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Yepa's Puppy Diary


Match Show was last Sunday and Yepa got red ribbon as better than her opponent. There was 27 puppies in puppy class and 14 of them got red ribbon. They competed against all other red ribbon-puppies and Yepa wasn't placed in best 5. But that is good practise to real Shows. The ring was really small and Yepa didn't like other dogs in 20 cm away from her both sides and her ears and tail were little bit down...

Jere and Heta competed in children-dog-class for a first time and they were 3rd of 9. Lovely. After Match Show we went to a dog park, but there was nobody else.

Yepa 6 months in Dog Park


Yepa is 6 months old - feel free to congratulate her! Visitors here at Yepa's site is now over 3000 - thanks for you all!

Yepa's weight is now 23,5 kilos, so her growing is now a little bit slower than earlier. Yepa is eating adults food now and soon we will add some performance food also. We are going to practice some pulling in this weekend with Yepa. Mostly for her to get used to hear some noise behind he

Tomorrow Yepa is going to match show again. We need to practice more those shows, that she'll get used to them too. At December she's going to Winner-06 show to Helsinki, but still in puppy-class because her age isn't enoug to junior-class.

Finally I had time to add some new photos to Puppy-, Dog Friends- and Hobby picture- albums.


Time is running fast and it's happened a lot again - both good and not so good things. Worse things first:

Last thursday Yepa went to vet, an eye-specialist, because she had something wrong in her eyes. Vet found there DISTICHIASIS alias extra eye-lashes in her both eyes, upper and lower lids. There is that many lashes, that surgery is only way to get them out. Just now they don't bother Yepa yet and vet said, that surgery isn't actual just now. However, in the future lashes could irritate her eyes and cause a real pain. Because there is no scientific evidence, is this inherited or not, Yepa will be shut out of breeding program and she will be switch over to our custody.

Then the better news: Last Sunday we were hiking with whole family and Yepa in Repovesi national park. There was over 20 other malamuteowners with their dogs and we did hike about 8 kilometers. It was really fun and relaxing to spent time with other malamutepeople and enjoy the beutiful, autumnlike nature. Yepa and our boys did really well also, even there was really big and steep ascents to climb. We made 2 pauses, at first one we roasted sausages at fireplace and the other pause we just sit down and rest. Totally fun and thanks for everybody who were there!

Pekka and Yepa at Repovesi


Today was Yepa's first show - unofficial puppy show in Hyvinkää. Yepa did well, she was the third of bitches. Judge was Erna Upmeier from Holland and here is Yepa's judgement:

5 months. Good size. Pleasing head on this moment, very narrow. Scissorz bite. Good pigmentation. Ears wellset. Good neck and topline. Good trout. Good bone. Nice feet. Good angulation in rear. Excellent tailset. Excellent coat. Moves well for the age she is. Very nice temperament.

This is very good start - next show is in Winner-06 in Helsinki.

Yepa under judgement


On last weekend we were in Hämeenlinna, in malamutes autumnweekend. It was really nice and fun to meet many malamute owners and of course other malamutes. There was competitions for dogs and children, lectures about training malamute and show practising and so on. Yepa met many other malamute puppies, but she didn't like the boys much... We also measured Yepa's height and she was 55 cm tall. Weight is now 22 kilos. .

Later on this week I'll try to add some new photos to albums.

Yepa 5,5 months


Yesterday Yepa came at age 5 months. It is really funny to look pictures about her, which are taken 7-8 weeks old - she was so tiny then and now she is already so big. Tonight Yepa got weighing and scale showed 21,5 kilos.

Malamute as a race has came to more familiar to us, at least malamutes greedy for food. Tuesday we were baking and Yepa was sure that all those lovely pies and other stuff was made for her. She even try to prevent other dogs coming to kitchen. We had to negotiate for a while with Yepa and then she was patient enough to rest. Yepa also likes to punch around with her front paws, like many other malamutes and she is really eager to "talk". Yepa also likes children a lot. With some things Yepa is quite hard and stubborn with her character (read: concerning food), but with us she is very humble and obedient - at least for now.

