.7.2010 - uusi FI MVA!

Updated Yepa's, Yona's and Yaykaas's Show result-pages. Here were the news today - waiting for autumn and much colder temperatures!


Good news coming from last couple weeks...

Yona's health statements came from Finnish Kennel Club and she is now officially best "A-group": Hips were A/A (excellent) and elbows 0/0 (normal). That is great news for us!!

Yaykaas was in his first and also last all breed puppy show at Vantaa 13.6.2010 before he will enter junior classes... Judge was Juha Kares from Finland and Yaykaas got awesome judgement from him, got Prize of Honour and Yaykaas was also BOB-puppy. Group was judged by Harto Stockmari and he placed Yaykaas to BOG-3 placement!! What a great result for Yaykaas!! His judgement can be found in his own Show page.


Well, I think summer is coming, because our updates are much more rare than in winter... :)

We have been in couple Dog Shows lately... Yona and Yepa both had already started to drop their coats off, when we went to Lahti International Show. Yona got Good from Gerard Jipping (NL) in Intermediate Class. Yepa was entered to Open Class. She got EXC and was 1. in class. In Best Female- competition class, Yepa was placed 3. and she got that legendary RES-CAC, already her 8th one... At Kangasniemi National show 13.5.2010, we left Yepa home, and should have leave Yona too. Without proper coat she got Good from Jelena Kruus from Estonia. Yaykaas was entered to 7-9 months Puppy Class. He is still in full coat and jugde liked him very much. Yaykaas got great judgement, got Prize Of Honour and was BOB-puppy at Kangasniemi!!

Our newest accomplishment in working was made 22.5.2010, when we entered Yepa to Weight Pulling competition, arranged by FWPA (Finnish Weight Pull Association) We have always thought, that it would be nice to try weight pulling with cart, how malamute would manage of that. Here in Finland, malamutes are pulling weights only in winter, on snow, with sled. Usually in FWPA's competition are participating American bulldogs, American Pit Pulls, American Staffordshire Terriers and so on, but also other races, also mixed breeds are approved. It was really nice people there, they gave us hints and tips, we even got harness to loan, because our own weight pull-harnesses weren't suitable. During the day weather was changing from sunny and warm to heck of a thunder and heavy rain. Yepa don't like water at all and it was quite challenging to get her to pull in huge water pond. She took starting weight 144 kg with ease and second try was 384 kg (11,53 x own weight). That went also well, but last try (624 kg), was only a try - Yepa had had enough paddling in the water puddle. We are still thinking, that it was really nice experience and will participate some day again, for sure. Yepa was placed 3. in her weight class (80lbs). We are still happy, that Yepa still did ok job, even though our malamutes have already been in summer vacation...

Yona has been x-rayed and we are waiting official results from Finnish Kennel Club, FKC. Finally I had time to add also new photos: To Hobbies-album's Vetotouhuja, to Yaykaas's and Yona's albums and also to Malamutes together-album. Finally, two new albums added to Gallery: Ruunaa Race 2010 and Specialty Show 2010.


Yepa 4 years today!! How fast time is flying... We have learnt many new things with Yepa, hopefully there is lots of new things also ahead!


Long time, no see... or how it went...

27.3.2010 was held Finnish Alaskan malamute Club's Annual meeting. Pekka was elected to Club's board of an association and I had a chance to continue with Test- and Race committee. Thank you all for your trust, from both of us!! At annual meeting was also revealed Club's "Best Of 2009"-competition's results. Our mals were participating to Best Activity Malamute- and Best Sled Dog-categories. Yepa's placements were 3/26 and 4/26. Yona was placed 21/26 and 26/26, mostly because she was too young for races last year. Hino's placement were 23/26 and 20/26.

Yesterday were Finnish Alaskan malamute Specialty Show at Tampere. We had Yaykaas, Yepa and Yona attending. Yaykaas started the whole show by number 1. He got awesome nice judgement and won his class (Baby 5-7 months). In Best Malepuppy-class he was second. Not a bad start at all for Yaykaas!! Yona was in Intermediate class, got VG and won her class. Yepa was in Working class, where was 10 females. Yepa got VG and was left just out of best 4. Judge was very strict and especially females got really few EXC and quite many Goods. All judgements are found in Yepa's, Yona's and Yaykaas's own Show-result pages. Congratulations for Specialty winners and all who were happy of their dog's result!

