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Yona at Shows

Lahti FCI Group Show 1.5.2011

Judge Harri Lehkonen, Finland
- Working Class EXC/1, CK, Best Female2, Res-CAC
- Judgement:

Upstanding, nice size female. Good head piece, winter nose. Balanced angulations, correct proportions in body. Good tailset, correct coat. Excellent temperament and movements.

Alaskan malamute Specialty Show, Mikkeli 9.4.2011

Judge Markku Mähönen, Finland
- Working Class EXC/1, CK
- Judgement:

Proportions and strength level correct. Good gender impress. Good head line, good ears. Good neck, excellent body and good tailset. Middle strong bones and well balanced angulations. Moves with effective gait and carries her tail well. Coat could be little bit harsher. Nice temperament.

Karjaa 11.7.2010

Judge Seamus Oates, Ireland
- Working Class EXC/1, Best female 3, RES-CAC
- Judgement:

Nice balanced female. Good head. Nice flat skull. Well placed ears. Dark oval eyes. Good bite. Strong neck. Deep chest. Well rounded ribs. Nice level topline. Good tailset. Strong hindquarters. Front movement needs to tighten.

Kangasniemi, 13.5.2010

Judge Jelena Kruus, Estonia
- Intermediate Class Good
- Judgement:

Good type. 22 months old bitch. Need more body & substance. Typical head with correct ears. Winternose. Correct neck. Typical topline & tailset. Ribcage should be better. Rear angulations could be better. Typical mover.

Lahti INT Show, 24.4.2010

Judge Gerard Jipping, NL
- Intermediate Class Good
- Judgement:

22 months. Nice female. Correct in size. Elegant bitch. I like in totally little bit strong. Nice head, correct eyes & bite. Nice body. Angulation ok. Tailset should be better. Movement not correct, not coordinated together.

Alaskan malamute Specialty show 11.4.2010

judge Pekka Teini, Finland
- Intermediate Class VG/1
- Judgement:

Right proportions, absolutely beautiful head and very beautiful feminine female. Good profil in her head. Neck long enough. Back shall become little bit tighter. Suitable bones for her size and age. Good coat, lovely temperament. Rear movements slightly under her body.

Nordic winner Show 13.12.2009

judge Erna Upmeier, Netherlands
- JUN EXC/1, Nordic Junior winner 2009
- Judgement:

Very nice female, 17 months old. Lovely outline with very feminine head. Good ears set, eyes and bite. Good angulations in front area. Nice topline, good tailset, good bone and foot. Good coat. Moves freely, but could use more power.

Finnish Winner 12.12.2009

judge Henrik Söeborg, Denmark
- JUN VG/4
- Judgement:

17 mån. Bra storlek o prop, feminint hund. Korrekt bett o pigment. Bra stop Välform ögor, bra polar öron. Utm överlinje, svans, väl vinkl. fram o bak. Tillräktligt bröstkors. Utm. benstomme o tassar. Rör sig parallellt fram o bak. Utm. steglängd. Bra drive. Tillräkligt päls. Trevlig temperament.

"17 months. Good size and proportions, feminine bitch. Correct bite and pigment. Good stop, well developed eyes, good polar ears. Excellent topline and tail, well angulated front and rear. Enough chest. Excellent bones and paws. Moves paraller front and rear. Excellent step lenght, good drive. Enough coat, nice temperament."

Hyvinkää 20.9.2009

judge Zsuzsanna Váczi-Balogh, Hungary
- JUN VG/1
- Judgement:

Not so very elegant. Feminine, but not so elegant head. Strong necline. For this age a little bit soft topline.

Porvoo 13.9.2009

judge Guido Vandoni, Italy
- JUN VG/2
- Judgement:

14 months. Nice feminine head but little pointed nose. Good neck. Quite correctly angulated. Not correct movement in front.

Tervakoski INT-Show 29.8.2009

judge Tapio Eerola, Finland
- JUN VG/1
- Judgement:

Right proportions, strong enough. Head lightshaped, good eyes and expression. Fitting strenght of chest, balanced angulations. Moves ground-tight in rear and strongly in-twisted from front. Lenght of gait ok.

Mikkeli INT-Show 25.7.2009

judge Esko Nummijärvi, Finland
- JUN VG/1
- Judgement:

Very good type. Long body, still little bit soft female. Very beautiful head and ears. Long neck, soft back, good tail. Good limbs, good coat. Could be more upstanding.

Hollola Group Show, 1.5.2009

judge Annukka Paloheimo, Finland
- JUN VG/1
- Judgement:

10 months. Good proportions. Slightly light bones. Promising head, could be more angulations in front. Quite good coat. Good movements, still soft back..

Alaskan malamute Specialty Show, 25.4.2009

judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland
- Junior Class G (Good)
- Judgement:

58 cm. Feminine young female, good proportions. Light head, which can develop more. Beautiful brown eyes. Good bite, snow nose. Good angulations in front. I wish little bit stronger bones. Good tail, moves well in front. Rear movements remains under. Good coat, slightly restless color. In this development phase little bit like husky.

Outokumpu Group Show FCI5, 18.4.2009

judge Zidy Musterhielm-Ehnberg, Finland
- Junior Class VG / 1
- Judgement:

10 months, smallish female, too long and pointed muzzle. Good bite, good ears, eyes. Light bones. Good proportions. Good tail, coat and movements. Excellent temperament.

Lappeenranta INT Dog Show, 11.4.2009

judge Gabriela Ridarcikova, Slovakia
- Junior Class EXC/ 1, Best Female3, CAC
- Judgement:

10 months old, scissors bite, good head, very good topline. Correct depht of chest, good angulations in front and behind, moves well.

Korpilahti Group Show, FCI5 and 7/8, 29.3.2009

judge Markku Mähönen, Finland
- Judgement:

Right proportion, very feminine. Good head profile, muzzle should strenghten a little. Good neck, enough front angulations, good rear. Medium-sized bone. Well carried tail. Movements still soft, should have more drive. Good coat and coloring.

Kaapelitehdas Unofficial Puppy Show, Helsinki 30.11.2008

judge Marja Kosonen, Finland
- Baby (5-7kk), Puppy Class1, Prize of Honor, BOB-puppy
- Judgement:

Beautiful profiled female puppy, beautiful head profile, ears well set, beautiful dark eyes, good bite. Good bone strength, well developed body for the age she is, balanced angulations. Good set of tail and tail carriage, good coat quality, flowing gait. Rounds slightly her back in move or is cautious because of slippery floor. Excellent temperament, performed well..