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Our family's life is full of doggy happenings and other stuff. We want to write them down to all of you to read and maybe for some reminder to us too. Sometimes there will be few lines of something else than dogs.

Older news will be moving to News Archive in the future and those can be found links on right side.


Yesterday we were at Lahti, where was FCI Group Show and all breed Puppy Show. I had entered Yaykaas and Yona to Group show and Yazhi to puppy show. Weather was really cold and ring schedules were over an hour late, so me and Pekka were really freezing... Malamute rings in group and puppy show went over each other, so Pekka took Yazhi to the ring and I took Yaykaas and Yona to their ring.

Yaykaas was in Intermediate Class and got Excellent and won class. He was showing well, but not in best coat condition, so he didn't get CK. Judgement was true and I'm happy that judge saw that Yaykaas is still maturing and needs time. Yona was entered in Working class. She was showing herself energetic and happily, got Excellent, won working class and got CK. In best female competition she was placed 2nd and she got res-CAC with very nice judgement. You'll find their both judgements in their own Show-pages.

Pekka took Yazhi in Puppy show-ring and even though both Pekka and Yazhi has been in the ring once before, they were both acting like professionals. :) Yazhi was best female puppy in 7-9 months class and also BOB-puppy over 4 other puppies! In group ring she didn't get more success. I'm very happy still, she still got really much experience with really nice judgement. Yazhi's judgement is in her own show-page.

Weekend before we were at Lappeenranta INT Show with Yaykaas. Yaykaas was already shedding, and his judgement was nice but no CK, only Excellent and class win in Intermediate class. But I was still very happy, because of 10 entered males only 3 got EXC and two of them were champions.


Yesterday was annual Alaskan malamute Specialty Show, where we took Yazhi, Yaykaas and Yona. Specialty show was at Mikkeli this year, so we had only 140 km distance from home. Judge should have been Juha Kares, but he got sick and last minute judge change got Markku Mähönen for specialty show judge. I was little bit disappointed because of judge change, I would have loved to hear Juha's judgement of Yaykaas. In puppy show he liked Yaykaas very much and thought he was very promising, so it would have been nice to hear, if Yaykaas has been developing like Juha hoped...

Show was Yazhi's first and I was a little bit nervous because Yazhi is little bit shy this time. Luckily all went well and I was very pleased of Yazhi's behavious. Yazhi was best female puppy in 5-7 months puppy class, got Prize Of Honor and became 2nd in all female puppies class. You can find her judgement from her own show page. I was handling also Yazhi's brother, Yupik. He was acting very well in his first show. Yupik got nice judgement, was best male puppy in 5-7 months class and 2nd in all male puppies class.

Yaykaas was second thing to be a little bit nervous, because he also haven't been many shows yet. There was no problems though, and I'm very pleased also his behavious in the ring. Judgement was okay, judge thought that Yaykaas is little bit too light. His judgement is Yaykaas's own Show page.

Yona was entered to Working class. Because judge thought that Yaykaas is too light, I wasn't expecting much from Yona either. But she surprised me and judge liked her. Yona got EXC, won working class and got CG with nice judgement. In best female class Yona stayed in the ring after first elimination, but in second elimination we were hand shaked out. I'm very happy with Yona's result, in Specialty Show best female in Working class! Yona's judgement is at her own show page.

Racing season is over and it was little bit more quiet this year. Yepa, Yona, Talut and Yaykaas got REK2-result from Kasari race test and Yona got her first Weight Pull title, KVK1. Talut got also KVK1-result with his owner Anne at Utajärvi. Yepa and Yona were entered in Year 2010 Best Activity and Best Sled malamute competition. Yepa was in place 4/20 in Activity category and 3/20 in Sled malamute category. Yona was in place 12/20 in Activity category and in place 14/20 in Sled malamute category. If there wouldn't have been one race, which points didn't finally count to their poins, Yepa would have won the Activity category and been second in Sled dog category. Yona would have been in places 9/20 and 11/20. Now we wait to snow to melt, so we can start driving with dogs with dry land equipments. Sledding season is already over.


Whoaa, finally some news!!! Year has changed during our update silence and year 2010 can be now found in News Archives.

Well, my main goal is now to tell about our accidental litter between Yepa and Yaykaas. I always have thought myself as a careful and cautious person, who keep females and males separated during heats.... Well, now I know that everything is possible, even if you try your very best... Yona had her heat in June last year and I was waiting our Yepa to start her own in July. From the middle of June I checked Yepa's situation every day and when I didn't notice anything, she and Yaykaas were in same yard fence, until in beginning of July I find small amount blood of Yepa's behind and Yaykaas and Yepa were separated. In the beginning of August I noticed, that Yepa is bleeding something mysterious and I was quite sure it was uterine infection and took her to the vet. To have peace of mind, I asked vet to do also ultra sound to Yepa, to make sure, that there isn't anything wrong. Vet said, that she didn't have uterine infection, but she had puppies coming, approx. 7 puppies!! Well, I didn't get my peace of mind, very far from it! It was so big surprise to us! I asked, what could be done, if we wouldn't want puppies to come and vet said that because pregnancy was lasted already 35-40 days, she couldn't recommend abortion shots because too big risks. So, we didn't have any choice than let the puppies come.

Things weren't too easy, because we didn't also have any facts of sire of this litter: We didn't see mating, we couldn't be sure if that happened before we separated Yepa and Yaykaas and also nothing in their behaviour in yard fence didn't show nothing special to be going on. Normally you can see far, if female in heat is in same fence with not spayed male... So, we had so much to be nervous about - when puppies will born and who is the father....

Puppies were born in 11.9., 3 females and 3 males, all black and whites. One male passed away before the age of 2 hours. Labour was easy and fast, we didn't need to take part of it. Puppy time went easily and when puppies were 4 weeks, we took all of them to the vet with Yepa and Yaykaas and we took dna-tests of all of them to make sure, if they were sired by Yaykaas. In the same time we checked Yaykaas's eyes and they were all healthy. Dna tests assured, that puppies were Yaykaas's. Puppies were registered to Finnish Kennel Club's EJ-register, because litter don't fulfill Finnish alaskan malamutes PEVISA-regulations (Program fighting against inherited abnormalities and diseases) because Yepa has cataract in her eyes and Yaykaas's hips hasn't been x-rayed yet. EJ-register is just the same as FI-register, but in EJ-registered dog's pedigree is written "Not for breeding" and they cannot be used for breeding.

All puppies found good homes, with owners who know all the facts of this litter and it's parents. EJ-registered dog can enter the shows, official tests and races, just like FI-registered dog.

So, one puppy from this accidental litter stayed home, girl no 3. Her official name is Tsaani Hey Uyaraut and calling name is Yazhi. Yazhi's own page is found in Dogs-page.

Happy New Year to you all!