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Quest Stars...

"Talut" NordJW-09 Cahppes Knight Of Naxxar, male
Born: 16.6.2008
Breeder: Anci and Henrik Emanuelsson, kennel Cahppes, Sweden
Health: Eyes ok

Talut is our Yona's brother, owners Anne Korhonen and Kirsimarja Vessari. Talut came to live with us for this winter and we are about to train some team work with him and our dogs. Hopefully we can also take part for some races this winter with Talut in our team. Talut is very fine young mal, who has shown very promising signs of working in team! Talut was with our team in Jämi FI CH-carting race this autumn and he was in lead with Yona in two day's race. First race ever and they all got official result, REK2 !!! At Ohkola in January and Eastpoint Open in early February Talut got first sled dog race experiences. 14.2.2010 at Kasari Race Talut got his first Official REK1-result with his sister Yona. Thank you Anne and Kirsimarja for lending us this great boy!!

"Nukka" Najanin's X-Trail Nukka, female
Born: 30.10.2006
Breeder: Svein Tore Bøe and Hege Hauff, kennel Najanin, Norway
Health: Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes ok

Nukka lives with her owner Mika Hamari at Iitti, about 150 km away from our home. As our surprise, Nukka and our Yepa gets along very well at least regarding to working together. This was reason us to try training them together with good results and we continued training them together. Nukka is very fast malamute and she brings speed to any team. Nukka got her first results in Winter Season 2008-2009, REK2-result came at Kasari race with Yepa and Minto and REK3-result from Äkryn Ähellys with our Yepa.

"Minto" FI CH Salomaan Salariyok, male
Born: 11.2.2007
Breeder: Sirpa Salo, kennel Salomaan, Finland
Health: Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes ok

Minto lives with his owners Virpi Salminen and Mika Huovila at Kouvola, approx. 100 km away from our home. Minto is very eager worker and when we discussed with Virpi about trying Minto in our team, we took a chance right way. Minto has shown to us that he is very easy to handle and he has good working mentality. Minto brings speed, moral and eagerness to any team. Minto got his first Official Result in Kasari, REK2-result with Yepa and Nukka. Minto has also REK3-result from Äkry with Hino and Ira. Minto has also participated to SOC-race in season 2008-2009.
To Minto's own web-site HERE.

"Ira" Salomaan Miss Daniela, female
Born: 29.4.2006
Breeder: Sirpa Salo, kennel Salomaan, Finland
Healt: Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes ok

Ira is also owned by Virpi Salminen and Mika Huovila. Ira is happy and tender malamute. She got opportunity to try 3-team in Äkryn Ähellys-race 2009 with Hino and Minto and got Official Result REK3 from there. To Ira's own web-site HERE.