We are practicing eye-contact with Yepa and it works really well, at least when it's about permission to take yummy. Standing, sitting, lying down and coming to are also working well. Sometimes Yepa does that typical thing that most of malamutes do sometimes; "I-don't-understand-what-are-you-talking-about", even you'll see that she does, but don't want to obey.

ALMA's autumn weekend is coming, only a week away. We are really looking forward to see other malamute-owners, Yepa's breeder and of course other malamute puppies. After that weekend, in next weekend is Yepa's first show - 6 puppies are registered there.

Nice to have you here reading newest news about Yepa - see you in next time!

Yepa 5 months wondering how world is spinning


On Sunday we went to hiking with whole family and all dogs. Yepa and other dogs were anxious, and walked with joy. Pontus and Yepa is a great "couple", we also trained directions.

New pics in hobby-, dogfriends- and puppypictures.

Yepa and Veera at camp fire


Hi again! Yepa has almost reach 5 months age, it's only 1 week and 3 days away. Yepa weights 21 kilos now and height is approx. 55 cm. All her front and angle teeths are already emerged.

Yesterday Yepa was in her first show, Match Show. There is two dogs together in round and other one gets blue ribbon (second) and the other one gets red (first). Yepa got red ribbon and went to "reds" round. There she was third of all red-ribbon-dogs in puppy class. It went really well, Yepa showed off like she had been doing that forever. She got also play with other puppies and adults.

Some pictures of show is in hobby-, dogfriends- and puppypictures. .

Yepa practising at Match Show (4,5 mo)


Yepa has reached 20 kilos weight. Quite big to carry or lift anymore, but luckily I have so much muscles, that I still can do that ;-)

I have been registered Yepa to that Puppy show at Hyvinkää. She will be performing there 30.9.2006 - exciting!

On Wednesday Yepa got to play with another puppy - Emma, 9 months old mixed-breed. They were just same size and playing was very brisk. Yepa even fall in to a small river, because her "brakes" didn't work early enough.

Today Yepa was with me at my work. She was very calm and mostly bit her bone, that I took with us. My co-workers liked Yepa a lot - and Yepa liked their lunch...


Yepa is 4 months old now and today we went to give Yepa rabies-vaccination. Now all puppy vaccinations are given, next time is 1 year forward. Vet said, that Yepa is still in very good shape and her weight was 18,3 kilos today.

In next week I register Yepa to her first show. It is 30.9 at Hyvinkää and it is unofficial puppyshow (5-7 months old). I'm already little bit tensioned about it - how it all goes...

Couple photos of Yepa at age of 4 months. Photo in right is Yepa and Heta in same cage than few months earlier...



Time goes by so fast, that is hard to get updates to Yepa's site. Yepa has filled 16 weeks and last week Yepa got her effect vaccinations and rabies will come after two weeks. Vet said, that Yepa is in very good shape and very healthy. Height is over 50 cm and weight almost 17 kilos.

Yepa has learned many things already: She can sit, lay down and come to, even among hunting a cat. She can avoid at the door, wait for command, Do Not Take-command works too. Forward-command works too and Loose too, at least if you have some yummy for exchange.

Yepa is growing up fast every day. Her fur is getting more adults fur and her puppy teeth are started to get loose. At least 5 teeth already. Her new fur is really beautiful and thick, her black backhairs shines really gorgeously. It's nice to see, what kind of fur she'll have as adult. Would it turn totally black or does she have those silver tips on her hairs. I'll put some new pics to Puppy Gallery, so you can see by yourselves.

We are now waiting anxiously ALMA's (Finnish alaskamalamute club) Autumn days. This time we have whole weekend and weather hopefully isn't so hot than at Summer days.

This kind of matters this time - see you next time!



Yepa has been in "daycare" for her first time. It was couple of days, when we went to Estonia for a holiday. It was really hard to leave Yepa to care, even though the attendant was really good.

Thursday was a weighting day and now it was 16 kilos. Height is nearly 50 cm. Yepa has become little bit thinner, but not too thin.