Couple trains has been done with mals after Ruunaa race, mostly short ones, so we have had an opportunity to take Yaykaas with rest of the team. We are really pleased his attitude towards working - such a focus and will to pull. Hopefully his eagerness continues!

I have been updating text and photos from here and there... New things at least all mal's own pages and Hobbies-page. I promise, that some day soon I will update galleries also!


Our bear, gentle giant Hino is 3 years today. Hino has been really lovely whole his life, heart full of gold under his big appearance! Congratulations for Hino and all his siblings! Below is photo of Hino at Utajärvi Weight Pulling Test in March.

Last weekend we were at Ruunaa at Lieksa. There was our last competition this winter season, same time it was last cup-round for Iron Finn Cup in 4MD-class. Course was the longest one this season, 2 x 42 km. We were quite exited about it, how our team would manage that long race... At Saturday Pekka started with Yepa and Yona in lead and after a week's break of sledding was done good to our team. After Jokke reached Pekka's team, they drove rest of the first day's course behind each other. Yepa, Yona and Talut were happy and with good strenght after they came to finish and we were really happy about it. If results would have been counted after first day's course, team would have achieved even REK2-result!

Coming to finish day 1 and just after 42 km. Not exhausted at all!

At Sunday second day's start was earlier in the morning and Pekka drove almost whole course all by himself. Some changes were done during the course; girls were in lead at the start, somewhere Pekka changed Talut in lead with Yepa and to finish line they came Yona and Talut in lead. In finish they all were still happy and feeling well. So they did great job whole 84 km. Sunday's time was little bit slower than Saturday's and because Mikko and Mika in lead done better times than Saturday, our team missed RE3-result just by 25 seconds!! Overall the whole race came along really well, team was working whole 84 km and youngsters Yona and Talut did show up at the latest their potential to be excellent sled dogs. Landscape and trails were so awesome at Ruunaa, that we will definitely go back there next season, if there is suitable race for us!

Second day's start. Still happy and eager to go after Saturday's 42 km!

At Sunday after giving prizes, it was time to say goodbye to Talut, who headed to back home. It was really great to have Talut in our team whole winter and I bet he has now many new experiences!! We really want to thank Anne for her trust for our work and lended Talut for us! Hopefully these experiences will carry many good things to Talut's future!! It felt quite bittersweet to come back home without him, but we surely will meet Talut many times in the future. Thanks for Anne and Kirsimarja once again!! Thanks also all our friends in this season's races - it was really fun to spend time with you all!! Overall our dogs got result this season: Yepa got 2 x KVK1-result of weight pulling, was best female and total second in Alma's Winter Meeting weight pull competition and got REK3-result of races. Yona and Talut both got best possible result of competition tests, REK1. Pekka's team placement in 200 km Iron Finn Cup was 5., with total 12 points.

Photos will be updated some day. Now it is time to enjoy spring and do some peacefull sleddind journeys in sunny spring trails!


On the other weekend was Alma's annual Winter Meeting at Rautavaara. We drove there already in Thursday, because Pekka was going to participate in Alman Talviajot-race, which was starting at Friday. Pekka started with 4-team, Yepa, Yona, Talut and Hino. Course was 28,8 km, which was drive in two 14,4 km rounds. Pekka did left Hino to check-point after first round and drove last one with three team. First day's time was 3:24:15 and mals were feeling well after they finished.

At Saturday was second start, same distance (28,8 km), Pekka's time was 3:35:11 and total time in two day's race 6:59:26. Yona was also participating in Kid's competition with Jere and Tony at Saturday. Yaykaas got chance to play with Karo (UtaMuutin Kaertok) and his own sister Atuk, and it was fun! Yaykaas also did well in stake-out chains, even he is still so young.

