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Yaykaas and Shows

Lahti FCI Group Show 1.5.2011

judge Harri Lehkonen, Finland
- Intermediate class EXC/1
- Judgement:

Big young male. Correct proportions in head and body, which should become stronger. Balanced angulations. Front chest should become more stronger. Balanced tail, coat not in best condition. Good side gait. Front movements could be more parallel. Carries himself lively. Needs more time.

Lappeenranta INT Show 24.4.2011

judge Gunnel Holm, Finland
- Intermediate Class EXC/1
- Judgement:

Male with good topline. Slightly roundish scull. Muzzle should be stronger under eyes. Good bite. Bones should be more robust. Correct coat. Moves well.

Alaskan malamute Specialty Show, Mikkeli 9.4.2011

judge Markku Mähönen, Finland
- Youth class Very Good
- Judgement:

Proportions correct, slightly light structure. Correct side profile of head, but should be more stronger, when looking front. Enough dark eyes, well set ears. Good neck. Front chest and body could be more stronger. Little bit straight front, good angulations in rear. Excellent paws, slightly bend pasterns. Good tail set, but carries it too tight. Excellent side gait. Correct coat. Nice temperament. Very well moving dog, who should be more robust.

Mäntsälä 17.7.2010

judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland
- Junior Class EXC/1, Best Male 2, CAC, BOB-junior
- Judgement:

9 months, very well developed for his age. Good boned junior. Promising male's head. Good expression, bite and ears. Excellent topline, tail. Front side shall get little firmer. Moves with excellent drive - good quality of coat.

Karjaa 11.7.2010

Judge Seamus Oates, Ireland
- Junior Class Good
- Judgement:

Growing well for 9 months. Pleasing head. Skull a little narrow. Good earset. Dark eyes. Good bite. Good reach of neck. Strong topline. Hindquarters very loose. Needs a lot of ring training. Not moving well behind.

Vantaa all breed puppyshow 13.6.2010

Judge Juha Kares, Finland / Harto Stockmari, Finland
- Baby 7-9 kk / 1., Prize of Honour, BOB-puppy, BOG-3
- Judgement:

Absolutely excellent type, moves with drive, perfect proportions, absolutely elegant, attractive male. Excellent, promising head, especially for this colour. Correct, just right bones and chest for his age, gorgeous topline, good tail, excellent rear. Absolutely fabulous puppy

Kangasniemi, 13.5.2010

Judge Jelena Kruus, Estonia
- Baby 7-9 kk / 1., Prize of Honour, BOB-puppy
- Judgement:

Very good type. Strong, very well developed 8 mo puppy. Correct body with good proportions. Strong ones. Typical head with correct ears & eyes. Good strong muzzle. Nicely filled under eyes. Good reach of neck & correct topline. Nice tail. Enough front. Good rear. Good mover. Excellent temperament.

Alaskanmalamute Specialty Show, 11.4.2010

Judge Pekka Teini, Finland
- Baby 5-7 months / 1., Prize of Honour, Best male puppy 2.
- Judgement:

Right proportions, VERY promising puppy. Really well moving young male. Good lines in head and right ear set. Carriage will be of course better in the future. Good angulations, paws are firm. Quality coat, effortless movements.