Today Yepa was in the city with us. We went to eat to grill and Yepa didn' t even beg. She just sat or laid down under the table. When we got back, we went to say hello to Ylämaa's other malamute, Mysti. Mysti is over 1 year old male and Yepa didn't like his eagerness. Yepa also told it to him by trembling to him. They also had so big difference with their sizes, so that made it also hard to play.

Couple new pictures of Mysti and Yepa in Dog Friends album, couple new pics about Yepa to Puppy Gallery.

Yepa 14 weeks kissing Marja-Liisa


Hi again! Diary's writer changes now, so from this on there will be Marja-Liisa writing. Maybe Yepa's turn comes, if she have something important to tell you all. ;-)

Then to Yepa's matters: 13 weeks came full last Thursday and she weight sharp 15 kilos. Even though Yepa is very good shape now, we agreed with Anne, that we try to get Yepa just a little bit slimmer. That's because Yepa's front paws are slightly turned out. Yepa's height is little bit more than Heta now, over 45 cm.

Today, at Saturday Yepa got her first prick of wasp. Yepa likes a lot hunt down every kind of bugs and this time she managed to find wasp's nest and got prick to her ear.

I'll try to add some new pictures someday and tell you more about Yepa's matters later on.

Yepa 13 weeks and laughing


It's me here again! ALMA's summer weekend was on last weekend and on Saturday we went there. I met my breeder, many other malamutes - also those other puppies. There was Ira, 10 weeks and Topi, 12 weeks like me. We all are black and white, so it was fun to play with look-a-likes. Weather was really hot, over 30 degrees and sun was shining constantly. I had to lay down in the shadows and drink a lot. Also I went swimming to cool myself.

On Sunday we went to watch boys march parade with their football team. There was many new things to me, like horses, trumpets, mopeds and lots of people, of course. I didn't scare those things at all, except to horses I had to growl. Sunday was really hot day too, and in the car I had wet towel and iced water bottles under that towel in my cage. It was really nice to sleep over them.

Yesterday was a thunder and lightning here and that wasn't scary. Other dogs, especially Pontus were a little bit nervous about it, but I slept and didn't even wake up. By evening was the weather cooled down so much, that we all went to jogging. Me and Heta were with Marja-Liisa and Pontus and Veera were with Pekka - boys were riding with their bikes. We run and walked in turns and Marja-Liisa taught me some commands, like stop, left, right and forward. It was quite easy, because I looked at Heta, what she will do and imitated her.

I'll tell you more later this week!

It was nice to take a nap under our car on a hot day


12 weeks full and yesterday I got my first vaccinations. They used Duramune4-VET to me, because Nobivac don't usually fit to malamutes. I didn't got any reactions of that vaccination and vet said, that I'm very healthy and my structure is just right - not too fat and not too skinny. She checked my eyes and ears, listened my heart and my lungs - and they were ok too. My weight was 13,2 kilos.

Day before yesterday I managed to get my first catch - fieldfare. It was in our garden, at our strawberries net and I caught it. Before Marja-Liisa got there, I already killed it. Then I had to give it up, but I really didn't want to. Finally they got it from me and throw it to garbage holder. Not fair!

Yesterday I also went to swim with whole pack. Pontus, Veera and Heta swam and run around in water, but I thought that water isn't the right element for me - at least not yet. I just dip my paws in to water. Tomorrow there is malamute's summer weekend and there I'll get to meet other malamutes, malamute-people and my breeder. There will be also other malamute puppies, that I'm going to play with. I'm really anxious to meet them all..



Yepa and Pekka at Finland's biggest Sand Castle

Hi again! Now I'm 11 weeks and growing is fast - 12 kilos now. I have really long legs, because now I want to grow them.

Yesterday I went to see a vet first time in my life. She examined my eyes, because they was little bit irritated and reddish. My owner thought, that it might be inflammation in my eyes. Vet said, that there was no such thing, only some irritation because of wind, dust or hay. And it's usual with puppies. I didn't fright the vet at all. She was really nice person, even though she put some green stuff to my eyes and then pointed with flashlight to my eyes.