Traditional Weight Pull competition was at Sunday. There was 26 mals participating, which is all time record! Hino did not pull even starting weight, he just wagged his tail and stood still whole minute... :) It was Hino's first time ever, and I think he just was so overwhelmed with the situation, that he could not move.. Yepa did pull really well, she already has almost 60 km race behind and still she did her own record, 611 kg and multiplier 18,8 x own weight. Yepa won all other females and was total competition's second!! Way to go Yepa!! We are so happy about our girls ability to pull heavy weights! Pekka and boys had a week off work and school and we continued our trip to Oulu. We spent our time mostly staying with my parents and visiting many of our friends, who live in Oulu or near by. We also went to see Anne and Marko in Kempele and drove sled with them. I myself sat in Marko's 6-team sled, and Pekka and Anne drove with 3-teams. It was fun!! Thanks Anne and Marko!

On Saturday was Official weight Pull Test at Utajärvi and we drove there with whole caravan. Yepa and Hino was entried there, Yona's age isn't enough yet (24 months). Hino did better than weekend before and did pull starting weight, 80 kg. Second pull was distracted by a playing puppy and Hino was more interested in that, than pulling. So, Hino didn't get approved official result from test. It was 1,65 times his own weight. Yepa did pull starting weight easily and also for approved result, 5 x own weight, 160 kg. After that we took couple more pulls with Yepa and final result was 360 kg, multiplier 11,25 x own weight. Yepa's placement was 3/15 in test and approved official result, KVK1. After the test was over, we also tried couple pulls with Yona. Second one was 70 kg and Yona did pull that easily. Hopefully we'll get official KVK1-result for Yona also in next winter, when she has enough age to participate.

Some photos coming later on...


Last Saturday we were spending Jere's soccer team's outdoor activity day at Myllymäki Ski Resort. We took all malamutes and sled with us and were giving boys sledding experience with our team. Some of the boys liked mals a lot and they sure did enjoy all the attention. We are quite pleased for 4-team's working as a "safari-dogs"; We drove approx. 200 meters distance back and forth many, many times. Only last 2 rounds we noticed, that dogs started to get bored, but still they did their job till the end. Pekka went down with sled one time and grab the sled and did drag behind the team couple meters, just holding on by one hand and on his stomach. Luckily mals did stop right away, when we told them, because it might have come much more serious injuries, if they wouldn't have stopped. Still we needed to take Pekka to emergency room, to be check out. Some brouses at his shoulder and back and pain killers for a treatment.

At Sunday we drove to Pihtipudas with Yepa. We had entried her to Official Weight Pulling Test. This time I had a chance to guide her and Yepa was also in the pulling mood. After starting weight (65 kg) we did add kilos straight to 5 x own weight, which is demand for a approved result. Yepa pull that 165 kg very easily and after that we added kilos to 220 kg. No problems with that either and then we put 310 kg to sled. It moved really easy, Yepa almost just walked ahead, but in the middle of pulling distance, she stopped. Then she got that "famous mood - don't amuse me anymore", put her ears on side and started to sniff the wind and admire the lake view. Nothing didn't help, so last pulled weight was that 220 kg and that was 6,67 x Yepa's own weight. We are still happy about that test, Yepa got her second approved official Weight Pull result, KVK1.

It has been snowing, snowing and snowing... Our yard is starting to be too little and mals are soon just walking out of their yard fences, if it will be snowing much anymore. But we don't complain, last 3 winters has been so bad, too little snow and now we have really wonderful amount it, almost 80 cm!! Next weekend we'll be at Finnish Alaskan Malamute Club's winter meeting at Rautavaara and after that we are going to continue to northern Finland, because our boys and Pekka has their winter vacation next week.

I have added lots of new photos: To Yaykaas's Puppy album, Yona's album, Hino's album and Malamutes together- album. Also added couple new albums, Eastpoint Open-race and Kasari-race. I have also written couple lines to Yaykaas's Puppy Diary.


Last weekend was "our home race", Kasari Race at Ylämaa (or nowadays Lappeenranta). Some of malamute people were racing at FIN CH-race at Rautavaara, some were in Sweden achieving results there, but there was still 7 malamute teams at Kasari. We did little counting and last weekend there was 17 malamute teams racing and we knew many mushers, who stayed at home... It is really great to see so many malamute people testing their mal's ability and speed in races.

