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Yayakaas's Puppy Diary

25.5.2010 - 8 months

Here comes the last update for Yaykaas's Puppy Diary.

Yaykaas has been growing and developing very well after we got his stomach problems behind. His teeth changed well, but we needed to see veterinary because one canine tooth in his lower jaw. It didn't fell by itself and it needed to take off by veterinary. Yaykaas weight is now over 30 kg and he is starting to look like malamute male.

Yaykaas has tried also working in our team during this spring. He has shown very promising signs of good working dog. Even though he is still so very young, he consentrates only to work, when we put his harnesses on. He also has very strong and powerful movements. Now it's good time to start summer "vacation", he has already some experience for autumn training.

23.2.2010 - 5 kk

Yaykaas will be 5 months tomorrow, but let's update his news little bit early. We went to see veterinary with Yaykaas over a week ago, because his stomach problems. They didn't find any clear reason for problems, nothing wrong in blood tests and clinic observe. Vet still gave him 10 day's cure of Tylosin antibiotics, to relax the intestinal organs. Couple days before visit, his poo was looking very good and normal and it has stayed that way since then. We started to give Yaykaas linen and more meat in his food, maybe that affected already.

Yaykaas weights now over 21 kg and his teeth are just flying out of his mouth... :) Height is almost near Pontus, I think Yaykaas is now over 55 cm. Body is starting to get more full and we are hoping that head is soon also getting broader and ears look a little bit smaller :) I have added lot of new photos to Yaykaas's album.

9.2.2010 - 4,5 kk

Yaykaas is like a spider now in his growing phase - long legs and big ears and so on... Last week his weight was over 18 kg, so he has grown. Teeth are partially changed and Yaykaas's coat is almost like adult coat.

Yaykaas has been on our race trips and learnt some stake-out life. Last weekend he was in stake-out chain for a first time in his life and that went well. All that noise and tens of other dogs wasn't scaring him at all. I haven't been taking much photos of him lately, but here is 2 photos of Yaykaas from last week..

13.1.2010 - 15 weeks

Yaykaas is growing up fast - at least his legs are :) He has already some adult coat, his back is shining. When you pet him, it feels funny, like as he had some fir needles inside his coat. This week he should have his boost vaccination and after that his rabies. Then vaccinations are ok for a next year!

Stomach is ok, last when we weight Yaykaas, he was weighing 14 kilos. Yaykaas has quite hard attitude and he is also determined. Despite of amount of snow, he just goes ahead like a steam locomotion. On our holiday trip he plunge to deep snow in a stich and even though there was snow over his back, he came out of there all by himself. No sign of panic. Yaykaas has quite funny looking round butt and strong looking chest, so much he has been run free in deep snow...

Yaykaas has learnt already house trained and he can wait his food lying down until he gets permission to eat. I must tell one funny incident, when I slept little bit too long in the morning; Yaykaas was waiting for me to come downstairs, sitting in last stair and wagging his tail. When I got there, he run towards our living room and glanced backward, if I am following. When he got to the living room, he started to bark and make noises... When I got there too, he jumped around his own poo and barked for it like a maniac! I couldn't help myself from laughing out loud - like he would have shouted: "Bad boy, look what I have done, poo inside, poo inside!!!". Well, it was my fault... :)

I have added new photos to Yaykaas's Photo-album.

14.12.2009 - 11 weeks

Yaykaas is getting his first vaccinations at Thursday this week. Then we can also weight him at veterinary's scale, we think our own scale don't give us right numbers... Last time we weighted Yaykaas, it was 8,2 kg. Stomach is still little bit loose, we'll see how it goes... Yaykaas can climb upstairs by himself now and walks in the woods are full of speed! Adult dogs are getting time of their life, when Yaykaas starts to play with them :)

I have added couple new photos to Yaykaas's own album.

29.11.2009 - 9 weeks

This week Yaykaas has got more brave and started to show some "gremlin" behave - teeth must be use with this and that and now and then he gets crazy and starts to jump and bark as maniac... :-) Most of pees and poos are made outside and his stomach is already better. Yaykaas is so fanatic to his food as Yepa was and almost goes crazy every time you start to make his food. Sometimes it feels, that when we are outside, whole time he just search something to eat. I also took Yaykaas to our nearby forest to explore things and he just loved to check everything out.

Yaykaas has been in his first malamute meeting already, our traditional malamute meeting at Ylämaa. It was little bit exiting to walk there on the leash, surrounded by big malamutes, but once again we were surprised how brave he was still there. Yaykaas got also kennel cough vaccinaton to his nose, as our all adults got it too and they might be transmitting it to him otherwise. Yaykaas has also been dewormed during last week.

Well, finally his weight - still 6,5 kg. In fact it isn't been whole week since last weighting, because we didn't remember to do it straight away.

23.11.2009 - 8 weeks

Yaykaas came home by a boat from Sweden. Kid behaved very malamute way - brave, open minded and wanted to keep contact with people. Yaykaas was weighted and it was 6,5 kg. Meeting our other dogs was easy - Pontus avoids him ("puppy-bacteria", you know), Yona plays with him, Yepa sometimes wants to play, sometimes she thinks that Yaykaas is same as air to her and Hino just loves little guy.

Yaykaas was crying little bit at his first night, but was happy when I took him next to our bed. Stomach has been little bit soft, it can be just because he is just getting adapted to our home, but we try to change his feeding amount from 3 to 4 times in a day. Let's see how it'll works out.