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Want to know something about our Yazhi...

Yazhi is our own offspring from Yepa's and Yaykaas's accidental breeding. Yazhi's official name is Tsaani Hey Uyaraut, Hey means winter and Uyaraut diamond. Calling name Yazhi is from Navajo indian language and it means "little one". Yazhi is registered to EJ-register (Not for breeding), which is same kind of register like normal FI-register, only difference is, that you cannot never use EJ-registered dog for breeding.

It was quite challenging to decide what puppy stays at home from this litter, because they all were so even. Yazhi's temperament was the biggest reason to leave her at home, she kind of "sold" herself to us :)

Yazhi is very happy, energetic and brave puppy. Yazhi also has nice amount of stubborness and strenght of temperament, of which are quite important what comes to working. She has also inherited her parents awesome movements, just like also her littermates.

We really hope, that in the future Yazhi will be important addition to our team!