Pekka made decision last week to take only Yona and Talut to Kasari Race, because Yepa was still feeling little bit down after her heat in January. Late of last week we talked with Virpi Salminen and she thought that she could take Yepa to her team with Minto and Ira. Yepa worked quite well in Thursday with Hino and in the race morning Yepa had nothing problems with Minto or Ira, even they haven't been running together for a long time. So Virpi took Yepa in to her team.

Yona and Talut made good work in heavy and very soft trail and they came uphill to finish line still galloping. Their time was enough to second best of malamute teams and in Official Sled Dog Race test they got best possible result, REK1 !! It was so great to have that result, especially after couple zero weekends and it was also so nice to see, how well they recovered after Eastpoint Open's 2 x 27,5 km weekend before last one. Yepa achieved malamutes 4/7 placement and Official result REK3 in Virpi's team. Thank you Anne so much, that you have given Talut for our team this winter and thank you Virpi of taking Yepa to your team!!

Next weekend's Ruuhirod-race was cancelled, so it will be "only" Weight Pulling Test for Yepa.

Congratulations for Mika Hamari for his team's FI-REK04-10-result at Rautavaara, for Anne and Marko of their results in Sweden (D-test and A-test) and also for Kasari's fastest malamute team, Jenni!


How about that - over month since last update...!! For sure we have had many things going on, here are the most important ones.

At January we visited Sled Samoyed's "Picnic sledding" and at Saturday Pekka drove 19,5 km with Yona, Yepa and Talut. At Sunday we thought, that we drive with two teams. I took Yepa and Hino and Pekka took Yona and Talut. Yepa did almost all work by herself first 5 km and because Hino didn't, we decided to change our combinations a little. Pekka changed 4-team tug line to his sled, and took also Yepa to his team. I jumped into the sled bag and took Hino to my hand in a leash. Somewhere near 10 km Hino was so exhausted, that I took him walking with me and we took a little short-cut via snowmobile course. Hino got to rest a little and when we met Pekka's team again, he had strenght to run beside the team. Last 4 km me and Hino walked again, so rest of the team could have a little bit more usual training. They did pull 150 kg for a long time. After that and because of Hino's abrosia during girls heats, we decided to neuter Hino right away and I booked time for veterinary on Monday. Now Hino has been neutered and most important impact has came to Hino's eating: he started to eat again in same day, when he was neutered and he can start training again soon.

Our race season started at Ohkola race 30.1.2010. That wasn't our main goal distances, 8,5 km sprint. ur team worked well both 2 rounds, not enough speed for a sprint, but they kept up same speed than in our training. Result from Official Race Test was REK0, but team missed REK3-result only by 0,46%.

31.1.2010 was Alma's weight Pull Test at Sisättö. Yepa was entering there, and because I was working as a Test Official, Pekka was operating Yepa. Starting weight was easy and next was time to try 5 x own weight, which gives Official result KVK1. Yepa did pull that also, but only half way and that was that. Result was REK0, not completed. Usually I operate in weight pulling.

Our main goal for this race season are 4MD-races and Iron Finn-cup, lenghts between 30-40 km in a day. First race in that cup was at Eastpoint Open last weekend. Pekka started with his 3-team amongst other 8 malamute teams, Yona and Talut in lead, Yepa at wheel. First two kilometers Talut was playing whole time and Pekka changed him to wheel with Yepa. Then Talut started to chase Yona, and to avoid Talut burning all his energy to that chase, Pekka moved Yepa in lead with Yona. Rest of the race went with this combinaton. Trail was very soft and had loads of powder snow in it and it was really heavy. Snow was tangling to paws, even though we put boots to all mals before the start. Some of them did drop out of their paws and one boot from Talut's feet was flying so far to the woods, that all mals thought it was some bird... In the middle of the race there was been some spectators beside the trail and because we have VERY human loving mals, they all wanted to go and greet all those lovely people... First day's time was 3:08:01 and it was quite slow compared to our training times.