I also went to port of Lappeenranta. There was really big sandcastle and lots of people. I was admired also by some foreigner people. Marja-Liisa said, that they was from Germany. Exciting... Few new pictures of me in Puppy Gallery.


Midsummer eve is here in Finland today. Yesterday I became 10 weeks old and Pekka was weighing me again. 10,5 kilos and I get more food once again - YIPPEE! Summer days have been really hot, nearly +33 degrees at shadows.

Yesterday we all went to walk, about 2 kilometers. There was some dog, who came against us and Veera started to growl and bark to it. I just minded my own business and didn't want to say anything to that dog, I didn't even observe it - almost like it was air to me.

Night before yesterday my owners fall asleep to downstairs' couches. That was fun in my opinion, because I could reach better to them and hit them with my paws and try to get them play with me. They just pushed me down and told me to go to sleep - I wonder why. They obviously don't have any sense of humor at nights.

I wish you all very happy and relaxing Midsummer!


At Thursday was my weighing day, and my weigh is now 9,5 kilos at 9 weeks old. Breeder saw my picture and said, that I have been growing my legs. Owners say, that I look like a foal with my long legs.

Yepa 9 weeks

According to my family, I have found a new "not-so-funny-thing" and that is peeping to kitchen's table, just to find some food. Once I managed to get some cheese, but Pekka caught me in action and rebuked me very much. "That isn't permitted to you", he said. Believe or not to believe - there's a problem. Time will tell...

Last week I have played soccer with Jere, Tony and their friends and met a huge Bernese Mountain Dog (to which I first growled). Days has been very warm and best places in dog fencing are holes, that Pontus has dug there.

Check out my new pictures in Puppy Gallery. Marja-Liisa has taken those and they are quite good, because I'm a supermodel (if photographer keeps up with my speed).



Now I have been make myself at home. I sleep very tight and quite much. I don't wake anymore continually to follow my owners. Last night I took Pekka's blanket from his bed (he was falled asleep to our couch) and I slept on the blanket all night.

Yesterday I was at work with my hostess. It was also nice. I slept under her table for almost whole day.

My owners claim, that I'm a proper malamute. I have hungry all the time and I track down every food at the house. Even if it is behind thick fire door.

I also speak a lot - every kind of voice that you can imagine comes out of my mouth. Mourning, growling, barking, whining and so on. Humans don't understand me very well, but they have fun to listen me.

Tonight they weight me and I weigh 8 kilos at the age of 8 weeks. Ain't I heavy? ;-)


I'm in my new home at last. I was fetched at Saturday. Heta was also with family. We became friends immediately and our journey to home (400km) went very well. First 10 kilometers I howled and in my opinion it sounded very cool. Then I noticed that Heta was sleeping, so I followed her example and slept too.

First thing first at my new home - I got food! I had been hungry since morning, because my breeder and new family thought, that I would vomit, if they give me food before journey. What did they know - little malamute puppy is always hungry.

Getting to know my new herd's dogs went also quite well. Pontus thought that I'm quite harmless puppy, but Veera was first against me. She was quite mad and barked and growled to me, but then she sniffed me and noticed, that I'm just a puppy.

My first night went well. I didn't cry any and I slept with Heta. Few times I tried to wake my new owners, but just because I wanted to play.

I've already learnt many new things - example "Pontus rule". That means, that if Pontus has food, it IS Pontus's food. Same thing is with his bones.

epa with Heta going to her new home


Only a week away to going to new home. As my breeder tells, I'm very brave, and I'm getting to know things at the yard. I run fast and my ears are almost up, just like you can see in Gallery1.

I have been training to be in fencing and next week I'm going to see vet. He will check me and put microchip to my neck. Then I will be ready to leave my new home.

Yepa 5 weeks posing


My own web-site is almost ready. They are very nice, even if I myself say that. My future owner is quite handy... :-)

Yepa 1 day old