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Yepa at Shows

Mäntsälä 17.7.2010

judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland
- Open Class EXC/1, Best female 1, BOS, CAC, FI CH
- Judgement:

4-years, beautiful profiled female. Good bones. Lovely head and expression, good ears. Front angulations could be better. Lovely blume in tail. Moves little bit narrow in front, good side gait

Lahti INT Show, 24.4.2010

judge Gerard Jipping, NL
- Open Class EXC/1, Best female 3, Res-CAC
- Judgement:

Nice dog. Correct size. Topline ok. Skull can be better, correct muzzle. Earset ok. Correct bite. Excellent forechest, correct body. Strong one. Correct feet. Tailset could be better. Shows powerfull movement, little bit weak in front.

Alaskan malamute Specialty Show 11.4.2010

judge Pekka Teini, Finland
- Working Class VG
- Judgement:

Middle size, good proportions, firm and vigorous female. Narrow and cuneate muzzle, where is little bit muzzle aquiline. Strong topline and correct hip. Good angulations. Paws are firm. Good coat and tail carriage. Nice temperament.

Hyvinkää 20.9.2009

judge Zsuzsanna Váczi-Balogh, Hungary
- Working Class EXC / 1, BF2, RES-CAC
- Judgement:

Good size & proportions. Elegant moving. Her head is not so elegant, but correct topline & underline.

Porvoo 13.9.2009

judge Guido Vandoni, Italy
- Working Class EXC/1, Best Female 3, RES-CAC
- Judgement:

3 years. Well balanced bitch. Quite compact. Well angulated. Good construction. Ecellent in movement.

Tervakoski INT-Show 29.8.2009

judge Tapio Eerola, Finland
- Working Class EXC/1, Best Female 3, RES-CAC
- Judgement:

Flawless proportion, slighty light head, suitable chest. Stronger angulations in rear. Moves well.

Mikkeli INT-Show 25.7.2009

judge Esko Nummijärvi, Finland
- Working Class EXC/1, Best Female 1, BOB, CAC, CACIB
- Judgement:

Excellent type, beautiful head. Very high quality bitch, good chest and limbs.

Kotka INT-Show 14.6.2009

judge Juha Kares, Finland
- Working Class G
- Judgement:

Good size, today in summercoat, brisk bitch. Feminine, too light head. Ears pointing too much ahead. Quite straight front. Enough bones and chest. Too tight tail, otherwise good rear. Coat quality right, but today away. Moves briskly and quite sloppy in front.

Hollola Group Show, 1.5.2009

judge Annukka Paloheimo, Finland
- Working Class VG / 2
- Judgement:

Good proportions and size. Enough bone. Muzzle slightly light. Quite straight upperarm. Stands narrow in front and also movement suffers. Good rear and tail. Very bad coat today.

Alaskan malamute Specialty Show Lahti, 25.4.2009

judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland
- Working Class VG / 4
- Judgement:

60,5 cm. Rather tall female, feminine. Good scull, muzzle could be more full, good bite. Good neck. Turns her front paws to out, front angulations could be better. Good tail. Good topline in movement, moves well from side, slightly narrow in rear. Coat not in best condition. Nice temperament, perfoms well.

Outokumpu Group Show FCI5, 18.4.2009

judge Zidy Musterhielm-Ehnberg, Finland
- Working Class EXC / 1, Best Female 1, BOB, CAC
- Judgement:

Excellent type and size. Beautiful, slightly light head. Good bite. Excellent ears and eyes. Enoug bone. Good body and angulations. Excellent side movement, slightly narrow in front. Good coat and tail, excellent temperament.

Lappeenranta INT Dog Show, 11.4.2009

judge Gabriela Ridarcikova, Slovakia
- Working Class EXC / 1, Best Female 3, Res-CAC
- Judgement:

Very nice female, well formed head, dark eyes, good topline, correct tail carriage. Very good depht of chest, angulation straight in front, very good in rear, moves well.

Korpilahti Group Show, FCI5 and 7/8, 29.3.2009

judge Markku Mähönen, Finland
- Judgement:

Excellent proportions and profile. Very feminine, head could be more stronger. Good neck, topline and underline and tail carriage. Good bone to her size, balanced angulations, moves well, excellent behaviour.