First day's start

Coming to finish line at first day

Next day's start we put Yona and Yepa in lead and Talut to wheel. Team left really well, but after couple hundred meters Yepa made a total stop. After Pekka had took boots away from Yepa's paws and also tried to put her in wheel, Pekka decided to leave her out of the team. That happened approx. after 600 meters from start. Pekka didn't know, that if musher leaves a dog to the trail, team will be automatically declined of the results. Still we think that it was best decicion to make, it would be too hard to Yona and Talut to pull almost whole 27,5 km alone, also Yepa as extra weight in sled bag. Pekka called me, and I went to pick Yepa up. In couple kilometers Yona started to get heated and after Pekka took her boots off, she did cool down and their speed was increasing a lot. Yona and Talut did catch up another malamute team and they drove together ahead. In 23 km Pekka went by of that another team and after hobby-class huskyteam by-passed Pekka's team, they took final kilometers quite fast to the finish. Second day's time was 3:20:08. This time wouldn't be enough to get REK-results, but they would have had couple cup-points. Because Yepa started, but was left away, their results were declined and they didn't even get those cup-points. It would have been good to read Race regulations more carefully, but as I wrote earlier, it was good decision for the youngsters, Yona and Talut. So, our weekend's results were once again pure zero, but we still are VERY happy for Yona's and Talut's performances. They had enough strenght for both days and they did good job in 3-team and also together. For the results, there is only one way in the future and that will be up...

Yona and Talut finishing at the second day

I wrote also something about Yaykaas to his Puppy Diary, added also new album to Gallery (of Ohkola race). I have also added new video, it will be working little bit different than older ones, but if you have Media Player in your computer, it should be working well.


Year has changed and last year's news are moved to News Archive, found in right. This year's news are starting from a "clean table"...

All kind of things has happened already, but here are the most important things. In New Year's Eve Pekka went sledding with malamutes, 25,5 km and after that girls decided to took a fight. It was because of many things and injuries wasn't that bad; Yepa had hole in her front leg and they both had also holes inside their mouths, in upper lip, but they didn't even come throuhg. We were so happy, that it wasn't any worse result. Yepa and Yona and their relationship is still quite ok. Their feelings got heated because of long sledding trip, New Year Eve's fireworks and most of all, Yepa's heat.

Hino's hips and elbows were x-rayed and results came back from Finnish Kennel Club; Hips A/A and elbows 0/0 !! It is really great news to know that Hino is healthy boy according to his bones. On the otherwise, Hino has keep up diet because of Yepa's heat and Talut is bringing extra to Hino's appetite - or better said, lack of it. So we have decided to neuter him after this winter's race season...

After year's change we took a little holiday away from home and went to Northern Carelia for a week. There was less snow than at home, but temperatures were much higher all week. Mostly near -30 degrees... Big malamutes were in chains at cabin's yard and it was nice to see how they managed well despite of temperatures. They put theirselves to swing and lift their paws up inside the swing, after that they put their tails around all and last they push their muzzles under the tail. Just like they should be doing!! When we went to see and pet them, they did open the swing and when we rub their bellies, it was really warm. During the night, they were in dog trailer and when we took them out in the morning, all boxes were in plus degrees. Couple nights we took them all to visit inside the cabin and strech a little. Yaykaas and Pontus were inside, even though Yaykaas would get along well also outside. In Wednesday were Jokke visiting us and Pekka and he were sledding with mals 12,5 km. Also Anne (Talut's owner) and Mari visited us then and Mari's mal, Mitak, took couple weight pulling training sessions with distraction and living weights (our boys)...

In Friday we went to sledding with whole family, 8 km with two 2-teams. Jere and Tony got to mush also by themselves and little Yaykaas was running freely along, almost 4 km. In that time he managed to get himself to ditch in really deep snow couple times, but he has so much determination and attitude, that he also came off there by himself, inch by inch... Rest of the trip he travelled in sled bag, because he started to eat all little rocks he could find and after third one, which I dug out of his mouth I decided to put him to bag. I'm sure he would have ran all the way, he is really tough for that small puppy! In Saturday Pekka drove 18 km with Yona, Talut and Yepa, Hino was little bit weak because of his "diet", that we didn't put him in the team.

This is how our last couple weeks has gone. I have also updated Yaykaas's Puppy Diary, and added new photos to Yaykaas's album, to Malamutes together-album and also new album to Hobbies-gallery, Mokkireissu2010.