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Forever in our memories...

Veera 199?-26.8.2009

You should not cry.
I have lived rich life
and now it’s my time to fly.
It’s my time to get back my strength,
to be free like a bird.
Remember, I’m not all gone.
Even though you don’t see me anymore,
I still follow you.
I will live in your hearts.
I watch you beyond the clouds,
follow your every step.
I will be guarding your sleep.
When you are sad or lonely,
I will be with you.
We are not divided forever,
there will be a day when we’ll meet again.

Veera's last year brought severe skin problems. Also there came increasingly many discomforts because of ageing; weakness in rear, incontiness problems, irregular limping, mammary tumours etc. Considering Veera's background, we made very hard decision to let Veera go there, where she will not suffer anymore. Letting go is really hard, logic says it has to be done, but heart don't understand. Glimmer in her eyes was already gone and tail was wagging really seldom. We owed to our friend to think her best. Even though our sorrow is huge, it comforts us to know, that Veera is now fine!

Veera came to our pack in November 2002. We thought to have buddy for Pontus and we thought, that it could be some homeless dog. She came to us from Estonia, from Kodutute Koerte Varjupaik's homeless dog's center. Why from Estonia? Because there homeless dog's life is so much worse than in Finland. For her first years she had been living at the streets or dog shelter, connected to not warmed dog house with only 2 meters short chain. In veterinary's opinion, she was 3-4 years old when she came to us. Veera was Belgian Shepherd dog-mix, maybe some German Shepherd dog also. Her character was more like Belgian Shepherd, but her moved like German Shepherd. Her size is smaller than either of those races, but if her food has been white bread and potato's peels, no wonder...

Veera's first years had been quite severe, concluding from her acts. When she came to us, she was afraid of every man, especially those who talked Russia. Every angry / loud voices got her run away under our bed. It took 1 year to get her trust us so much, that she dared to come to us with her ears up, without flinging her back at the floor.

After being with us one year, Veera was happy and sometimes even playful bitch - she didn't even know how to play when she came to our family. Unfortunately after her sterilation, she become really angry for other dogs. That is most likely her unsure character's and sad background's fault. Even we tried everything to get this action off, it was permanent. Veera loved smoothing and scratching and would liked it to be done all the time. Veera was also very eager runner and she liked to pull bike or kick-sled. She also loved any kind of balls - she could play with them for hours.

Excluding her last year, Veera was totally healthy, physically and mentally and I think we have been lucky. Many other dog from those kind of conditions has been more difficult cases. She suffered a little bit parting anxiety, because she maybe thought that people will abandon her again, but that was very minor.

With kids Veera get along well and loved them to scratch her. Veera was more mine than Pekka's dog, because I brought her home from Estonia.

After all also Veera was very dear, lovely and beautiful member of our family. Despite of all her special needs, we haven't ever regret for taking her to our pack!