Keuruu Group Show 3&5 8.2.2009

judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland
- Working Class VG/1
- Judgement:

Feminine bitch, 61 cm. Good topline and proportions. Beautiful female's head. Good ears, eyes and bite. Should be better angulations in front. Sufficient front chest. Right angulations in rear. Upright shoulder. Good bones, tail and paws. Good coat coming. Moves with balance, but narrowly in front. Lovely temperament. Presents well.

Mastery Show, Helsinki 6.9.2008

judge Juha Kares, Finland
- Open Class EXC/1, Best Bitch3, RES-CAC
- Judgement:

Very good type, big, exemplary proportions. Feminine, slightly light head. Beautiful neck, excellent topline. Appropriate bones, good chest, beautiful tail. Well angulated rear. Moves briskly. Dog has a beautiful profile. Needs to condense in front.

Drive-in Group Show, Hollola 1.5.2008

judge Harry Tast, Finland
- Working Class EXC/1, Best Bitch2, RES-CAC
- Judgement:

Excellent type and physical condition. Well-balanced topline and tail carriage. Very feminine, right shaped head with beautiful expression. Excellent two-layered summer-coat. Efficient and muscular movements.

Jyväskylä INT SHOW, 20.4.08

judge Tamas Jakkel, Hungary
- Open Class EXC/1
- Judgement:

Good type. Feminine head, but weak muzzle. Upright shoulders, short upperarm. Good substance. Well angulated hindlegs. She is a sound mover.

Alaskanmalamute Specialty Show, JKL 19.4.08

judge Barbara Ann Brooks, USA
- Working Class EXC/2
- Judgement:

Pretty head and ear set, nice topline. Tail a little low set. Nice coat..

Lappeenranta INT Show, 24.2.2008

judge Leni Finne, Finland
- Working Class EXC/1, Best Bitch2, RES-CAC, RES-Cacib
- Judgement:

Right proportions, could be stronger bones. Quite narrow head and light muzzle. Good eyes and ears, enough fore chest. Quite short upper arm, right type ribcage. Paws should be more round and firmer. Excellent move length, slightly closed front.

Winner-07, 8.-9.12.2007

judge Kim Vigsø Nielsen, Denmark
- Intermediate Class VG/4
- Judgement:

20 months. Still a bit immature and leggy looking. Correct bite. A little bit eye. Strong neck, lose in topline. Correct tail. Needs to develop in forechest. Moves narrow coming and going. Out of coat.

Lahti INT Show 27.10.2008

judge Paula Rekiranta, Finland
- Intermediate Class Good
- Judgement:

Good proportions. Narrow scull, muzzle should be more stronger in bottom and bridge more straight. Good neck and topline. Enough bones, good angulations. Right coat type, not full coated today. Narrow movements in rear, loose in front.

Kotka INT Show 17.6.2007

judge Joao Vieira Lisboa, Portugal
- Junior Class EXC/2, Best Bitch3
- Judgement:

Typical head, but not of very high quality. Correct mouth, ears and eyes. Correctly build, good size. Correct neck, shoulder, topline and tail. Excellent rip cage, chest enough for the age. Moves quite correctly in the back, showing good angulations, not so good in front. Correct coat

Lahti INT Show 29.4.2007

judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden
- Junior Class VG
- Judgement:

Rätt högställd. Brant skuldra och överarm. Bra rygglängd, rätt bra huvud. Bra bakställ, fin svans. Måste utveckas mycket..

Quite high limbs. Erect shoulders and upper-arms. Fine back length. Quite good head, good rear, beautiful tail. Needs to develop still much.

Winner-06, 9.-10.12.2006

judge Raija Härkönen, Finland
- Puppy Class, 7-9 months, Bitches 1.
- Judgement:

Very right type, beautiful profile, 8 months. Right type head, still developing, little bit long and narrow muzzle. Good, well-set ears, good top line when standing. Right proportions. Harmonious bones, good rear angulations, should be more stronger in front. Front legs external thread. Rounds her back in move, trips along a little. Beautiful, well cared coat, nice character, right bite.

Hyvinkää Unofficial Puppy Show 30.9.2006

judge Erna Upmeier, Holland
- 5-7 months, bithces 3.
- Judgement:

5 months. Good size. Pleasing head on this moment, very narrow. Scissorz bite. Good pigmentation. Ears wellset. Good neck and topline. Good trout. Good bone. Nice feet. Good angulation in rear. Excellent tailset. Excellent coat. Moves well for the age she is. Very nice temperament.